June's LVJBS Members' Meeting Minutes

June 06, 2023 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

JUNE 2023 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: June 6, 2023 

Meeting Start: 7:00 PM

Location: Crown & Anchor

Attendees:  Johnnie T., Paige T., Jessica G., Shannon S., Greg S., Brett R., & Dan R.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie): “We can get started!”

A. We are working on a survey to be sent to our Officers and Members which the received data will be collated to help us easily see a breakdown of info to help us with future membership and collaboration with others. Some of the questions would be:

  • ·         Are you a paid Member (yearly, monthly)?
  • ·         Why are you associated with the LVJBS?
  • ·         Have you ever volunteered at a LVJBS event?
  • ·         Have you ever purchased LVJBS merch?
  • ·         Have you ever received a prize from the LVJBS?
  • ·         What type of music do you like to hear live?
  • ·         Ever made a donation?
  • ·         Ever purchased a ticket to a LVJBS event?
  • ·         Have you ever ran for a LVJBS Office?  Held an Officer position?
  • ·         Ever attended a monthly meeting?
  • ·         What prices are you willing to spend for a live music event?
  • ·         How much would you pay for two events?
  • ·         Belong to any other non-profits?
  • ·         Have you ever referred a friend to the LVJBS?
  • ·         Comments, etc.?

B. We have been looking into finding Corporate Sponsors who like supporting local non-profits for their tax purposes so have been drafting a Sponsor-Brochure that will easily be distributed to find these supporters.  Draft is now being edited & will be given to Adam Peiken for some visual graphic help, using David DeGroot’s fabulous desert graphics that were recently created and shared.

C. Recently, JT was on the KUNV 91.5 FM station during their monthly ‘National Non-Profit Fundraising Day’ radio show where non-profits get to share information about themselves and get matched donations ‘if’ listeners want to support their cause.  We mentioned our support for George Lyons’ radio show and George’s LVJBS connection.  Ashton Ridley, from KUNV, has emailed back and wants to reconnect in the fall.  We will touch base with George Lyons to see if we can purchase a possible ad to play in his weekly radio show.  More info TBD.

D. Will touch base again with Jeremy @ JamminOn to work on a future collaboration by having a local band or two play for a donation/door cover charge to help raise some funds, while supporting his great store.  (We have been approved for the future ‘Howie Green’s Music Collection Silent Auction’ event.  More details/date TBD and hoping for late summer/early fall depending on temps for the outdoor gig.)

E. SaddlesNSpurs contacted us for a June 10th event.  We declined sponsoring this since we don’t have any interested bands who want to play a Sunday event right now. 

Item 2: Vice President’s Report & PRODUCTION Report (Greg):

  • ·         A. Spoke with MARCUS REZAK recently in AZ about our thought of him coming to play a future Vegas show with his two bands.  Unfortunately, his requirements and numbers are unreachable for us right now, so ensured him that when He is near Las Vegas or coming through Vegas again to touch base with us for helpful advertisements or volunteering for his gigs. 
  • ·         B. The Facebook link for the ‘Virtual Tip Jar’ will soon be created to help gain some extra funds for those who were unable to throw some monies in during our reunion event.
  • ·         C. The mentioned ‘BritFloyd’ tribute band had asked for a high price & were connected to Andrew Cortney.
  • ·         D. The mentioned Golf Tournament is still in the works!  Spoke with Freddy @ Angel Park who supports this idea of 4 groups of 4 golfers.  Local sponsors/ads at each hole with percentages of the sign-ups going back to the LVJBS. Thoughts of it being a Saturday/Sunday event with a music venue involved so a small band can play and prize monies would be shared.  Hoping that musician-golfers can get together with music fans to play rounds with one another.  More details TBD. 

Item 3:  Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

  • ·         A. The PEF Scholarship (Public Education Foundation) hasn’t had more contact with us since the last correspondence.  (Jessica sent a ‘thank you card’ to Tecopa Productions for their help in sponsorship.)
  • ·         B. There is a box of albums from Howie Green’s collection that Paige is going to get out of the garage heat and over to Greg’s house so they can be sorted into a sell/auction/donate pile so it can be easily readied for the future Silent Auction event.

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

  • ·         A. Thanks to all who helped make last month’s ‘LVJBS Memorial Tree’ Dedication event a success.  We are hoping to make it a future event (possibly the first weekend in May, each year).
  • ·         B. Have been corresponding with Stephanie Lopez, the new person in charge of N*Dot’s Adopt-A-Highway program about our missing roadside sign. Thoughts of having our area moved to be further down the HWY 564 were mentioned to avoid the ‘vandalism/graffiti’ of the sign which is currently near the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ art area across the way.  I suggested us trying our sign once more at the ‘original area’ due to the safer roadside parking area for our Members in the hopes it doesn’t continue to get vandalized.  Ms. Lopez agreed and has our sign being recreated adding ‘LVJBS—Las Vegas Jamband Society’ to it.
  • ·         C. Brought a tie-dyed Birthday balloon over to our Friend, Jared Eppsteiner, as He recovers in the hospital. 
  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shannon):
  • ·         A. Spoke again with Derrick (agent) & Brian of Hot Buttered Rum regarding their recent plan to get to Vegas.  The mentioned 12/22 event is too close to the Holidays since there are many young children/grandchildren that are focused on.  We offered our assistance by volunteering and promoting their events when nearby or in Las Vegas again.
  • ·         B. 3-Degree Guarantee which works with local non-profits to raise money when the weather forecast is out of the 3-degree forecasted range.  Shannon to contact News3 with the needed paperwork/LVJBS info to get this started.
  • ·         C. Some LVJBS cards were given out at the recent Billy Strings BBLV event. 
  • ·         D.   We want to send our love and support to one of our members, Jared E., on a recent medical challenge and wish him luck & support.
  • ·         C.  COLOR:  Saffron (for our Golden Knights!)

Item 6: Open Floor (all):

*(Greg) Wanted to acknowledge a collective gathering of music fans getting together in a rented park area in our neighboring state of AZ.  The recent ‘Grateful Gathering’ which had some of the AZ Heads, Prescott JRAD, some of the Phoenix crew & others working together to support musicians and one another!   

*(all) Go Knights GO!



*June 3rd-10th—James Taylor @ The Chelsea (Residency)

*June 8th—Stick Figure & Pepper @ Virgin Theater

*June 14th—Robert Plant & Allison Krause @ The Pearl

*June 17th—Matisyasu & The Wailers--Radiance Wellness & Music Festival @ Area 15

*June 17th—Elvis Costello & the Imposters w/ Charlie Sexton & Nick Lowe @ The Pearl

*June 18th—Catfish John for Kids @ BBLV

*June 21st—Mike Love & The Full Circle @ Backstage Bar & Billiards

*June 23rd & 24th—Peace Frog (The Doors tribute) @ The Cannery NLV

*June 24th—Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ SaddlesNSpurs

*June 24th—Big Like Texas @ Gold Mine Tavern

*June 30th & July 1st—STS9 @ Area 15

*July 1st—Big Like Texas & The Unwieldies @ The Huntridge Tavern

*July 4th—TheeMessArounds @ The SandDollar LV

*July 7th—Melissa Etheridge @ The Pearl

*July 13th—Stephen Marley w/ Hirie & Arise Roots @ Virgin Theater

*July 21st—The Green @ BBLV

*July 28th & 30th--The Smashing Pumpkins @ The Chelsea Theater

Meeting adjourned:   8:10 PM

Next Meeting:  (second) Tuesday, July 11th @ 7 PM

Location: Rocky’s Bar & Grill 

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