• February 07, 2017 7:30 PM | Jessica L Grant


    Board of Directors'/Members’ Meeting Minutes

    February 7, 2017


    Meeting Begins: 7:46PM @ Rocky’s.


    Board of Directors/Officers/Committee Heads in attendance:

    Greg, John, Paige, Jessica, Dan, Ian, Kathy


    Called to order &

    President’s Report (Greg): We’re on track for 2017!


    Vice President’s Report (Johnnie): 

    *Ticket lotteries have been going well.  The RELIX people have contacted us again for a ‘table’ for the three-nights of WEEN, Feb. 17-19.  (An email will soon go out, looking for volunteers.)

    *Meeting on Friday, with a possible ‘LVJBS Clubhouse’ sponsor.  More info TBA.


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

    *Money has been given back to us from the Facebook donations, AmazonSmiles, Smith’s groceries.

    *Panera Bread Café is another possible fundraiser.

    *Auditing has been being done on our account.  Ensuring the PayPal, Checking Account with the LVJBS checks, etc. are combined and utilized correctly.


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

    *Noticed that ‘Rocky’s Bar & Grill’ is not one of our ‘friends-of’ on our website.  We will speak with the owner to get his go-ahead for a ‘thank you-advertisement’.


    Mayor’s Report (Justin): ~absent~

    …via former Officer, Ian Z.

    COLOR:  “Fatty Purple, Yellow, & Green”


    Committee Reports:

    Membership Committee (JT):  As of now, 59 paid members for 2017.

     Archive Committee (Kathy):  *Advanced notice is needed to help gather the needs T-shirts/posters, etc. for table set-up. 

    *The 50/50 table drawings will help ‘rid’ the extra posters, T-shirts, calendars that are had at a reasonable price.

     *More LVJBS cards with the basic info/email/website address are needed.  This will help for ‘easier’ advertisement during events or set-ups like the RELIX table.



    *High Times Magazine will have an event on March 4 & 5 @ Moapa Tribal Plaza for anyone age 21 & over.  They have offered a handful of tickets for our ‘word of mouth’/texted advertisement.  We will support this, but want to keep it ‘professional’ due to the event topic itself.

    *The Go’Arounds, who are “bits of favorite bands exploded into Rock & Roll confetti”, from Michigan, are interested in Wed., 3/29.  Due to the lack of ‘knowledge’ about this band and the ‘many’ March events around town, a weeknight event isn’t recommended, so we will have to ‘pass’ on ‘The Go’Arounds this time ‘around….

    *SHAKY FEELIN’ are interested in a weeknight show.  They gave some dates.  We know a large portion of our members enjoy this band, but are trying to inform the band that ‘weeknight’ shows are not always successful.  The only two ‘smaller’ venues that ‘could’ host them are the Bunkhouse or the HideAway.  (Kathy to inquire if those two locations would allow us to charge a small cover/work the door OR if the location will take care of the band’s needs.)  (We will mention a possible April 1st, late night, after the Brooklyn Bowl’s STS9 show, to help celebrate member, RJ’s Birthday!)  More details TBD.

    *Eminence Ensemble & JellyBread were both interested in a late night, May 27th, after Dead & Co. show.  (The Brooklyn Bowl already ‘beat them to it’, with the scheduled PINK TALKING FISH.)

    *Had contact with ‘Hunter & the Dirty Jacks’ member, Jon Siembieda.  He is looking into a future LVJBS collaboration.

    *Had contact by Little Tybee & Chon who are coming down the west coast, over the summer months.  The dates that ‘could’ work for us conflicts with the ‘member popular’ HIGH SIERRA MUSIC FESTIVAL dates, so we could possibly catch them ‘next time around.’


    Upcoming Brooklyn Bowl shows:

    2/14:  Galactic

    2/17-2/19:  Ween

    2/20:  Infamous Stringdusters

    2/27:  Grateful Ball

    2/28: Railroad Earth

    3/4:  Gov’t Mule

    3/17:  Umphrey’s McGee

    3/23:  Donavan Frankenrieter

    3/28:  Robert Randolph

    3/31 & 4/1:  STS9



    *Discussion of the definition of ‘LVJBS Charter Members, Board of Directors, and the needed ‘current on dues’ were had.  A detailed list of requirements and the opportunity to ‘make due’ on any delinquent dues will be provided soon. 

    *(Paige to get the updated spreadsheet of member info (name/addresses/phone/email) to the Officers.)

    *Mark your calendars for an upcoming ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY clean-up, SUNDAY, March 19th @ 9am.

    It’s quick & easy with more people!  The weather should be nice and it is a location with a ‘easy to get to’ drive and doesn’t take long!  (Grabber tools, safety vests, and the collection bags are provided!)  BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!!  J


    Friends & Family Event:

    *FEBRUARY’s event will be  ‘Panera Café’ event (part of the proceeds go back to our non-profit.)  Paige will send more details/Facebook invite for families to go at their convenience on the chosen day.

    (**Also, Greg will choose a Tuesday, for a Drive-In movie (2for1) event. This will “happen on a Tuesday and the date will be known and shared soon!”)

     *MARCH’s event will be a Bowling night, planned by Kathy.  Location TBA and the possible dates would be Saturday the 11th or 25th.   


    Next Members’ Meeting(s):

    Tuesday, March 7th for the Members/Public guests @ Tenaya Creek Brewery.**

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:05pm





  • January 03, 2017 7:30 PM | Jessica L Grant


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    January 3, 2017


    Meeting Begins: 7:35PM @ Rocky’s.


