• October 06, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

    October 2020 Minutes


    Date:October 6, 2020

    Time:7:00 pm

    Location:Jackson’s Bar and Grill and Zoom: 6020 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 

    Attendees:Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Megan Bichsel, Jessica Grant, Ellen Skiba

    via zoom: Jenny Minucci, Tiffany Belcher, Greg Serensits, RJ Fuqua, Ericka Ziegelmaier, Dan Rugotski

    Item I: Meeting called to order at: 7:00pm 

    Item II:Presidents Report: 

    1. We would like to remind people attending live events to maintain protocols in place.  Wearing masks and social distancing is important for these events to continue.

    2. We want to consider having a BBQ in the park and getting everyone together in an outside setting. 

    Item III: Vice Presidents Report: 

    1. Look into camping sites: Valley of Fire vs red rock group camping site

    2. Bootleggers possible venue for events in the future- Windmill and LV Blvd

    3. Continue exploring new venues

    4. Consider sending a survey that will see what type of events members are interested in attending:

      1. Wild apricot vs facebook survey vs google form?

      2. Considerations to be made on how large we want the event to be and the audience we want to reach with the survey. 

    5. BBQ in the park 

      1. Sat Oct 24th afternoon party in the park

      2. Parks with other amenities- like disc golf might be nice 

      3. Park across from Rocky’s 

      4. Desert Bloom Park- 8405 S Maryland Pkwy- confirmed first come, first serve

      5. Plan is to arrive early on October 24th and claim a gazebo 

    6. Valley of Fire group camping spot

      1. Jenny checked availability but booked through the rest of the year. 

      2. Maybe something to consider earlier in the year for next year. 

    Item IV: Treasurer's Report: 

    1. Cinemark movie theater has a “rent your own theater” for  $99 and bring your own blu ray.  This would be for 20 people. 

    2. Discuss options to bring your kids to a kid friendly movie. 

    3. The Cinemark theaters is hosting this event, this includes The Orleans and Southpoint. 

    4. LVJBS sponsored vs ticketed event, we can decide how much we want to sponsor.

    5. We discussed that we could send a survey to see what membership is interested in seeing. 

    6. Bank balance currently: $8,718.35, $1,837.53

    7. This Saturday, October 10th is our golf outing. So far we have collected $200. More discussed in Open Floor.  

    8. Don’t forget to sign up on Amazon Smile and for Smith’s giveback program. 

    Item V:  Secretary’s Report: 

    1. Hi to everyone. 

    Item VI:Mayor’s report: 

    1. Color: Orange- Going into fall and happy to be outside. Excited to be outside for safety. 

    2. Want to encourage more outside friends and family events. Especially now that is cooling down. 

    3. Can't wait to see you at the park. 

    Item VII:Committee Updates:

    1. Volunteer coordinator- Jessica Grant

      1. Highway cleanup- Saturday October 24th- looking for volunteers 8AM 

      2. Clean up takes about an hour. 

      3. Jess will send out a post and invite. 

    Item IV: Open Floor

    1. Guitar Picks- moving forward with ideas and design. 

      1. Plan is for this to be your membership gift when you sign up. 

      2. Plan to use the 2020 logo and the lvjbs.org on the back. 

    2. Golf Tournament This Saturday October 10th

      1. We have tee times and prices for the LVJBS Golf Outing on 10/10/2020, Saturday for up to 4 foursomes. 1. Desert Pines Golf Course Tee Time 10:40am $66.00 per player includes lunch. 2. The National Golf Course Tee Time 12:00pm $50 per player no lunch. 

      2. Golf should be approximately from 12-4:30PM. 

      3. Golf after party- Crown and Anchor patio- 4:20PM 

      4. Paige and Jess will be at the Crown and Anchor at 4:20 PM

      5. Crown and Anchor- 1350 E Tropicana.

    1. Discussion around term limits

      1. New leadership every 1-2 years, consider putting limits in place. 

      2. Elections according to the bylaws are yearly. 

      3. Officers meeting to review bylaws and consider changes. 

    1. Ericka- Presents an idea that is moving forward for putting together a documentary about the LVJBS by Rob Schuder. 

      1. Ericka will be collecting all of the pictures, videos, stories, the good bad and ugly of the LVJBS. 

      2. Gritty dirt, difficult conversations, love stories and everything that tell the story of the LVJBS. 

      3. Send all pictures, videos and stories to Ericka: jimithing702@yahoo.com

    2. Option to have another virtual golf outing 

    1. There is very little to do on our part, anyone can joint virtually on a specified day. 

    2. The money will be donated to the LVJBS. 

    6. Thank you to Amanda for donating a violin to the organization. 

    1. Violin will be donated to Miss Grant’s orchestra. 

    7. Election Day is next month. 

    1. We discussed moving the meeting to the following Tuesday. 

    2. Get Out and Vote! 

    Next LVJBS meeting: Tuesday, November 10th 2020: Jacksons and Zoom

    Meeting adjourned at: 7:58 pm

    Important Upcoming Dates: 

    October 10th- Golf Tournament- Desert Pines Golf Course- Noon 

    October 31st- Halloween on the HillTop- Apple Valley - Cubensis campout weekend 

    November 3rd- Rock the Vote!

