MAY Members' Meeting Minutes

May 02, 2023 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

MAY 2023 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: May 2, 2023 

Meeting Start: 7:05 PM

Location: Crown & Anchor

Attendees:  Our Officers: Johnnie T., Paige T., Jessica G., Shannon S., & Greg S.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie): “Let’s get started—Thanks for showing up!”

A. Thanks to Jessica for getting our monthly meeting minutes posted promptly each month.

B. Recent thoughts have been to ‘how to raise funds without having an event’?  Prior to the pandemic & recent inflation, it was easier to have events with cover charges.  We have been looking into finding Corporate Sponsors who like supporting local non-profits for their tax purposes so have been drafting a brochure that will easily be distributed to find these supporters.  Draft is now being edited.

C. Recently, JT was on the KUNV 91.5 FM station during their monthly ‘National Non-Profit Fundraising Day’ radio show where non-profits get to share information about themselves and get matched donations ‘if’ listeners want to support their cause.  We mentioned our support for George Lyons’ radio show and George’s LVJBS connection.  Ashton Ridley, from KUNV, has emailed back and wants to reconnect in the fall.

D. Made connection with Jeremy @ JamminOn to work on a future collaboration by having a local band or two play for a donation/door cover charge to help raise some funds, while supporting his great store.  (We have been approved for the future ‘Howie Green’s Music Collection Silent Auction’ event.  More details/date TBD.)

E. Recently joined the Las Vegas Live Music Facebook page and introduced self & the LVJBS.  There has been a lot of comments and positive feedback.  This will be a good place to find venue information and share local live music events.  

F. All At Odds (local live music/digital creator) reached out for a future collaboration.  (Recent show at SoulBelly BBQ)

G. Was contacted by Room6Radio, a podcast, asking about local live music venues in Las Vegas.

H. Last month’s minutes mentioned SaddlesNSpurs wanting to change our 2nd Sunday supported event to a Tuesday event.  SnS’s owner had made the date change request mistake.  It wasn’t meant to be a change of day—2nd Sundays work!  (We are going to get some of our interested bands in contact with SnS for the fall.)

Item 2: Vice President’s Report/PRODUCTION Report (Greg):

A. Greg to make a Facebook “Virtual Tip Jar” request to help with lost funds from the recent LVJBS Legends Reunion event—There is a current website link.

B. Made contact with Jimmy Duke, who is looking into a future lighting gig for ‘Brit Floyd’ (tribute band).

C. Greg and JC plan to meet up with Andrew Cortney (Oxford24 venue at Virgin, The SpaceLV, & Craig Ranch Amphitheater) to discuss a fall event.

D. Looking into hosting a late summer/early fall GOLF TOURNMENT at Angel Park where we can have local businesses sponsor each hole.  We would have advertisements (signs/info) at each hole.  Also, each sign up player will get a percentage/donation of the sign-up fee returned to the LVJBS to help raise funds.

Item 3:  Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

  • ·         A. The PEF Scholarship (Public Education Foundation) let us know that during the summer, we will receive a copy of their scholarship book with the listed recipients. The LVJBS will be recognized as a donor.  (Jessica to send a ‘thank you card’ to Tecopa Productions for their help in sponsorship once that makes it our way.)

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

  • ·         A. The next planned ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY event will be on SUNDAY, MAY 7th @ 9 AM.  Details on our Facebook page.

  • ·         B. The LVJBS Memorial Tree ‘dedication’ ceremony/drum circle will be on SUNDAY, MAY 7th @ 4:20 PM (until sunset—approx. 7:10 PM) at Sunset Park.  Details on our Facebook page.
  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shannon):
  • ·         A. Made contact with Derrick (agent) & Brian of Hot Buttered Rum regarding their recent plan to get to Vegas.  The date they mentioned was ‘too soon’ (5/22) with not enough time to advertises or find a location.  They also mentioned 12/22, which may be too close to the Holidays.  We will work with them to secure a future, better date soon!
  • ·         B. 3-Degree Guarantee which works with local non-profits to raise money when the weather forecast is out of the 3-degree forecasted range.  Shannon to contact News3 with the needed paperwork/LVJBS info to get this started.
  • ·         C. Keychain pics and cards plan to be given out at the updated Catfish John show.  (Lots of recent gigs have had our info shared/given out.)
  • ·         D.   We want to send our love and support to one of our members, Jared E., on a recent medical challenge and wish him luck & support.
  • ·         C.  COLOR:  Coral

Item 6: Production Report (Greg):

  • ·         A. MARCUS REZAK (who played the ‘Jerry’ part at our recent Reunion event) wanted to come back with one (or two) of his other bands (Shred is Dead or Gumbo (Phish tribute), Guitar Headband, or a Zappa Experience). 
  • -Jessica made contact with him to look into their cost requirements/requests:  Hospitality (bar/food), Travel, Room needs, etc.  (They are looking into a late summer, early fall/Holiday release album release party.)  His Agent, Matt, sent email with pricing. 
  • -Greg to contact back with our concerns (finding venues that allow us to charge cover charges & giving us a better ‘ballpark’ number of costs) so we can look into a possible future collaboration.  More info TBD.

Item 7: Open Floor (all):

*(Jessica) A lot of LVJBS cards/keychains were given out at the recent Ventura ‘Skull & Roses’ event.

*(Jessica) The LVJBS July meeting will be the second-Tuesday (July 11th) due to Independence Day.



*May 5th—The Unwieldies @ Boulder City Brewery

*May 5th—Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ Gold Mine Tavern

*May 5th—Catfish John @ SandDollar LV

*May 5th & 6th—Kool & The Gang @ Westgate (Residency)

*May 5th & 6th—The B-52s @ The Venetian (Residency)

*May 6th—Reggae in the Desert @ Clark County Gov’t Amphitheater

*May 6th—Pitchfork @ SoulBelly BBQ

*May 10th-- The B-52s @ The Venetian (Residency)

*May 12th & 13th-- The B-52s @ The Venetian (Residency)

*May 12th & 13th—The Pixies @ The Wynn

*May 13th—Jazz in the Park @ Clark County Gov’t Amphitheater

*May 14th—Mr. Bungle & The Melvins @ House of Blues

*May 17th—Jimmy Carpenter @ The Gambit

*May 20th—HomeCookin’ @ Backstage Bar

*May 24th—Billy Strings @ BBLV

*May 26th—Caamp @ BBLV

*May 27th—Ringo Starr @ Venetian Theater

*June 2nd & 3rd —Seal @ Venetian Theater

*June 3rd-10th—James Taylor @ The Chelsea (Residency)

*June 8th—Stick Figure & Pepper @ Virgin Theater

*June 14th—Robert Plant & Allison Krause @ The Pearl

*June 17th—Matisyasu & The Wailers--Radiance Wellness & Music Festival @ Area 15

*June 18th—Catfish John for Kids @ BBLV

*June 21st—Mike Love & The Full Circle @ Backstage Bar & Billiards

*June 23rd & 24th—Peace Frog (The Doors tribute) @ The Cannery NLV

*June 24th—Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ SaddlesNSpurs

*June 30th & July 1st—STS9 @ Area 15

Meeting adjourned:   8:15 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, June 6th @ 7 PM

Location: Crown & Anchor

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