    Called to order (Greg):  “Alright—Should we start this thing….or what?  Well, it’s 2017…2016 was brutal—for pets, for people, for our country!”

    Side note:

    R.I.P. to the last (heard about) 2016 death:  Joey Boots (from the Howard Stern Show)….his name came from him almost being turned away from a nightclub due to wearing ‘boots’….He replied with, “Don’t you know who I am?  I’m Joey Boots.”  He was then allowed into the nightclub. 


    President’s Report (Greg):

    Email-chatted with the new “media marketing” person for the Brooklyn Bowl about the LVJBS’s volunteer/advertising help for member-ticket raffle-exchange, letting him know about our ‘deal’ and help with tickets and helping RELIX with their tables for the larger events.  Welcome, Chris B.! 


    Will make contact with the House of Blues for their upcoming Dark Star Orchestra (DSO) show on 2/21 and our needed help.


    Goal for 2017:  To have a September ‘Golf Tournament’ with musicians, members, etc.  More  details to follow.


    Vice President’s Report (Johnnie): 

    This meeting begins the $5 credit that is given for meeting attendance. (Goes towards the following year’s dues.)  The next meeting, in February, will be for the Board of Directors/Offices/former Officers.  This next meeting, in MARCH, will be one for all members and guests.  (Officers will be given a $10 credit for the ‘Officers’ meetings’ attendance.) 


    Goal for 2017:  To focus more on Fundraising and outside donations.  This will help our ‘big picture’ goal of an LVJBS Clubhouse (for our meetings/small gigs, training, music help, etc.)


    The 2017 calendars were printed.  They are FREE for dues paid members or $10 to purchase.  (They look great!  Thanks to JT and Paige for their hard work in making it happen.)  The Wild Apricot site has had some updates which will help navigate the site a bit easier.


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

    We’ve had some members (new and former) pay their 2017 already.  The membership cards have been ordered and the goal is to have them in hand by month’s end.  We will have to gather the list of local businesses for available discounts.  We still have the Amazonsmiles & Smiths grocery ‘give backs’. 


    (Suggestion from guest, Tom:  The downtown, new grocery store has a lot adjacent to it….Maybe a future outdoor parking lot gig, with certain store hours (i.e. 2pm-5pm) giving some ‘proceeds back to LVJBS’ when you shop inside….)  Great idea, Tom! J


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

    The Adopt-A-Highway will happen at the end of Janaury, Sunday, the 29th.  It only takes a couple of hours (less if more people!), so come check it out!  A FaceBook invite will soon be made.  Mark your calendars! J


    Goal for 2017:  To make Facebook invites for the future meetings, so those ‘interested’ or ‘attending’ can help spread the word and the meetings are better advertised.


    Mayor’s Report (Justin): ~absent~

    …via phone/Jessica….



    Committee Reports:

    Membership Committee (JT): Membership cards should be here by month’s end.  Pay those dues! 


    Archive Committee (Kathy):  ~absent~



    Production Report (Greg):  The interests form last month’s minutes haven’t made contact again.  Phil Simon (from Simon Says Booking) is looking for a coffeehouse-type place for John Kadlecik to have a solo-gig.  Greg to contact him with some thoughts on looking into Jambase for venues and contacting that way. 

    Upcoming Brooklyn Bowl shows:

    1/20-1/22:  Phil Lesh & Friends (with Chris Robinson Brotherhood)

    2/14:  Galactic

    2/17-2/19:  Ween

    2/20:  Infamous Stringdusters

    2/27:  Grateful Ball

    2/28: Railroad Earth

    3/4:  Gov’t Mule

    3/17:  Umphrey’s McGee

    3/23:  Donavan Frankenrieter

    3/31 & 4/1:  STS9



    *New (1/4 of the year paid) member, Tom (and his guest, Tamara) offered to volunteer/help with any staging or set-up for future gigs.


    *Spread the word about Sunday, Jan. 29th’s ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY clean-up. 9am.

    It’s quick & easy with more people! 


    Friends & Family Event:

    *JANUARY’s event will be a Drive-in Movie. Location and date TBA by Greg.  Looking at TUESDAY, JAN. 17th or 24th

    *FEBRUARY’s event will be a Bowling night, planned by Kathy.  Location TBA and the possible dates would be Saturday the 4th, 11th, 18th or 25th



    Next Members’ Meeting(s):

    Tuesday, Feb. 7th for Board of Directors/Officers


    Tuesday, March 7th for the Members/Public guests @ Tenaya Creek Brewery.



    ** Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm

  • December 06, 2016 7:30 PM | Jessica L Grant


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    December 6, 2016


    Meeting Begins: 7:32PM @ Tenaya Creek Brewery


    Called to order (John): “Well, here’s to next year!”


    Vice President’s Report (John):

    *The calendar for 2017 turned out great!  They will sell for $10/ea. (*complimentary for a 2017 (6 mo. or 1 yr.) LVJBS membership!)


    Membership discussion:  After reviewing the Bi-Laws, it states that ‘monthly, an Officers’ meeting is required and EVERY QUARTER, should be a ‘Members’ Meeting’.  Group decides this will be a bi-law to stick to for 2017 due to the ‘majority’ of the people in attendance, each month, are ‘Officers’ anyways and with only 4 meetings per year, we may get better non-officer attendance.  The Bi-Laws also mention ‘officers getting ‘credits of $10 (non-officers/members get $5 credit) when meetings are attended—these monies can be used towards future membership dues.  (We will hold our first 2017 Officers’ meeting after the January Members’ meeting on Tuesday, January 3rd.)