  • September 01, 2020 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant

    September 2020 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

    Date: September 1, 2020

    Meeting Start: 7:03PM

    Location: Virtual via Zoom 

    Attendees: Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Jessica Grant, Ian Zeitzer

    Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie)

    • A.    Still sending our condolences to Jenny Minucci and her family.
    • B.    Our VP, Secretary, and Mayor are not present.  Jessica Grant is covering the Secretary’s minutes for tonight.
    • C.    Our VGK, game 5, is on!  GO KNIGHTS GO! 
    • D.    There are few ways to raise funds during the Pandemic, so another request for donations will go out to charities and our members to help look for community support.
    • --Some private events and Livestream events have been helping to provide some live music for communities, but it’s not the same. (Spoke with friends in CO who had an event at a Drive-In theater, but with the need to ‘stay in/near vehicles’, it seems the ‘live music aspect seems to be left out’.)

    Item 2: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

    • A.    The Southpoint Theaters have advertised a ‘private theater’ rental for $99, up to 20 people ($5 per person), with half-price concessions.  More info and a hopeful LVJBS movie night TBD.  (Possibly the new ‘Bill & Ted’ movie OR another feature that could get the group ‘socially distanced’ & together safely.)

    Item 3: Secretary’s Report (Megan: absent)

    Item 4: Mayor’s Report (Tiffany: absent)

                A. Color- Golden Knights!

    Item 5: Production Report (Greg: absent)

    Item 6: Open Floor

    • A.    Follow-up on the ‘Custom Guitar Pick Keychains’.  Last month: Guitar Picks continue to be explored as a membership gift and for use as promotional merchandise. Approximately $600 total with a 500 minimum order and 8 cents to print on both sides. Also, discussed adding keychain to be a more durable construct, as it comes with small "ball chain". We will further explore artwork for design. 


    Jessica to continue the exploration of this and start an LVJBS Team post, for the group to add their thoughts/logos/decision of the artwork, to proceed with the order.

    • B.    Ian Z. mentioned the thoughts of our Community of musicians and music fans, possibly having unused, instruments/music accessories that could be sent our way and donated to schools, since the need for these items is quite high, due to students around the valley being unable to share instruments, etc.

    Jessica to create an LVJBS post about ‘Closet Clean-Outs’ to help advertise our Instrument search!

    • C.    Discussion of an LVJBS hosted “Community Blood Drive”.  Thoughts that acoustic musicians can play, as donations are being ‘pumped’.  Date thought:  middle to end of October

    Jessica to contact the ‘American Red Cross’ to see how to proceed with a group sponsored event.

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 6th.  Discussion of having it at random locations (i.e. Jacksons Bar, Rocky’s Bar, & also, virtually, via Zoom.)

    Meeting adjourned:  7:15 PM

  • August 04, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

    August 2020 LVJBS meeting minutes 

    Date: Aug 4th, 2020

    Time: 7PM

    Location: Virtual via zoom 

    Attendees: Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Jessica Grant, Megan Bichsel, Adam Pieken, Dan Rugotzke, Greg Serensits

    Item 1: Presidents Report

    A. Condolences go out to Jenny Minucci and her family for the passing of her father, we send all of our love and prayers. 

    B. Johnnie is posting live stream shows on the LVJBS website, for example Catfish John this past weekend. Any shows that you think should be shared on the website, please forward them to Johnnie. 

    Resources that post live streams: 





    C. Guitar Picks continue to be explored as a membership gift and for use as promotional merchandise. Approximately $600 total with a 500 minimum order and 8 cents to print on both sides. Also, discussed adding keychain to be a more durable construct, as it comes with small "ball chain". We will further explore artwork for design. 


    Item 2: Treasurer Report

    A. Increase in membership from 5-7 families

    B. Received a beautiful thank you from Three Square regarding our quarantunes donation. LVJBS was able to provide 874 meals to people in need within our community. 

    C. LVJBS Account: $8,476; Scholarship Account: $1,837.50

    Item 3: Secretary Report

    A. Will create new scholarship application form for upcoming year, target group being music teachers or students that could utilize funds in current environment. 

    Item 4: Mayor report

    A. Color- Glow with the Flow

    Item 5: Production Report

    A. No word about drive in movie at Artiface, Greg will follow up and keep us in the loop if there is plan moving forward.  

    Item 6: Open Floor

    A. Adam has been working with production at The Space with Mark Shunock and this could be a possible venue space for live stream events. When bars open in the future, we could even host events here with an added livestream option. Adam will look into production cost. 

    B. Mess Arounds at the Sand Dollar Aug 15th 

    C. Tecopa postponed to 2021

    Meeting adjourned at 7:46PM

  • June 02, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

    June 2020 Minutes


    Date:                June 2, 2020

    Time:               7 pm

    Location:         Virtual Zoom Meeting

    Attendees:       Megan Bichsel, Ian Zeitzer, Jessica Grant, Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Tiffany Belcher, Jenny Minucci, Adam Peiken, Greg Serensits



    Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7pm

    Item II:             Presidents Report:

    A.     Moment of Silence for those who have died in recent current events.

    B.     Thanks to Adam for setting up our youtube channel.

    C.    Watch party monies raised: after some research PPE needs have been filled at this time. We decided to give donations to Three Square to help meet our community food insecurity needs.

