OCTOBER Members' Meeting Minutes

October 04, 2022 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

OCTOBER 2022 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: October 4, 2022 

Meeting Start: 7:00 PM

Location: Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Attendees:  Johnnie T., Paige T., Jessica G., Adam P., Dan R.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):

“Well, let’s get started!”

  • ·         Thank you again to our Volunteers & our Officers, for their service so far this year!  J  2023 Officers Nominations will be going out this month with November being the ‘acceptance/denial’ of those Nominations, & December being the Elections for the upcoming year’s offices:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, & Mayor.  Be on the lookout for an email to NOMINATE! 

  • ·         The TECOPA TAKEOVER will be on Friday 11/11 through Sunday, 11/13.  This event will be $100 for the weekend’s events. 

  • ·         LVJBS HOLIDAZE PARTY:  We are still trying to lock down a venue, a band, & the date.
  • THE SPACE—Spoke with Mark. 
  • *Sat., Dec. 17th   OR Sun., Dec. 11th:  5 hours, up to two bands, no video ($1500 with the ‘door money’ to the bar, then an 80-LVJBS/20-bar split after that.  (Tix would be 75 sold at $20/ea.) OR $3000 and all the door goes to LVJBS.)
  • *No response from Square Bar or Diversified Amusement.
  • *Sat., Dec. 10th (2PM-6PM can have ‘our music’ and then, the stage is theirs) We will look into the ability to have LVJBS Holiday foods provided OR what SnS will allow.
  • Meeting members prefer the SnS event due to the ‘free’ show and no cost to use venue.
  • GARAGE MAHAL awaiting response for date and use.
  • ·         Picking up the plethora of albums, CD’s, posters, music equipment, & memorabilia from Howie Green’s home on Thursday, 10/6.  Paige & JT will organize & catalog in into possible raffles/silent auctions, etc. to help raise funds for our Scholarship fund.  More details TBA.

  • ·         Scott Conte’s donated beginner’s Electric guitar will be autographed by Scott  Rhiner (The Moanin’ Blacksnakes) and given to a school/student in need.  Jessica to speak with her school’s band to see if they have a use for it OR possibly would want to hold a school wide raffle for the chance to ‘win’ the Guitar and starter-materials.  More info TBA.

Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam):

  • ·         ShakyFeelin’ was a great time! 
  • ·         Reminder of the upcoming ‘Nirvana’ tribute band (Smells Like Nirvana) that will be at The SpaceLV on Oct. 16th ($20 in case anyone’s interested.  They are great!)

Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

  • ·         A. We provided the $1k to the Tecopa Takeover event, the needed $500 to ShakyFeelin’, & sent the check to the Parks & Rec for the Memorial tree:

B.  Discussed the recent updates/research on the discussed ‘Las Vegas Jam Band Society Memorial Tree’ $500 to designate & plant our own ‘tree’ at a Las Vegas park of our choice.  The tree will have a provided name plate/plaque & we will aim for a quarterly ‘Drum Circle’ at the tree to help maintain it, as needed:

Las Vegas Jam Band Society’s Memorial Tree

In Honor of our Family & Friends

  • ·         C.  We will be providing a $250 VISA Gift Card or Delta Airline Gift Card to our former LVJBS Officer, Dan. R., in memory of his late wife, Donna.
  • ·         D.     PAY YOUR DUES!  J

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

  • ·         A. Thanks to those volunteers that helped with our last LVJBS ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY on SUNDAY, 9/11.


  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Greg via text):

A.    Color:  GOLD


Item 6: Production Report (Greg via text):

·         A. Reached out to ANGEL PARK regarding the previously mentioned LVJBS Golf outing on either 11/5 or 11/6, with possible music afterwards.

·         B.  Was contacted by CUBENSIS regarding the previously discussed Legends Lounge/Grateful Family Reunion.  (We think the spring event would be best, yet Cubensis is looking for a November date due to an AZ date of 11/5 falling through: The SandDollar is booked—They shared offers plus lodging/meals.)  Discussed the concerns or the possible Angel Park Golf Outing being on 11/5 daytime & the ‘Grateful Dead Meet-up at the Movies’ being on 11/5 afternoon and the busy Tecopa happening directly after.  (Meeting members are aiming for the original spring-MARCH date instead.)


Open Floor:

  • ·         Please remember the VARIETY-SHOW-type-SIDE-STAGE event (at Tecopa) where it would be an interactive, fun display of talents (e.g. jugglers, comedians, dancers, etc.)  & please continue to spread the word of that fun, connecting Jfree with those interested artists.  
  • ·         Dan R. & Jessica G. discussed the recently edited Bylaws & are interested in being nominated for the LVJBS SHAMEN for 2023.  More details and info at the November meeting.  ;)
  • ·         GRATEFUL DEAD ‘MEET-UP AT THE MOVIES’ will be showing the DENMARK, 4/17/72 show.  This event will be at three local cinemas on TUESDAY, Nov. 1st, 7/7:30 PM evening shows OR SATURDAY, Nov. 5th, 3 PM. Matinee show.
  • (Century SouthPoint @ 7:30 PM, Regal Village Square @ 7 PM, or Century Santa Fe @ 7:30 PM). 
  • LVJBS will be making an event for the REGAL VILLAGE SQUARE, 7 PM, Tuesday, 11/1 &/OR the 3 PM show on Saturday, 11/5.  More details to be posted to our website/Facebook page soon! 


*Oct. 6th--The Soul Juice Band @ SantaFe Station

*Oct. 7th—Eddie Vedder & the Crusaders @ Park MGM

*Oct. 7th—The Soul Juice Band @ Sunset Station

*Oct. 7th-9th—Reggae Rise Up @ Downtown LV

*Oct. 8th—BrownChickenBrownCow @ The Backyard Bar

*Oct. 10th—GWAR @ BBLV

*Oct. 12th—The Movement @ Virgin Lawn

*Oct. 14th & 15th—The Storytellers @ Gilley’s

*Oct. 16th—The StoryTellers @ Pioneer Saloon

*Oct. 16th—Smells Like Nirvana @ The Space

*Oct. 15th—The Soul Juice Band @ Santa Fe Station

*Oct. 15th—Bonobo @ Area 15

*Oct. 20th—The Soul Juice Band @ Santa Fe Station

*Oct. 22nd—BrownChickenBrownCow @ Gold Mine Tavern

*Oct. 28th—The Soul Juice Band @ Sunset Station

*Oct. 28th—FOALS @ BBLV

*Oct. 28th & Oct. 29th—Bob Weir & The Wolf Bros. @ Virgin Theater

*Oct. 29th-- Mike Campbell & the Dirty Knobs @ House of Blues

*Oct. 30 & 31st—Duran Duran @ The Wynn

*Nov. 12th—AwolNation @ BBLV

*Nov. 20th—Big Head Todd & The Monsters @ BBLV


Meeting adjourned:  7:42 PM

Next Meeting:  (3rd) Tuesday, November 8th @ 7 PM (due to the GD Movie Meet-up)

Location:  595 Craft & Kitchen  (4950 S. Rainbow @ Tropicana)

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