    *The Holiday LVJBS Party is at THE HIDEAWAY, 3369 Thom Blvd. (LV, NV 89130) for Saturday, Dec. 17thMike Mangan’s Organ Trio & Friends, with Jellybread are confirmed for the music. 2 sets, per band, with a jam at night’s end.  We will have a ‘gift exchange’ (number pull) and 50/50 Raffle.  No cover, just a suggested donation.

    *The RAFFLE (50/50) for our Holiday party was decided to go towards supporting an LVJBS member/group, rather than supporting outside of the Society.  Paige and John have the roll of tickets to use for the party’s 50/50 (half to the winner and the other half back to the LVJBS for a 2017 donation.)

    *The HOLIDAY GIFT-GRAB will take place for those bringing a $15 valued gift, get a numbered ticket as they drop off WRAPPED gift to the table.  Numbers will be randomly drawn for an order of ‘grabbing’ any gift off the table to keep. 


    *NOMINATIONS for 2017 LVJBS Officers were made.  Contact was made to those Offices, with multiple nominees.  The only Officers who accepted/responded to their nomination were the 2016 incumbents, so the same Officers will hold each 2017 Office once more.


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige): “Looking forward to 2017!

    *The new memberships will get a 2017 calendar and the membership cards will given shortly after.  We can utilize the previous year’s artwork if no one responds to our request for 2017 artwork. More info TBD.


    *Any help for the Holiday party set-up, please get to The Hideaway prior to the 6pm, doors.


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

    *Tecopa Hot Springs was a successful ‘Friends & Family’ event.  Thanks to Megan and Dave for their hard work. 


    *The Adopt-A-Highway will happen at the end of Janaury, Sunday, the 29th.  It only takes a couple of hours (less if more people!), so come check it out!


    *I will continue to post Facebook messages for the meeting reminders, as needed.


    Mayor’s Report (Justin): ~absent~

    …via Jessica….

    COLOR:  ‘Jingle Bell Silver’


    Committee Reports:

    Membership Committee (JT): Membership cards should be ready!


    Archive Committee (Kathy):  The yellow bin with the LVJBS archive/posters/T-shirts, etc. was brought to the meeting, but due to a ‘busy’ Tenaya Creek, we’d rather look through it later.  (It was suggested that the Officers enjoy a night of beverages/snacks in January or February at Jessica’s home, to have time to reminisce and organize the tub.  More details/date TBD.)


    PRODUCTION REPORT (sent after meeting) (Greg):

    (sent after meeting) “Glad we made it through this tragic stricken 2016 without any major incidents other than maybe one or two with some String Cheese!” :) Looks like we are status quo for Officers for 2017. Would like to keep this ball rolling in the same direction we have it going. This is the year I would like to expand into our other US markets that are desiring having a jam Band Society. Want to see other chapters start to form. That is where I'm going to concentrate my efforts...and I also am looking to host a golf tournament with jam bands as our theme. Stay tuned...

    Production Report (Greg):


    1.     1/20/16 (after Phil) – JOE MARCINEK BAND--rotating line-up super group format featuring: Shawn Martin from Snarky Puppy on drums, Freekbass, and Pete Koopmann (Family Groove Company) on keys.


    • 2.    MIKE DILLON – Interested in a WEEN AFTERSHOW --17/18/19 of February
    • Mike Dillon, Claude (from Ween), Nathan Lambertson, Paul Thibodeaux, Cliff Hines, Simon Lott, G Maxwell are the band. 
    • 3.    STEVE KIMOCK interested for Friday or Saturday before Superbowl 2nd, 3rd, or      4th of  February 

    Band members are:

    Steve Kimock - Guitar (too many to name)

    Jeff Chimenti - Keys (Dead and Company) 

    Wally Ingram - Drums (Jerry Joseph / Stockholm Syndrome )

    Bobby Vega - Bass (Zero / KVHW)


          4. Tanner Bardin here from Eminence Ensemble. Message: Hope all is well since the last time we have spoke. I am looking to see if you guys have any interest in hosting and Dead & Co. after parties in Vegas this year on 5/27.   On the side of Eminence Ensemble I have started an agency that represents several bands of all genres. My immediate thought for the after show would be Eminence Ensemble and a band I represent called The Tenth Mountain Division at the Hard Rocks live after Dead and CO Finish. Tenth Mountain can start early for those who didn't get dead tickets and then finish slightly after the band ends followed by 2 sets of Eminence Ensemble. Let me know if this is possible our west coast numbers are up, we are now signed to a full bigger agency however I wanted to reach out and submit for this After Party. Let me know and hope all is well. 

    6. Golden Gate Wingmen -- Routing through FEB. 23rd –MAR. 5th  Members: John Kadlecik (DSO, Phil & Friends, Furthur), Reed Mathis (JFJO & TLG), Jeff Chimenti (Ratdog, Furthur, Phil Lesh & Friends) & Jay Lane (Primus, Furthur, Ratdog).

    7. Good morning, my name is Jerimiah and I am the drummer and manager for the Denver based improvisational rock jam band THE WILD. We are currently seeking opportunities to play out of state shows to get the chance to play to all new faces and promote ourselves in other states. We were fortunate enough to play our first show with The Higgs here in Denver in May and saw they played a show in Vegas through your society last night. That is how I found your page and was hoping we could bring some Colorado rock to Vegas. We currently have shows lined up for almost every weekend for the next month and are working very hard to promote ourselves and get our name out as much as possible. We would love to get the chance to work with the Las Vegas Jam Band Society to play out in there and would work very hard to make it the best possible show. Hope to speak with you soon and thank you for your time. Thanks,  Jerimiah


    Hi looking for any recommendations for our West Coast 2017 spring tour. 