    Item III:            Treasurers Report:

    • A.     $131- collected, LVJBS added an extra $10 per musician bringing total to $311

    Item IV:            Vice President’s Report:

    • A.      Youtube handle: subscribe to the channel is the most helpful for promotion
    • B.      Pictures on old website, looking to update to new website and FB page
    • C.       Letterhead updated and donation letter updated

    Item V:             Mayor’s report:

    A. Color: Black Lives Matter

    Item VI:            Production Report:

    • A.     Curbside concerts has reached out to see if any artists would like to sign up for their program- goal is keeping music alive in a physically distant world.
    •       https://www.curbsideconcerts.rocks/
    •       Any interested artists can reach out viatheir website- keep 90% of all bookings

    Item VII:           Open Floor

    • A.     a Setlist.FM would be a cool type of interface for LVJBS to create
    • 1.     Ability to track concerts attended
    • B.     Drive in concert- explore the drive in as a viable option
    • C.    Open to hosting backyard party events- start small and webcast
    • 1.     Open to members first
    • 2. Garage Ma Hall possible venue
    • D.    Explore movie theaters as a possible venue option
    • 1.     This has been done in the past to show Area 51 sound test videos
    • E.     Pinball Arcade discussed as a possible meetup
    • F.     We currently have a musician’s only group to utilize for LVJBS “house parties”
    • G.    Funk Jam discussed as a possible LVJBS party

    Meeting adjourned at: 8:10pm

    Next Meeting: Zoom vs meeting at a bar location- will continue to discuss possible location options.

  • March 03, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

    March 2020 Minutes


    Date:                March 3, 2020

    Time:               7 pm

    Location:         Jackson’s Bar- Flamingo and Jones 6020 W Flamingo 89103 (Teah’s Bar!)

    Attendees:       Megan Bichsel, Ian Zeitzer, Jessica Grant, Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Dan Rugotzke, Ellen Skiba, Tiffany Belcher, Fred Guzat, Kathy Guzat, David Shapiro and Audrey Kennedy



    Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7pm

    Item II:             Presidents Report:

    1.     Relix Table for Ween- registration is open

    a.     If you volunteer- you get a ticket for that night

    b.     Two bowling tournaments- Friday and Saturday

    c.     There will be a wait list for all Relix table shifts

    d. If you volunteer for a bowling shift you get a ticket for that night

    2.     Lottery’s approaching-

    b.     Ween show lottery

    c.     Galactic show lottery

    Item III:            Treasurers Report:

    • 1.           Welcome new members David and Aubrey
    • 2.           Updated members list available.
    • a.     $8065 in the bank
    • b.     $1034 from Delta Nove and Ryanpalooza!         
    • c.     Excited about an amazing first quarter.
    • 3.       Amazon Smile- $15.25

    Item IV:            Secretary’s Report:

    • 1.       Ryanpalooza- raised money, thank you Ryan. 
    • 2.       CPK- applied for a giveback donation drive day. Waiting to hear back about possible meeting in the future being held here. 
    • 3.       Garage Ma Hall Takeover is cancelled until further notice. 

    Item VI:            Mayor’s report:

    • 1.       Color: Yellow- Sunshine Daydream
    • 2.       Instagram- is up and running- share pics to post on team page. 
    • 3.       Social Media ideas: Meet the members.
    • 4.       Raffle for Smith’s giveback signup.

    Item VII:           Production Report:

    • 1.     Cubensis 3/21 date inquiry- passed because of Ween conflict. 
    • 2.     Go LVJBS Go!           
    • 3.     Bobby Kingston, owner of Saddle and Spurs, would like to do a show with the LVJBS.
    • 4.     Also, Legends on Boulder Highway has sound and a stage- explore as an option for future shows. 

    Item VIII:          Committee Updates:     

    • 1.     Fund Development-
    • a.     Savers date- April 4th or April 11.
    • b.     Awaiting confirmation from Garage. 
    • c. April 4th coincides with community garage sale in Megan's neighborhood. We could solicit neighbors for donations at end of day. 

    Item IV:            Open Floor

    • 1.     Grateful Bluegrass Boys- Sunday March 22nd
    • a.     Potluck 2:30/3pmish
    • b.     4-7pm Basia’s house- 800 Kenny Way, 89107
    • c.     Aaron Redner- 415-299-0380
    • d.     Suggested donation $20
    • e.     Consider inviting Out of the Desert to open. Would be a 2pm
    • f.       Brian Burns- president of the bluegrass society
    • g.  All volunteer shifts covered, a big thank you!
    • 2.     Adopt a highway- Sunday May 3rd 9am
    • 3.     Spafford- Bunkhouse check it.
    • 4.     Delta Nove and Megascopes were amazing! Go Team.

    Meeting adjourned at: 7:53pm

    • Important Upcoming Dates: 
    •             Next LVJBS meeting: April 7, 2020 7PM Jackson's- 6020 W Flamingo 
    •             Thurs March 3rd- 7:30   Donavon Frankenreiter- BBLV
    •             Fri March 6th- 8PM        G. Love & Special Sauce- Top Golf
    •             Sat March 7th- 9PM       Mike Dillon- Mystic Hot Springs
    •             Sat March 7th 6:30PM    Billy Ray Charles and Scott Pemberton- Sand Dollar
    •             Thurs March 12th           The Higgs- Sand Dollar Lounge
    •             Thurs-Sat March 19-21 WEEN- BBLV
    •             Sat March 21st  11AM     Las Vegas Bluegrass Festival at Centennial Hills Park
    •             Sat March 21st 10PM     Catfish John- Sand Dollar
    •             Sun March 22nd 3PM     Grateful Bluegrass- Basia’s House- 800 Kenny Way
    •             Wed March 25th- 7PM    Galactic- BBLV
    •             Fri March 27th 10:30PM Psyatics- Double Down
    •             Sat March 28th 11AM     Music of the Grateful Dead for kids- BBLV
    •             Thurs April 2nd 8PM       Roots of Creation- TopGolf
    •             Sat April 4th- 6:30PM     Wilco- BBLV
    •             Sat April 4th 8PM           Spafford- Bunkhouse
    •             Sat April 18th 11AM       Reggae Rise Up Music Festival- Downtown Events Center

  • February 04, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

    February 2020 Minutes


    Date:                February 4, 2020

    Time:               7 pm

    Location:         The Bichsel’s house

    Attendees:       Megan Bichsel, David Bichsel, Richard Stewart, Matt Alexander, Jimmy Cressy, Basia Yakaitis, Steve Yakaitis, Jessica Grant, Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Dan Rugotzke, Greg Serensits, Ellen Skiba, Tiffany Belcher

    Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7:15pm

    Item II:             Presidents Report:

    1.     Interest in exploring member t-shirts

    2.     Harrison Ezratty- Marketing Manager at Relix- Interested in having a Relix table at the Ween show. Any other  minimum or 2 night runs we can set up a table for volunteers to run.  

