APRIL 2023 Members' Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2023 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

APRIL 2023 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: April 11, 2023 

Meeting Start: 7:07 PM

Location: Crown & Anchor

Attendees:  Johnnie T., Paige T., Jessica G., Shannon S., Brett R.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):

“Let’s get started.  Thanks to everyone’s contributions to the Legends Lounge Reunion.”

  • ·         A. A newly created FUNDRAISING BROCHURE has been drafted & sent to our Mayor (Shannon) to add to.  Once the draft is edited, it will be sent to all Officers for additional adds/concerns.  This brochure would be one that we can send to various corporations in the hopes that donations can be sent our way.
  • ·         B. The new owners of SaddlesNSpurs has asked that we move our former 2nd Sunday event to a 2nd Tuesday event.  Discussed our thoughts of weeknight shows already tending to be a concern for many of our LVJBS members—especially since the location is not too convenient.  More details TBD.
  • ·         C. THE SPACELV was contacted.  We are looking into a JUNE event. (Thoughts:  3 local bands for $20-25 to help recover funds from the recent Legends Lounge loss.)  Concerns:  June weekends have some out of town events/locals not wanting to spend $20-25.  More info TBD.
  • ·         D.  We are wanting to rid the remainder of Howie Green’s memorabilia by July’s end before donating it.  The summer heat could be bad for its currently stored garage location.
  • ·         E.  A few members are planning to support our musician friend, Taylor Wachman, at his Friday, 4/28 event at THE GAMBIT (formerly The E-String) & to check out the venue for possible future use. 
  • Item 2: Vice President’s Report/PRODUCTION Report (Greg: absent—notes via Jessica):
  • ·         A. Thank you all for the Legends Lounge Reunion’s hard work.
  • ·         B. The check from The Hideaway will be given to our Treasurer ASAP.

  • ·         C. Suggestion of adding a VIRTUAL TIP JAR asking those who missed out on donating to the RAFFLE at the Legends event.  (The website has a Virtual Jar already, says JT.)  We will need to add a post on our Facebook page with a link to donating.  (Greg to create this post.)
  • ·         D. Have not heard from any bands coming through with particular dates.

Item 3:  Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

  • ·         A. The Legends Lounge Reunion was about a $1K loss.  Still awaiting the check from our VP from The Hideway.
  • ·         B. Decided it would be best to make contact with bands/Agents prior to their arrival to our events to see ‘how’ they would like their funds given (by check, cash, etc.).  This would avoid any confusion on ‘either end’.
  • ·         C. During the Legends event, the TECOPA PRODUCTIONS crew asked if the LVJBS would be interested in ‘matching’ their $500 donation to the 4/15 Tecopa Firefighters Fundraiser.  Due to our recent money loss, we will offer $100.
  • ·         D.  Cubensis autographed the donated bass guitar (with the RHCP sticker on it) & a few of the event posters.  These will soon be a fundraiser.
  • ·         E.  The ‘Peter Porter Scholarship’ through the PEF (Public Education Fund), which we have provided 4 $500 quarterly scholarships to freshman college students who are studying music have been chosen & we should be hearing from the recipients soon since they should be informed of their selection in mid-April.  The recipients are expected to send the the LVJBS a ‘thank you note’ along with their photo & bio to display on our website.  We will be getting a ‘Thank You Note’ to ‘Tecopa Productions’ for their donation of $500 to our PEF scholarship.  (Jessica to mail it once our recipients make contact.)
  • ·         F. We are declining our thoughts of the discussed volunteer program: ‘Best-Crowd-Management’ since we didn’t get enough volunteers and hadn’t heard back from the company.
  • ·         G:  Paige sent Shannon our non-profit info so she can share it with her Boss in regards to a possible future Capriotti’s LVJBS Fundraising night.  More details TBD.

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

  • ·         A. The next planned ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY event before the summertime heat will be on SUNDAY, MAY 7th @ 9 AM.  More details TBA.
  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shannon):
  • ·         A. Reached out to Hot Buttered Rum after Ramon sent their interest our way.  Spoke with Derrick, their Agent.  They were looking into a Spring/Summer date.  Shannon to speak with Greg to make contact with the HBR Agent before our May meeting to inquire costs, etc.
  • ·         B. The recent JamminOn’ event for Leo/Tandy’s wedding event was celebrated and enjoyed by a few of the LVJBS Officers/Members.  Many LVJBS necklaces/cards were shared with the attendees.
  • ·         C.  COLOR:  Chartreuse

Production Report (Jessica):

  • ·         A. Marcus Rezak reached out after having a great time with Cubensis & the LVJBS.  He would like to have his other bands, Dead tribute SHRED IS DEAD & his Phish Tribute band, GUMBO, come back to play for the LVJBS.  He sent dates of May 19/20, yet the team feels this is too soon to plan a successful event (especially with Dead & Co. being in L.A. that weekend).  He says dates ‘further’ out would work, too!  (Jessica to email Marcus to see what his minimums would be, rooms needed, bar tab, etc. before the May meeting.)  (*another optional thought is having one or both bands back for our annual Holiday party event.) 
  • More details TBD.

Open Floor:

  • ·         Welcome to Brett R. (a new LVJBS member & music fan) who attended our meeting and shared great thoughts/ideas.


*April 12th—Gorillaz @ Zappos Theater, Planet Hollywood

*April 14th—Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ SandDollar Plaza

*April 15th—Bluegrass Festival @ Centennial Hills Park

*April 15th--  Catfish John @ Gold Mine Tavern

*April 15th—LongBeach Dub Allstars @ Oxford 24, Virgin Hotel

*April 15th—MegaScopes @ Boulder City

*April 15th—The Moanin’ Blacksnakes @ SandDollar LV

*April 28th—The Unwieldies & Big Like Texas @ SandDollar LV

*April 29th- Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ Pioneer Saloon

*April 29th—Iggy Pop & The Losers @ The Pearl

Meeting adjourned:   8:01 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, May 2nd @ 7 PM

Location: Crown & Anchor (1350 E. Tropicana Ave.)

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