    Booking a 10-day tour through out California, Oregon, Nevada February 25th through March 11th 2017 thanks Joe Levy Booking Partner - the Garcia project The Garcia Project, performing classic Jerry Garcia Band shows from the 70's, 80's and 90s.

    9. FROM FB MESSENGER: Aloha LVJBS. I hope you are great. We are musically starved out here in Hawaii most of the time. Is there someone in your organization that might be willing to rap with me about how your organization works and how you set it up. We are trying to figure out something to quench our thirst for some mainland based bands. I used to promote shows here about 10 years ago but need to make real money to survive. Any help is appreciated. Mahalo. John@OBhomes.com[ (Called him yesterday and went to vm)



    *Ben Z. mentioned musician JONATHAN RICHMAN (The “Peter Pan of Rock & Roll” recognized from ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and the ‘Modern Lovers of 80s punk’) who He’s hoping to have come through Las Vegas since He’s planning on Huntington Beach and San Diego.


    *Pirate Fest will be at Craig Ranch park this year, April 21st -23rd.  We will support them by renting our sound system (and our Sound Guy, Dan), as well as sharing the event on our Facebook page and with our members.


    *The Hard Rock Café, Paradise location is closing with the help of ‘Moksha’ for New Year’s Eve.  Table reservations are being taken now.


     *RAILROAD EARTH was booked for the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas on Tues., Feb. 28th.


    Friends & Family Event:

    *DECEMBER’s event is the DECEMBER Holiday LVJBS Party on Dec. 17th.

    *JANUARY’s event will be a Drive-in Movie. Location and date TBA by Greg.

    *FEBRUARY’s event will be a Bowling night, planned by Kathy.  Location TBA and the possible dates would be Saturday the 4th, 11th, 18th or 25th


    Next Members’ Meeting: Tuesday, January 3rd @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill


    ** Meeting Adjourned: 8:15PM





  • November 08, 2016 7:30 PM | Jessica L Grant


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    November 8, 2016

    Meeting Begins: 7:40PM @ Rocky’s

    President’s Report (Greg): “On this ‘eventful’ Election Day, …wahn wahn wahn”

    *Our LVJBS Officer Election process usually begins in October.  We kept with the ‘LVJBS-fashion’ of having some delay….  The nominations for the 2017 Officers will begin, soon, online and go through the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 25th.  Please check out our Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Wild Apricot) for the nomination process.  The December meeting will have the Officer Elections. 

    *We were lucky and thankful to get an email from Christy (known via the Brooklyn Bowl), the day before the Phish shows.  There were a section of available tickets for each night of the MGM shows. To avoid chaotic hassle of finding out who needed tickets, Greg allotted a handful of tickets to a few Officers to upgrade their seat, or to give away to members and friends of LVJBS to enjoy!  On behalf of the LVJBS, thanks so much for thinking of us!!!

    Vice President’s Report (John):  Looking forward to the Tecopa Weekend.  The RELIX table volunteers for the Halloween Brooklyn Bowl shows did a great job.  Thanks to the Tolsons, new LVJBS fan, Justin, Jenny M, & Justin G. for their help!  J

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

    *Welcome to a new Las Vegan & LVJBS supporter, Regina,—from Seattle, WA.  

    *Ready for the Tecopa fun.  I will be getting the LVJBS donated basket together for the Tecopa Raffle fundraiser!  It will have a few LVJBS T-shirts and a voucher for an upcoming LVJBS event (up to a $50 value w/ some exclusions)

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

    We made $11.74 from our ‘give back’ program with the Smith’s Rewards Card. We have cut a check to support the Tecopa Takeover 4, as discussed.  Our poster collection donation will be taken care of around the Holidays.   

    Mayor’s Report (Justin): ~absent~

    …via Greg & Paige….

    COLOR:  ‘Cubby Blue’

    Committee Reports:

    Membership Committee (JT):    We’ve been looking into raising funds for a ClubHouse for the LVJBS. This would be a place to host our meetings and be a place to provide training for music entrepreneurs/music lessons, etc.  We want to show the ways we can be a help to the community of musicians and music fans. Our online donation page has raised $750 so far.


    Archive Committee (Kathy):  The yellow bin with the LVJBS archive/posters/T-shirts, etc. has now been moved to new storage.  An extra key will be given to another Officer in case something needs to be retrieved, etc.


    *We have confirmed our plan for the Holiday LVJBS Party.  Confirmed location is THE HIDEAWAY, for Saturday, Dec. 17thMike Mangan’s Organ Trio & Friends, with Jellybread are confirmed for the music.  We will have a ‘gift exchange’ (number pull) for the festivities and find out about any pot luck/dessert bar allowance.  More details TBA

    *John Perry Barlow (Grateful Dead songwriter) is going through some tough medical battles and we are hoping to have an event with David Nelson to help raise some proceeds to help ‘Send January 2017 into Good Health’.  More details TBD.

    *The Able Baker Brewery event at the Hard Rock Café, over Halloween weekend went well. Manos was grateful to the LVJBS for the support.

    *The Hard Rock Café, Paradise location was recently purchased from the Hard Rock Hotel, for their after the New Year expansion & will be CLOSING on 12/31/16.  We looked into having Particle (who helped celebrate its opening) into performing for their ‘closing’.  Particle already had a deal in New York City, so had to decline.  We are looking into having ‘Moksha’ to close out the Hard Rock Café’s memories.  More details TBA.