    Item III:            Vice Presidents Report:

    1.     Develop member surveys and get feedback from our members. For example: bands people would like to see, venues they prefer to see shows, suggestions for meeting locations, suggestions from members in general about how to add value to being a member.

    Item IV:            Treasurers Report:

    • 1.           Members Jammin’ On Shirts for members and payments- discussed cost
    • a.     Will discuss with Spencer further detailed run down on cost.
    • b.     Interest in getting rid of current shirts and build up bank account before purchasing shirts for all members. Might look into having an option with dues to add a tshirt for minimal cost.
    • 2.     Updated members list available.
    • a.     $6706 in the bank
    • 3.     7 households are signed up for Smiths giveback
    • a.     Tiffany will run a raffle for signing up to Smiths.
    • 4.     Amazon Smile        
    • 5.     Leave feedback for the prophouse
    • 6.     Possible shuttle to Tecopa for Megascopes- need 50 people to fill current bus. Maybe a smaller van option?

    Item V:             Secretary’s Report:

    • 1.     Google Drive updated
    • 2.     Award scholarship recipients now and showcase at the Garage Ma Hall
    • a.       Award scholarship recipient’s award now- beginning of semerster
    • b.       Follow up with receipts or pictures at Garage ma Hall.
    • 3.     Ryan birthday party/Ryanpalooza/Megascopes Tecopa show Feb 29th- LVJBS was invited to have a table for donations. Ryan asked everyone in lieu of tickets or presents he is asking guests donate to one of 2 non profits that will be present at the show. Will need to coordinate volunteers for this.  
    • 4.     High Sierra is awarding $1,000 to non-profits a month. Look into how to nominate LVJBS.

    Item VI:            Mayor’s report:

    • 1.       Color: Blue- Spring is coming…
    • 2.       Instagram-  not yet created- posts can link to Facebook
    • 3.       Social Media ideas: Meet the members.

    Item VII:           Production Report:

    • 1.            Blue Society was looking to do an event with us
    • 2.             Garage Ma Hall- Delta Nove’s last gig.
    • a.     Port a potties- rent 2 potties and a sink
    • b.     Dan will run sound
    • c.     Jimmy will stop by Rich’s to look at the stage
    • d.     Decorating party- Sunday Feb 16th
    • e.     Clean up party- Sunday Feb 23rd
    • f.       Volunteers at the door
    • g.     Donation only
    • h.     Recommend Lyfting, Ubering, carpool
    • i.       Doors 6pm, Band starts at 8pm
    • 3.     David Gans looking to play a house party- Will post on Facebook to gauge interest.

    Item VIII:          Committee Updates:     

    • 1.     Fund Development- checked further into the fundrive and also looked at both goodwill and Salvation Army websites. It seems that Savers is the only company that offers the cash deal. 
    • a.       Savers would only commit to the one time, but suggested that we tell our members that they have a period of 1 month to bring their items to a specific location, where they would then be transported to the Savers of our choice, at the day and time we reserve. The challenge as I see it would be that we don't have a space to store the donations for that long, so we would have to rent a truck and have people bring their donations to us at a specific location, day and time.
    • b.        Sunday of Garage Ma Hall- April 12th
    • c.       Rent a truck or see if anyone can donate a truck

    Item IV:            Open Floor

    • 1.     Bobby from Dnove head band director for a music school in California, Flea is involved in the school and Jimmy said that they could filter us some kids that play music once they get an awesome band together.
    • 2.     Grateful Bluegrass Boys- playing Winston’s in San Diego Saturday March 21st
    • a.     Potluck 2:30/3pmish
    • b.     4-7pm Basia’s house- 800 Kenny Way, 89107
    • c.     Aaron Redner- 415-299-0380- Dave will reach out regarding sound
    • d.     Suggested donation $20
    • e.     Consider inviting Out of the Desert to open. Would be a 2pm
    • f.       Brian Burns- president of the bluegrass society
    • 3.     Mark Massan- Shaky is looking for a gig at the Sand Dollar

    • Meeting adjourned at: 8:52pm
    • Important Upcoming Dates:
    • Next LVJBS meeting: March 3rd, 2020 Jackson’s Bar- Flamingo and Jones 6020 W Flamingo 89103
    •  Wed Feb 12th 7pm         Infamous String Dusters at Majestic Repertory Theater
    • Tue Feb 18th- 7PM        Steel Pulse- BBLV
    • Thurs Feb 20th – 7PM    Dweesil Zappa- BBLV
    • Friday Feb 21st- 6PM     Delta Nove- Garage Ma Hall
    • Sat Feb 22nd- 11AM       Music of Prince for kids- BBLV
    • Tue Feb 25th-8PM         MarchFourth- Top Golf 
    • Fri Feb 28th- 8PM          Dave Matthews Band- Chelsea
    • Sat Feb 29th 7PM          Megascopes- Tecopa
    • Fri March 6th- 8PM         G. Love & Special Sauce- Top Golf
    • Sat March 7th- 9PM       Mike Dillon- Mystic Hot Springs
    • Thurs March 12th -9PM   The Higgs- Sand Dollar Lounge
    • Thurs-Sat March 19-21 WEEN- BBLV
    • Sunday March 22nd        Grateful Bluegrass- Basia’s House- 800 Kenny Way
    • Wed March 25th- 7PM    Galactic- BBLV
    • Sat March 28th 11AM     Music of the Grateful Dead- BBLV
    • Sat April 4th- 6:30PM     Wilco- BBLV
    • Sat April 4th 8PM           Spafford- Bunkhouse
    • Fri-Sat April 10-12th       Garage Ma Hall Takeover

