February 07, 2023 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

FEBRUARY 2023 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: February 7, 2023 

Meeting Start: 7:25 PM

Location: Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Attendees:  Paige T., Jessica G., Greg S., Shannon S., Dan R., Jeffrey T.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie (absent)—provided notes via Greg):

“Uh…You’re waiting for us!?”

 A. Lotteries from AEG ticketing:

  • Clarifications:  When ‘paid couples’ register, both people are eligible. Posts are on either Facebook, IG, or Twitter. (AEG has asked for ‘screenshots’ of those shared posts, so we need to ensure ‘all requested tasks (i.e. tag 4 non-members) is done correctly.
  • Current winners:
  • 3/4: Indigo/Cody
  • 3/5: Erin, Shelly, Lisa, Deborah
  • 3/6: Register 2/13-2/17 with ‘Winners” announced on 2/19.

  • B. SaddlesNSpurs is continuing with our assistance in their 2nd Sunday (7 PM- 11 PM) jams.  Taylor Wachman was covering the past year’s events & has confirmed to play the upcoming 3/12 event with RED EYE GIN BAND. 
  • C. The Howie Green Memorabilia collection is ready to begin the ‘auction-type’ distribution.  We will be working on the organization of the collection this month.

  • We are looking into finding a location with a large enough area to display the items and hoping to make it a music-filled afternoon where music fans can take a look at the displayed items and make purchases.  Last month, we discussed the possible date of Sunday, March 12th & the possible location of JamminOn TieDyes which has large table space and a music area.  We decided to contact Jeremy Strebel of JamminON for a possible 2 PM-6 PM event to not conflict with the SaddlesNSpurs, 7 PM RedEyeGin Band event.

Item 2: Vice President’s Report/PRODUCTION Report (Greg):

  • A. The Shaky Feelin’ event in January was a great event.  We were diligent in the ‘flood’ of advertising with reminders and event shares. 
  • B. For the upcoming ‘Legends Reunion’ event with CUBENSIS & PITCHFORK, we need to continue that diligent share process and ensure we are sending the info to those who ‘used to’ attend Legends Lounge events so they can plan ahead and attend.

  • --We will need a small stage set-up for the outside stage that PITCHFORK will be jamming on.  Greg to inquire with BenJammin or Michael Andrieu.  (In case of inclement weather, we would have the Pitchfork members on ground level in front of the Cubensis set up.)
  • --Thoughts of having a HIDEAWAY beautification committee prior to the event is needed.  Random landscaping pruning, adding some banners/tie-dyes, artificial plants/shrubs, etc. would help the area.  Greg has some photos and ideas to help get that team started.
  • C. Made contact ANDREW CORTNEY (former Vinyl/Hard Rock Hotel production manager).  We will see if ShakyFeelin’ is available for a possible late-night Widespread Panic event at the Oxford24 (former Vinyl) venue.  He is also working with TheSpaceLV and is open to a future LVJBS collaboration.  (Thoughts on having SPAFFORD come back to town.  More info TBD.)
  • D. We will ask JT to make contact with The Brooklyn Bowl again for updates on the comp-tix in exchange for advertising help. 

Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

  • A. The ‘Peter Porter Scholarship’ through the PEF (Public Education Fund), which we have provided 4 $500 quarterly scholarships to freshman college students who are studying music has 13 qualified applicants of the 15 submissions.   
  • 4 of the applicants will be chosen by a group of LVJBS Officers/Members on 2/26 @ 2PM, while they work on the Howie Green memorabilia organization at the Tolson’s home.  This team of evaluators will read through the applicant’s submissions and choose who they think are the most qualified.
  • B. AmazonSmile has announced the ending of their non-profits’ assistance program. Thanks to those who participated in earning extra funds for the LVJBS.  We still have the Smiths Grocery Stores’ bonuses (last quarter was $42/07 profit.) 
  • C. Louis, from Sunset Park, confirmed our springtime planting of the ‘LVJBS Memorial Tree’.  We will pick a date in March to get taken around with the Park Ranger to choose the location/area that we would like our tree planted.
  • D. The discussed volunteer program, from ‘Best-Crowd-Management’, needs us to have a 10 person minimum team to complete the needed forms for their required background checks.  We currently have 5 signed up. The ‘salary’ of these volunteers would be donated back to the LVJBS as a fundraiser.  Please contact Paige Tolson for more info: herespaige@hotmail.com

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

  • Thanks to those who helped at our recent ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY WINTER-CLEAN-UP:  Paige T., JT, Jessica G., Shannon S., & Jay E.
  • Working on having the student who ‘won’ the Electric guitar from the school’s fundraiser make a video clip of his progress for us to enjoy.  He says he is truly enjoying it and improving each day.


  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shannon):
  • A.        Color:  Fuchsia
  • B.        Will be researching the prices for the Howie-Memorabilia Sticker on VistaPrints.

Open Floor:

  • ·         None



*Feb. 10th & 11th –The Black Crowes @ The Pearl

*Feb. 11th—Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ Container Park

*Feb. 11th—The Moanin’ Blacksnakes @ SandDollar LV

*Feb. 16th—BallyHoo @ SandDollar Plaza

*Feb. 17th—Flock of Seagulls & Strangelove @ House of Blues

*Feb. 23rd—Joe Marcinek w/ GrooveSession’s Ronnie & Many @ SandDollar LV

*Feb. 24th—Jack Johnson @ The Wynn

*Feb. 24th—Big Gigantic @ Area 15

*Feb. 25th—Umphrey’s McGee @ BBLV

*Feb. 26th—Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ Mtn. Springs Saloon

*Mar. 3rd-5th—Widespread Panic @ Virgin Theater

*Mar. 4th—Jim Irsay Exhibit @ Downtown LV Events Center

*Mar. 4th- The Flaming Lips @ BBLV

*Mar. 4th—The Ma’am Jam @ SandDollar LV

*Mar. 12th—RedEyeGin Band @ SaddlesNSpurs

*Mar. 12th—Janes Addiction @ The Chelsea

*Mar. 15th—Bonnie Raitt @ Venetian Theater

*Mar. 16th-18th—Ween @ BBLV

*Mar. 18th—Stevie Nicks @ T*Mobile Area

*Mar. 24-25th—John Melancamp @ Wynn Encore

*Mar. 25th--  Legends Lounge 'Grateful Family Picnic' @ The HideAway

*Mar. 30th—Depeche Mode @ T*Mobile Arena

Meeting adjourned:   8:45 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 7th @ 7 PM

Location: Rocky’s Bar & Grill

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