    *MELVIN SEALS & the TERRAPIN FLYER @ Top Golf LV, on Saturday, Nov. 19th

    *RAILROAD EARTH was booked for the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas on Tues., Feb. 28th.


    *Max, on behalf of Top Golf, is working with the LVJBS on a possible ‘sponsor fee’ where the LVJBS can get donations, per show, for helping to advertise their events. This is something we may look into instead of ‘sending the donation hat around’ at these events.

    *Our website domain www.lvjbs.org is once again up for renewal.  Group decided to renew for another 2 year renewal.

    Adopt-A-Highway’s next clean-up date will be in January. Two date options will be given to members to decide which morning would work better for more attendance:  Sunday, Jan. 8th or Sunday, Jan. 29th.  More details TBD.

    Friends & Family Event:

    *NOVEMBER’S event is the TECOPA TAKEOVER:  November 11th-13th

    *DECEMBER’s event is the DECEMBER Holiday LVJBS Party on Dec. 17th.

    (A possibility of another, more kid-friendly event, as well.)

    *JANUARY’s event will be a Drive-in Movie. Location and date TBA by Greg.

    *FEBRUARY’s event will be a Bowling night.  Location and date TBA by Kathy.


    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 6th @ Tenaya Creek Brewery

    ** Meeting Adjourned: 8:55PM

  • October 04, 2016 7:30 PM | Jessica L Grant

    Las Vegas Jam Band Society

    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    October 4, 2016

    Meeting Begins:   7:37 PM

    Location:  Tenaya Creek Brewery


    President’s Report (Greg):  

    “What’s up, Everybody?”

    This report will be ‘short & sweet’….Everything is ‘status quo’ in LVJBS world!

    (Still awaiting confirmation on the Holiday party location—most likely Sat., Dec. 17th, yet, still confirming!)


    Vice President’s Report (Johnnie):

    ·         Met with a city-developer in regards to the ‘grant’ (non-profit/arts collaboration).  They are in the preliminary stages for a 2017 (June) festival with bands (on Jackson Ave.) and activities.  We decided to help ‘point’ bands in their direction, as they go further.  More info TBD.

    ·         The 2017 LVJBS Members’ Calendar is ready to be printed.  The pictures are courtesy of photographer, Paul Citone.  The Tuesday meetings will be ‘reminders’ on each Tuesday of the month dates.


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

    ·         It was nice turning this month’s calendar page to the ‘Soundtest 3D’ poster-pic. 

    ·         Thanks to those who helped out at the Adopt-A-Highway clean-up on Sept. 18th.  It only took 1.5 hours and was a fun time. 


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

       (nothing to report)


    Mayor’s Report (Justin):  ~absent~

    Color (via VP):   Pumpkin Haze


    Production Report (Greg):

    ·         Saturday, November 19th:  Melvin Seals & the Terrapin Flyers are available.  The Hard Rock Café venues are already booked, so we can look into The HideAway Lounge or possibly Binion’s Rooftop (if heaters are available) or Top Golf.  We will give an offer or possibly a percentage of the door.  More details TBD.

    ·         Johnny from RELIX magazine came to us for Halloween weekend RELIX table help at the Brooklyn Bowl.  We will ask officers and, then, open up the volunteer spots to members.  (It is important that responsible volunteers follow through with these spots, to avoid any future concerns with LVJBS.)


    Committee Reports:

    ·         Fundraising Report (Kathy):  ~absent~

    ·         PR Report (Jenny): ~absent~


    Friends & Family Events: 

    November:  Tecopa Takeover, Nov. 11-13.

    December:  LVJBS Holiday Party.  Date:  Saturday, Dec. 17thPossible Bands:  JellyBread and Mike Mangan’s Big Organ Trio.   Location:  The HideAway Lounge.  (Confirmed details TBA)



    ·         James Manos, a bartender from the Hard Rock Live, has offered the LVJBS entrance to an event on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 3pm-6pm, prior to the Phish-show at the MGM.  It’s a launch party to his (& his partner’s) new brewery.  ABLE BAKER BREWING CO.  With registration online, LVJBS friends & family can get entrance to the Hard Rock Live, to sample different beers and snacks.  Look for the flier, created by Manos, on our LVJBS Facebook page for registration details. J

    ·         The TECOPA TAKEOVER event-planning is going great!  November 11th (4:20pm start) through Nov. 13th (@ 2:30pm).  All 3 days will have music and fun (Yoga/Horseshoe tournament, etc.).  The event will end at 2:30pm, on that Sunday.  RAFFLE donations are being collected, to help raise monies for future ‘takeovers’.  Please contact Jeffrey Trower if any goods/services can be donated.  The LVJBS will provide some cash to help with band-fees and a raffle basket of posters/T-shirts/gift cards, etc.

    ·         The presentation of the 2015 FUNKY COWBELL AWARD was presented by JFree/N.O.I.S.E. to Jessica Grant (yay me!) for community help and music appreciation!  (Thanks, Guys!)  J 


    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, November 8th (*Second Tuesday!  Come on by after you vote!            @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill

    Meeting Adjourned:   8:55PM

  • September 06, 2016 7:30 PM | Jessica L Grant

    Las Vegas Jam Band Society

    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    September 6, 2016


    Meeting Begins:   7:58PM

    Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill


    President’s Report (Greg):  “Phish was great…Colorado comfort; Good ‘ol Dick’s!”

    ·         Been looking at the upcoming Brooklyn Bowl schedule and there seems to be 4 shows for the available lotto through November:  Dumstaphunk 9/15,  The Soul Rebel Show Band 9/28, Dweezil Zappa 10/2, & Big Sam’s Funky Nation 10/12.   