  • January 10, 2020 4:48 AM | Anonymous

    Important Upcoming Dates:

                Next LVJBS meeting: Tue February 4th 7:00pm- 3220 Mason Ave, LV, NV 89102


                Sat Jan 11th- 9:30PM     Catfish John and The Alligators- Sand Dollar Lounge

                Fri Jan 17th- 8PM           The Wailers- Top Golf

                Sat Jan 18th- 12PM        Bluegrass Jam- Lovelady Brewing

                Sun Jan 19th- 10PM       Dan Fester- Sand Dollar Lounge

                Sun Jan 19th- 8PM         The Black Keys- Chelsea

                Sat Jan 25th 11AM         Music of David Bowie for kids- BBLV

                Thurs Jan 30th- 10PM    Chris Tofield- Sand Dollar Lounge

                Sat Feb 1st- 10PM         FLUX with Debbie Stewart- Sand Dollar Lounge

                Sat Feb 1st- 8PM           Unwieldies and Pitchfork- Gold Mine Tavern

                Tue Feb 18th- 7PM        Steel Pulse- BBLV

                Thurs Feb 20th – 7PM    Dweesil Zappa- BBLV

                Fri Feb 21st- 8PM          Delta Nove- Garage Ma Hall

                Sat Feb 22nd- 11AM       Music of Prince for kids- BBLV

                Tue Feb 25th-8PM         MarchFourth- Top Golf 

                Fri Feb 28th- 8PM          Dave Matthews Band- Chelsea

                Fri March 6th- 8PM         G. Love & Special Sauce- Top Golf

                Thurs-Sat March 19-21 WEEN- BBLV

                Wed March 25th- 7PM    Galactic- BBLV

                Sat April 4th- 6:30PM     Wilco- BBLV

                Sat April 4th 8PM           Spafford- Bunkhouse

                Fri-Sat April 10-12th       Garage Ma Hall Takeover

  • January 07, 2020 7:30 PM | Anonymous

    January 2020 Minutes


    Date:                January 7, 2020


    Time:               7:30 pm


    Location:         Cheeba Hut- 4550 S Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89119


    Attendees:       Johnnie Tolson, Jenny Minucci, Paige Tolson, Megan Bichsel, Jessica Grant, Ian Zeitzer, Kathy Guzat, Frad Guzat, Tiffany Belcher, Ellen Skiba        

    Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7:30pm


    Item II:             Presidents Report:

    Happy New Year!

    1.     Welcome to all new officers- Look forward to the new year, with new ideas and concepts. Website has been updated with new officer’s contact information and new administers appointed on website.

    2.     Will follow Roberts Rule and keep side conversations to a minimum.

    3.     Yearly Music Events (quarterly)- Lets bring the music.

    4.     Motion to appoint Greg- Production and Entertainment Coordinator, passed. We will follow up to see if he accepts.

    5.     Press Releases- We will send events sent to TV and radio for press releases. Hoping to join the air to promote our events.

    6.     Term Limits- Looking to explore the options of term limits. Goal to will keep things fresh and forward moving, 2-4 years for all positions except treasurer which should have a longer term limit. We are starting a discussion and open to suggestions. We are not a rush to push through the bylaws, rather begin a focus on succession planning.

    7.     Business Cards- New format presented at meeting. Fiverr is another source of freelance graphic designers; we are currently exploring new logo/ business card design. Jenny suggested a more minimalistic modern design.

    8.     Everyone who has a meeting discount from last year has been updated in the wild apricot system. Pay your dues! Even if you weren’t a member last year your account is credited with a discount for this year. Hooray!

    9.     Vegas Inc Business List- Magazine that includes all information about businesses in the Valley, may be a great resource for donations. Available for all members.

    Item III:            Vice Presidents Report:

    1.     Celebrate successes- Christmas Party was fun for all! Glitter Fairy success! Scottie and Casey with Vegas Prop House donated all decorations for party. Please leave them an amazing review on Google Reviews. Talk about the Mushroom props and they offer a variety of props for parties going forward.

    2.     Concerns were expressed about voting not being secret. Suggest looking into private ballot for next year.

    3.     Need someone to take over Instagram. Instagram can be linked to Facebook, all posts on Instagram can be shared on both platforms. Post must be initiated from Instagram.

    4.     Would like a group platform for member communications. Private Facebook group for members only for communication.

    5.     Social media concerns- Collective consciousness about getting everyone involved. Encourage engagement from all members.

    6.     Venues- Megan started folder in new LVJBS google drive to start doing research for ongoing database.

    7.     Camping and day trips- Let work on this too.


    Item IV:            Treasurers Report:

    1.       Budget check in- we have assets.

    2.     Pay your dues- discounts end March 31st.

    3.     Membership card- New cards not needed. Research stickers to add to current card for updated members. We discussed not ordering new cards for new members.