    Vice President’s Report (Johnnie):

    ·         Currently have 85 paid members with a total of 146 ‘family/friends of’ Wild Apricot connections.

    ·         GRANT OPPORTUNITY:  Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 8th, with Lorenzo of the City of Las Vegas Planning Dept.  The city is looking to ‘partner’ with local, non-profits on an ‘arts’ grant.  Only 25% of submissions get approval.  They are looking into non-profits who can help revitalize the west-side’s Jackson Ave.  Our proposal would be to ‘use a depressed property’ as an LVJBS Clubhouse, where musicians can be trained, lighting and sound techs can be trained, and a place to hold our monthly meetings.  More info to be shared after the Thursday meeting. 


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica): No new news--Will be sending the information, via Facebook evite, for an upcoming ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY clean-up morning.  Date:  Sunday, Sept. 18th…….Mark your calendars!


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

    ·         The ‘give back’ checks from Smith’s and AmazonSmiles have come in this month.  Over $13, just for using their ‘rewards cards’ and noting LVJBS as the non-profit.

    ·         The past ALO show had merchandise/LVJBS table sales, which helped ‘balance’ out the earnings for attendance.


    Mayor’s Report (Justin):  ~absent~



    Production Report (Greg):

    ·         Dead Winter Carpenters will not be in town on 9/15.  They will contact us ontheir next go-around.

    ·         The Higgs (pals of OCJBS, a San Diego jam band) will play a Tuesday, October 25th, Hard Rock Café, Paradise, show.

    ·         JellyBread contacted us with some possible dates.  We may utilize them for our LVJBS Holiday party.  More details TBA.

    ·         The Dirk Quinn Band has contacted us for any ‘possible’ Freako de mayo event and wants to be on our radar. 

    ·         Mike Mangan Trio are available.  We may have them collaborate with JellyBread for the Holiday event, if so.  More details TBA.


    Committee Reports:


    ·         Fundraising Report (Kathy):  JT looking into a new 2017 calendar, so it is available in January.  Paul Citone is kindly sending some LVJBS photos our way, to help us with the calendar pages.  Also, the suggestion of labeling the ‘first Tuesday LVJBS meetings’ for each month will help with meeting attendance.  (The 2016 extras will be given out until they are gone.)


    ·         PR Report (Jenny): ~absent~

    (Greg to reach out to other members, for additional help in getting our ‘social media’ advertising out to members/our Facebook page.  Any volunteers, please let him know!  Thanks to those who do so already!)


    Friends & Family Events:  The Sept./Oct. canoe-event was canceled.  Greg to look into a swimming hole/car drive-up access campfire event for late Sept./early Oct.

    November:  Tecopa Takeover, Nov. 11-13.

    December:  LVJBS Holiday Party.  Date:  Saturday, Dec. 17thPossible Bands:  JellyBread and Mike Mangan’s Big Organ Trio.  Location:  The HideAway Lounge.  (Confirmed details TBA)



    ·         Greg made contact with David Gans (Grateful Dead Radio Hour on Sirius/XM23) and ended up calling into the ‘live’ show, speaking of the LVJBS and the Las Vegas music scene.

    ·         Welcome to new member and music lover, Craig Kunitz!


    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 4th @ Tenaya Creek Brewery


    Meeting Adjourned:   9:05PM

  • August 15, 2016 9:00 PM | Jessica L Grant

    Las Vegas Jam Band Society

    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    August 15, 2016

    Meeting Begins:    8:48 PM

    Location:  Cashman Field Party Zone

    President’s Report (Greg): “Hey!  Bye Cosmo (51’s Mascot)….We’re meeting in the Party Zone!”

    ·         Short meeting.  Basically want to get everyone’s take on the October Phish-aftershows.  We would be competing with Brooklyn Bowl’s and House of Blues’ shows. 

    ·         The Hard Rock Café has offered a $3,500 room charge for the Café or for Vinyl if we want to hold anything.  Concerns are the need for volunteers and the competition had with the other aftershows.

    ·         (Pink Talking Fish were once interested, yet, now their Friday and Saturday is booked in Denver.)  Discussion of any interest in a Sunday aftershow was had.  Group feels the volunteer issue would be a concern, since many of our members are interested in the currently booked aftershows.

    (Max A. discussed the thoughts of TOP GOLF and/or RUMOR possibly hosting aftershows, as well.)

    ·         The Dead Winter Carpenters are doing a FREE show at the Hard Rock Café, Paradise, on Thursday, Sept. 15th.  They are looking for host(s) to help them with a room for the evening.  If able, please contact Greg.

    (This does conflict with Dumpstaphunk (w/ Jazz Mafia) at the Brooklyn Bowl.)

    ·         The Higgs (San Diego band) are interested in a possible Tuesday, October 25th show.  More details TBD.

    Vice President’s Report (Johnnie):


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

    The LVJBS has given one, last 2016 raffle donation to the Lone Woof Rescue for their LVCS event on Aug. 20th.  It was a container filled with a PetCo $25 gift card, an LVJBS T-short, dog toy and treats.

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 


    Mayor’s Report (Justin):  

    Color:   51’s Royal Blue

    Production Report (Greg):

    (see President’s Report)

    Committee Reports:

    ·         Fundraising Report (Kathy):  ~absent~

    ·         PR Report (Jenny): ~absent~

    Friends & Family Events: 

    *(Upcoming Sept./October:  The LVJBS Dam-Canoe Trip: Sept.30/Oct. 1:  More info online/contact Indigo/Kathy.)