    4.     State of Nevada annual list will be updated with the new officers.

    5.     Discussed renewing PO BOX- consider changing to the Bichsel’s new address.

    6.     There is an interest in every paid member get a yearly tie dye logo shirt. 50/50 blend material requested. We will explore cost and options.

    7.     Different ways to pay bands in 2020- Zelle vs Venmo.  Will ask bands if they accept other forms of payment when booking bands.       

    8.     $51 raised form Christmas party raffle.

    9.     Johnnie will make FB video/ go live for membership to pay dues.    

    Item V:             Secretary’s Report:

    1.      Looking for clearly defined positions with roles and expectations- could be sent out at election time. We discussed also allowing room to make the position your own.

    a.     Facebook monthly meeting reminder- Jessica Grant will continue to send out.

    b.     Johnnie will send out wild apricot monthly meeting reminder.

    2.      Agenda and minutes plan- seeking approval for new process.

    a.     Board Agenda additions 2 weeks prior to meeting.

    b.     Agenda to be sent to membership 1 week prior to membership

    3.      Meeting time change vote- Change to 7pm. Vote was passed.

    4.      Google Drive- Started for digital filing and reference. Available for all interested.

    5.      Venue database started in google drive- We are encouraging all add contacts and info. We can also add details about the venue, like costs and limitations and best person to contact.

    6.      Yearly Donor Thank You Letters- that can be used for tax purposes. Send to all members and donors from the year.

    7.      Add Takeover committee- I nominate Dave to be the Takeover Committee head. Passed.

    8.      Website Research- We are looking into a new website platform before April when Wild Apricot needs to be renewed.

    a.     Vistaprint – They Design for free then $35.00 per month to host ($420 per year)

    b.     Wildapricot – Design is outsourced.

    c.     NeONBRAND – Providing a proposal for what they can do to enhance our website  presence.  Local Las Vegas business.

    d.     Wix.com – Free website design templates that can be used with existing host

    e.     Squarespace- currently used to host Tecopa Takeover's webpage. 

    f.       WildApricot is up in April- look for options before then.

    Item VI:            Mayor’s report: Rainbow slice- new year, so many possibilities.

    1.     Bring more community outreach to our community- highway cleanup, scholarship for musicians, explore going into the nursing homes and bring music. AIDS walk type happenings.

    2.     Discussed exploring options to get people to sign up for Amazon smile and Smiths Rewards.

    a.     Screenshot that you signed up and you get a raffle entry after your first purchase and you will be entered into a raffle for a prize. Promote use and sign ups.

    Item VII:           Production Report:

    1.     Delta Nove- seeking 2/21- Garage ma Hall Confirmed. 8PM show- Please promote and support this LVJBS event.

    2.     David Gans- seeking 2/18- Conflicts with Steel Pulse, group declines at this time.

    3.     Moonalice: THC Revue: Featuring Lester & Dylan Chambers & the T-sisters) Seeking: 4/29 – 5/2

    a.     This band features former members of Jefferson Starship, Jerry Garcia Band, Hot Tuna, Phil Lesh & Friends, David Nelson Band, John Fogerty, Rod Stewart

    b.     We would like to further explore booking this band. Find out how much they want and explore venue options.

    4.     Grateful Bluegrass Boys- seeking 3/22- from Santa Cruz/ Sonoma- members from Hot Buttered Rum

    a.     booked at Winston’s (in San Diego) 3/21, Possibly house party at Basia’s- not confirmed. Group agrees that early poolside show would work. This is a Sunday following a long Ween weekend. Sunday day show would be best option.             

    Item VIII:          Committee Updates:     

    1.     Fund Development- We are looking for a committee head.

    2.     PR/ Marketing- Looking for a committee head.

    a.     We will put it out to membership that we are looking for help for both committees.

    3.     Archive- Fred Gutzat

    4.     Takeover committee- David Bichsel

    5.     Volunteer coordinator- Jessica Grant

    Item IV:            Open Floor       

    1.     Saturday Jan 25th Chronic Classic- 15th Annual Poker Tournament


    2.     Charra Post donated guitar books and guitar for our scholarship. Dave will polish up and put new strings on, will be raffled off at the Garage Ma Hall.

    3.     Sunday January 12th Highway cleanup at Noon- afterparty Rusty Putter.

    4.     Savers donation- 20 cents per pound for soft item 10 cents for pound for hard items.

    Kathy will explore a drop off day at Savers in the near future and a drop off day following the Garage Ma Hall.

    Next LVJBS meeting: Tue February 4th 7:00pm- 3220 Mason Ave, LV, NV 89102, Megan and Dave’s


    Meeting adjourned at: 9:03pm


    Important Upcoming Dates:

    Next LVJBS meeting: Tue February 4th 7:00pm- 3220 Mason Ave, LV, NV 89102                 

  • December 03, 2019 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

    Las Vegas Jam Band Society

    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    December 3, 2019

    Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

    Meeting Begins:  7:38 PM

    In attendance: Greg, JT, Paige, Jessica, Ian, Dan, Kathy, Fred, Megan

    President’s Report (Greg): “Let’s get this December meeting started!”

    *Upcoming 2020 Officer Nominations have all been in.  (There were 2 Offices needing a Vote:  President/Secretary). Yet, the current Secretary (Jessica) does not want to risk her status of a “Tribal Member/Charter Member” due to how the LVJBS’s ‘Bi-laws’ are written:  “Officer at least one year/Committee Chair for at least two years/NO loss of any held Election for Office”, she has removed herself from the 2020 Ballot, for the 2020’s Office of Secretary. 

    Megan Bichsel will be the Secretary for 2020.

    Other 2020 Officers:

    Vice President:  Jennifer Minucci

    Treasurer:  Paige Tolson

    Mayor:  Tiffany Belcher

    Paid (current/up-to-date) Members are able to place their vote for 2020 PRESIDENT, through December 11th and the elected President will be announced on December 15th

    Nominees:  Current President GREG SERENSITS & current Vice President JOHNNIE TOLSON                          are the two Presidential candidates needing a vote.

    *After seeing BLUE OYSTER CULT in Moapa, NV recently, there is another possible venue that could host a great event.  (Stage area with a large grassy area for the audience).  Discussion had of a Halloween event on Saturday, Oct. 31st, 2020.  Our friends, SPAFFORD, are willing to help us celebrate this 20 year milestone, if date allows.  More details TBD.

    --Discussion held of our past anniversary shows and dates were reviewed:  New Riders of the Purple Sage was our 2015, 15th Anniversary show, Grey Boy Allstars was our 200th show in 2013.

    Vice President’s Report (JT):

    *We have 65 current paid members (including the monthly, individual, & couple memberships)

    --In order to VOTE for an Office, the Member must be a paid dues-DECEMBER member, for that year.

    *Have been taking WILD APRICOT Webinars to help make the site more user-friendly, etc.  Possible viewing changes TBD.

    --Greg discussed Kevin Dold’s past website work for LVJBS and will inquire about future upgraded website assistance, as well.

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

    *Thanks to our Treasurer, Paige, for taking care of the November minutes, due to my prearranged absence.

    *The next ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY Clean-up weekend will be in JANUARY. Thoughts: SATURDAY or SUNDAY, January 11th or 12th @ 9am. The preferred date will be confirmed at the January Members’ meeting.

    We will gather for brunch afterwards at THE RUSTY PUTTER Lounge, where we get 25% off our tab with our Membership Cards.

    *It’s been wonderful being a dedicated LVJBS Secretary for these many past years.  Congrats to Megan for getting to take over the duties for 2020. 


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

    *Dues are now ‘monthly’ payments.  $10/month.  The 2020 Annual memberships can now be paid for this upcoming year.  An email will soon be sent with any earned meeting ‘credits’ for a discounted membership and ‘due’ dates. 

    *HOLIDAY PARTY monies will be ready for the performers’ payments. 

    Costs: Pitchfork $300, DJ $75, & the requested $175 for Ice, Propane, & Light projection.

    Total of $550.  Officers decided that $650 will be given to the hosts for payments and any miscellaneous needs. (Other Officers and Members have been graciously buying/donating goods/decorations for this event without needed reimbursements.)

    * Don’t forget that attending monthly meetings can get you $5 credits for the next year’s dues.  (up to $20max).  Attendance is noted each month and an email is sent your way each December, letting you know the needed dues to keep current.

    *Be sure to add your SMITH’S GROCERY card and your AMAZONSMILES account, to the ‘Jam Band Society of America’ non-profit help, to ensure a portion of your purchases comes back our way!  Tell your friends/family!  (We will look into posting an ‘easy’ ‘click here’ link for others to get started.)

    Mayor’s report (Jenny M. absent via Ian):

    Color: 8-Crazy Golden Knights


                Fund Development Chair (Megan B.): The announcement of the awarded Scholarship monies will be done soon. More details and winners TBA.

                Archive Committee Chair (Fred G.) says that the LVJBS archive is “still safe & secure” under piles of the Gutzat garage.  D.A.T. (Digital Audio Track) are there as well.


    *Spoke with Michaelo Wargo (Manager Entertainment/Special Events/Fashion Show Retail) about their “Sports for Fashion” events, a kid-friendly event which allows groups to ‘tailgate’ various events/games, with 30% of the bar proceeds going to a charity of choice/non-profit of choice.  More info TBD.

    *’CASINO-CARES program, where a gambler’s winnings can have their ‘spare change’ or ‘coins/cents’ donated to a non-profit instead of ‘cashed out’ in their pocket.  We will reach out to them to proceed.  This is an excellent way for groups to earn ‘easy’ money. 

    *Discussion was held at a past meeting about a possible April 10-12, 2020 CUBENSIS event/Sausage Party Takeover, at Garage Mahal.  More details TBD.

    *A local musician, Travis, reached out to JT on our Facebook page, inquiring to play their music/possible future event:  ONE TON PROJECT

    *Discussion of a 20th Anniversary T-Shirt being made for the planned event.

    *Brooklyn Bowl is allowing us advertising/ticket trades for the following upcoming shows:

    Gregory Alan Isakov, Thievery Corporation, Marcus King Band, Dweezil Zappa, Donovan Frankenreiter, & Galactic.  (Be sure to help share these events on your pages and invite your ‘friends’ to join.  This helps with getting the info spread.