    ·         Thanks for coming down to the ‘Friends & Family’ 51s game event, Everyone!

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, Sept. 5th @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill

    Meeting Adjourned:    9:00PM

  • July 05, 2016 9:00 PM | Jessica L Grant


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    July 5, 2016


    Meeting Begins: 7:50PM @ Rocky’s


    President’s Report (Greg): “Okay, this is it…”

    Recently spoke with Darcy & Glaucco @ Hard Rock Live regarding shows and possible future shows.  Discussion of the 7-9 shows we had in the past year(s).  The attendance and the money-loss is something we are not too ‘proud’ of (mainly due to weeknight events/not all members supporting unknown traveling-through musicians).  Discussion of what their venue is looking for (i.e. a musical atmosphere for dining/bar patrons to enjoy while at the Hard Rock Café OR a huge monetary profit from the door sales) was had.  The discussion of other ‘competing’ music businesses/venues was had, which is providing a musical home for many touring bands.  (The venue did take Greg’s suggestion of creating food/drink menus which relate to the theme of the band(s) playing at The Joint, which seem to be popular with tourists/music fans prior and after listening to the music next door.)


    Vice President’s Report (John):

    The lotteries for the complementary/raffled tickets for the Mandalay Bay Beach concerts and the Widespread Panic shows are now over.  The next ‘registration’ will be for UB40. Check Wild Apricot emails for more information.


    It is important that all ‘winners’ know to NOT question any employees at the ticket windows, in regards to their names on the list/alternate winners, etc.  They have NO knowledge of these lottos and it gets too confusing.  Please contact JT or Greg if concerns/questions are had with the registered raffles.


    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

    Thanks to those who covered for the June’s meeting/minute help.


    Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

    The 2016 ‘Membership Cards’ are almost all handed out.  As of now, Tenaya Creek Brewery, is giving 10% off when it’s shown.  A future listing of other businesses/deals will be on our website once known.


    Question regarding the money handling for the event and when to handle business with Andrew at the Hard Rock Café was had.  Andrew will touch base with us after the weekend and only Officers will handle any monies.


    Mayor’s Report (Justin): ~absent~

    ….reported via text by Jessica….

    COLOR:  Mango Tango Orange


    Committee Reports:

    Fundraising Committee(Kathy): 

    The after-party tables for the Boombox and ALO (night one) will be set up by Paige and Kathy.  Jessica will relieve and ‘break’ the volunteers, as needed.



    *Tim Reynolds & TR3 are looking to play Vegas on Friday, November 4th.  Members seem positive with this booking, so we will move forward.  More info TBD.

    *Mike Mangan’s Big Organ Trio has contacted us again and wants to enjoy an LVJBS atmosphere once again, this time with his drummer now living nearby!  Thinking a connection with the Tecopa Takeover crew may be a good idea.  More details TBD.

    *John Kadlecik Band (JKB) has no more updates on their interest in playing Las Vegas.  More details TBD.

    *Paul Citone contacted us in regards to his friend, PETE PIGEON (from Denver) having a CD release party and his band may come through town to share it.  More details TBD.

    *The Jeff Austin Band contacted us with some August dates.  Due to the past lack of attendance at the late summer shows, we are passing this time around.



    UPCOMING LATE NIGHTS--starting after 11:30pm:

    *Boombox, Friday, July 8th @ Vinyl

    *ALO two-nights, Saturday and Sunday, July 9 & 10 @ Vinyl


    *Toad the Wet Sprocket & Rusted Root, Monday, July 11th @ The Brooklyn Bowl

    *Moksha with The Lique, Thursday, July 21st @ Vinyl.

    *Delta Nove, Thursday, July 21st @ Top Golf (details TBA).

    *Icycle Tricycles (Grateful Dead covers), Thursday, July 28th @ Saddle & Spurs

    *UB40, Saturday, July 30th @ Mandalay Bay Beach

    *Claypool/Lennon Delirium, Sunday, July 31st @ The Brooklyn Bowl

    *Rebelution, JBoog, & Stick Figure, Thursday, August 18th @ Mandalay Bay Beach

    *Michael Franti & Spearhead, Friday, August 26th @ The Brooklyn Bowl

    Friends & Family Event:

    JULY’S….we are looking for any LVJBS members or friends, with CHILDREN, to pick the date, organize and plan/advertise the July event at KISS MINI-GOLF (at the Rio).  Nevada locals are only $9.95/round of 18 holes and there is NO fee to enter and follow the golfers. (Also, check Groupon for deals!).

    **Anyone who can help out, please select the date/time, getting the information to our VP, John Tolson, so the LVJBS can assist with its advertising, as well. 


    AUGUST’S…..held right after our August Members’ Meeting (see below for details)

    Monday, AUGUST 15th:  51s Baseball game night vs. the New Orleans Zephyrs.  We will be seated in the PARTY ZONE, with the Monday-night $1 snack-size snacks.  The pricing is $17.50/person.  Be on the ‘lookout’ for more details and information!  Tell your ‘friends & family’ to “MARK THEIR CALENDARS”!!!  J


    SEPTEMBER’S/OCTOBER’S event will be the Canoe adventure at Willow Beach (discussed at the June meeting), Sept. 30-Oct. 2.  Permits and reservations are needed, so contact Kathy G. (702)336-5637 with further questions.


    NOVEMBER’S event is the TECOPA TAKEOVER on Veteran’s Day weekend: 

    November 11-13.  Information on camping/lodging is on our Wild Apricot page or by contacting Mr. or Mrs. Bichsel.



    Next Meeting: 

    **MONDAY, August 15th, PRIOR to the 51s Baseball ‘Friends & Family Night’ game.  The meeting will start at 6:15pm, prior to the 7:05pm game start. We will meet in the grassy area, near the lower parking lot.


    Meeting Adjourned: 8:58PM

  • July 05, 2016 9:47 AM | Jessica L Grant

    Join us TONIGHT for July's LVJBS Members' Meeting....7:30PM.....

    @ Rocky's Bar & Grill.... 8540 Maryland Pkwy (@ Wigwam)

    All are welcome!   :) 

  • June 08, 2016 7:50 PM | John Tolson (Administrator)
    LVJBS June Meeting Minutes

    June 7, 2016
    Start time 7:41pm
    (at Tenaya Creek Brewery)

    Greg Serensits President’s Report

    Jam at the Barn was fun and amazing with several bands and the temperature was a few degrees cooler in the mountains.

    We are excited about the Widespread Panic after parties, July 8, 9 and 10
    (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

    Boombox for Friday night and ALO on Saturday and Sunday.

    Dead Winter Carpenters is still looking for a Friday, June 24 venue or pool party location possibility. Anyone that wants to host a house party should contact Greg Serensits.

    The recently opened Top Golf's new 750 person venue located on Koval and Harmen is having The Machine, a Pink Floyd cover band on Friday, June 10, we should be getting free tickets  to lottery off by Friday. Check for an e-mail for more details.

    Johnnie Tolson VP Report

    Icicle Tricycle, was at the Rib Fest held at the Silverton Casino Saturday, and they are a local Grateful Dead cover band which was excellent. They are playing at Saddles and Spurs on June 16 if you want to check them out. Maybe we can get them to play at one of our future events.

    We are receiving 6 tickets each to four Mandalay Bay Beach summer series shows as follows:

    Slightly Stupid, July 1
    311, July 2 and 3rd
    UB 40, July 30
    Revolution, August 18

    John Tolson will be scheduling lotteries for the 6 tickets so watch for the emails.

    Megan Bichsel also has info about free entrance and drink tickets for Mandalay Bay Beach shows so watch for more details.

    Upcoming Events

    Preservation Hall is on Thursday, June 9 at the Brooklyn Bowl in LV on Thursday, June 9th.

    Catfish John is playing on Saturday, June 11th at the Sand Dollar

    Jessica Grant Secretary's Report

    No report because Jessica was out of town!

    Paige Tolson Treasurer's Report

    Get your membership cards NOW! Contact Paige Tolson to arrange to pick yours up.

    We received $36.28 from Amazon Smile. When you shop on Amazon sign up for  Amazon Smile and select our nonprofit, the Jam Band Society of America and we will receive a donation.

    Justin Gorgun Mayor’s Report

    This month’s color is Golden Blonde (submitted by Greg in Justin's absence)

    Committee Heads Reports

    Kathy Gutzat Fundraiser Report

    LVJBS will be hosting 3 late night shows after Widespread Panic shows at the Hard Rock Joint in the Vinyl Room.

    Friday night will be Boombox and Saturday and Sunday will be ALO.

    The LVJBS will have a membership and accessories sales table at the Friday and Saturday late night shows.

    Johnnie Tolson will send an email  to the LVJBS group for volunteers for the second set of each show which comes with free admission.

    Kathy will set up the Jam Band table for Friday for the Boombox late night show for the first set. We will need one (1) volunteers to work the first set with her. We will need two (2) volunteers to work the second set on Friday.

    Fred and Kathy will set up for the Saturday ALO late night show and we will need two (2) volunteers for the second set.

    There will be NO Jam band table on Sunday.

    To raise money for LVJBS there will be raffles at the Jam Band table. Some ideas were a Boombox and ALO signed posters and/or photos, or a signed drum heads.

    Production Report

    JKB -John Kadlecik Band is looking for a possibility to book or looking for possible venues to play at here in Vegas.

    Rail Splitters inquired about a June 15 show, this band is from Boulder and is blowing up in that area, but  there is little interest here in town and a Wednesday show. Check them out for a possible show in the future.

    Open floor

    September/October Friends and Family Event

    A canoe trip on September 30 through October 2 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
    will be hosted by Kathy and Fred Gutzat & Kristen and Craig Harper.

    Contact Desert Adventures at 702–293–5026 to reserve your $22 permit to travel below the Dam and to answer any additional questions. You must have this permit to participate in this event if you are canoeing or kayaking below the Dam.Call ASAP to get your permit, they limit the amount per day and they will sell out quickly. They also will do Canoe rentals, $55 per day for the first day, $15 per person per
    day for each additional day; Canoe rentals do include round trip shuttle from Willow Beach.

    Johnnie Tolson will be sending out an email with more details or call Kathy Gutzat, 702–336–5637 to ask any further questions.

    Tecopa Takeover 4

    Will be on November 11, 2016, Veterans Day weekend and will be hosted by Megan and Dave Bichsel.

    We are looking for volunteers to help with this event.

    Greg Serensits has volunteered to run the horseshoe tournament. Dan Rutgotke has volunteered to run sound.

    Friends and Family

    June Friends and Family is cancelled due to the high temperatures.

    July Friends and Family, we are looking for volunteers with children to host this event. A suggestion was a Kiss Mini Golf outing.

    Next meeting will be on July 5 at

    Rocky’s Bar and Grill
    8540 S Maryland Pkwy,
    Las Vegas, NV ∙
    (702) 4341456
    Adjourned 8:45 PM

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