    Question:  What happens to donated Facebook ‘Donations to a Cause’ events?  (i.e. JT’s recent ‘Birthday’ donations for LVJBS)

    **Paige to inquire and see how/when the monies are “given back” to the donated non-profit of choice.  More info TBA.


    *Dec. 6 & 7:  Intersect Festival (Beck & Foo Fighters headlining)

    *Dec. 7:  Catfish John @ The SandDollar LV

    *Dec. 8:  Gregory Alan Isakov @ BBLV

    *Dec. 11:  Modest Mouse @ BBLV

    *Dec. 15:  Thievery Corporation @ BBLV

    *Dec. 21:  The Beatles for Kids @ BBLV

    *Dec. 27:  Crystal Method @ TopGolf

    *Dec. 31:  Stick Figure @ BBLV

    *Jan. 4:  Jeff & the Orrganics @ Tatuado WildSide Tavern, Pahrump

    *Jan. 8:  Sublime w/ Rome @ TopGolf

    *Jan. 17:  Tool @ T*Mobile Arena

    *Jan. 17:  The Wailers @ Top Golf

    *Jan. 30:  The Marcus King Band @ BBLV

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January. 7th @ Cheba Hut (UNLV)

    Meeting adjourned:  8:50PM

  • November 06, 2019 11:58 PM | John Tolson (Administrator)

    November Members’ Meeting Minutes

    November 5, 2019 7:30pm


    Las Vegas Jam Band Society

    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    November 5, 2019


    Location: Cheba Hut – Sahara & Rainbow

    Meeting begins: 7:45pm

    In attendance: Greg, JT, Paige, Jenny M, Ian, Ellen, Tiffany Belcher


    President’s Report (Greg):

    ·         Nomination notifications are out on Facebook as well as emails were sent out.

    ·         Holiday Party December 14th – Jenny & Boris’ house – Announcement will go out after Tecopa weekend - Entertainment TBA

    ·         2020 Shows – “Irons are in the fire. We are Dead Set to do 4 shows in 2020”

    ·         When an event is posted take the initiative to re-post/share and add friends from all over to get the word out – You never know who will see it and who is in town when events happen

    ·         Tecopa horseshoes – sign-up sheet is out in the FB event – please grab a partner and sign up – Everything else is all set to go!


    Vice President’s Report (JT):

    Nominations and Election timeline for 2020 Officers

    ·         Nominations will be taken through November 16th

    ·         Nominees will be notified November 17th

    ·         Acceptance of nominations completed by November 21st

    ·         Ballots will be made up & brought to the December 3rd meeting at Rocky’s and also put online

    ·         Voting can be done through December 11th

    ·         Winners of the 2020 Officer Election will be announced on December 15th



    ·         2020 We need to be more pro-active on finding venues that will work for what we want to do

    ·         Clubhouse – make it a reality – we need to find a property and move on it


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

    ·         Adopt-A-Highway was super-fun, a good turnout, and a beautiful day! – we discovered animal bones – found $20 – and had some large appliances to be moved. We got it all done and enjoyed pizza & beer afterwards at Rusty Putter on Lake Mead Pkwy. We were able to use our Membership Cards to get a 20% discount and the staff was very friendly and loves our group and our cause. 

    ·         Rusty Putter is a possible new venue – the stage is a good size and the room is also. They have a full kitchen and bar. The gaming license is on the way so this may be a fun new place for us to go and check out some music.


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

    ·         Amazon for Q3 2019 - $11.04

    ·         Smith’s - $29.79

    ·         Toured Area 15 – Very early stages of construction. Looks like a great space, not sure how we can/will use it in the future, but it would be nice to collaborate with other local businesses to have a function there.

    ·         Dues are on monthly payments of $10/month – Pay your dues and you can participate in the upcoming elections!

    ·         Don’t forget attending monthly meetings (at least 1 a quarter) you can get up to $5 off of next year’s membership dues! A total of $20 off for the whole year.

    ·         Be sure to add your SMITH’S Grocery ID# onto their website www.smithsfoodanddrug.com, look for The Jam Band Society of America and click on it to add them as the not-for-profit you wish to donate to.

    ·         Smile.Amazon.com is the website to get your donations into The Jam Band Society of America – look up the “Charity List”, find us and start donating while you shop!!! Tis the Season


    Mayor’s Report (Jenny): Color – Tecopa Teal

    ·         Looking for NYE possible venues – have been checking out options – Ex. Artifice/Mandt home/Jammin’ On Vegas

    ·         Idea for $10 from every membership to get a LVJBS t-shirt tie-dyed at Jammin’ On as a membership gift

    ·         Revising the logo – needs an update trying to get new idea from some of our artistic friends

    ·         Start planning a 20th Anniversary show

    ·         We need to define the Officer’s roles to make it more intriguing to others to nominate & run

    ·         Going to start posting on Facebook page/Social Media – Bands we want to see in 2020 – to get ideas of where people are at with who and what they want to see come through Las Vegas


    Production Report:

    ·         Yak Attack for Dec 6th Electronica Band – was a possibility to host but there has been no word back from them

    ·         Spafford – Bunkhouse residency – potentially still out there but no updates have been given to the JBS


    Committee Reports:

                    Fund Development Chair (Megan):

    ·         Looking to showcase the winners of the Scholarship in early 2020 – More info to come J

    ·         Looks like we will have $2000 to donate to the 4 candidates



    Open Floor:

    ·         Delta Nove book for next year possibly - cannot play Holiday party

    ·         Fundraising – Savers stores have a program for not-for-profits, where you collect clothing and donate it to them. They pay by the pound or by the piece is some of the clothing is a little nicer/designer, etc. We can try to figure out a location to have people drop off clothing and we can get them to the Savers store.

    ·         Fashion Show mall has a program on Saturdays & Sundays called “Fashion & Football – Tailgating” – People come in, watch the College or NFL football games, eat, drink, be social and 30% of the bar goes to the not-for-profit they are supporting that day/weekend. Looking into getting more information and heading down there on a weekend to check it out

    ·         Desire to work with the Blues Society, the Bluegrass Society and all other local music societies/clubs to have a bigger and better event than we can all do separately

    ·         TECOPA TALK…….



    November Friends & Family event:



    Next Meeting:

                    Tuesday December 3rd – Rocky’s Bar + Grill 8540 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89123


    Meeting Adjourned:


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