January 10, 2023 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

JANUARY 2023 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: January 10, 2023 

Meeting Start: 7:04 PM

Location: Sporting Life Bar (W. Sahara)

Attendees:  Johnnie T., Jessica G., Greg S., Shannon S.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):

  • ·         Welcome to the newly 2023 elected OFFICERS: 
  • President:  John Tolson  Vice President:  Greg Serensits  Treasurer:  Paige Tolson  Secretary:  Jessica Grant  Mayor:  Shannon Stark

  • *All Officers will have Admin. access to the WildApricot site for ease of communication.
  • ·         Heard back from AEG ticketing in regards to complimentary tickets in exchange for advertising the WIDESPREAD PANIC shows.  We will receive 2 tickets for Friday, 4 tickets for Saturday, & 4 tickets for Sunday.  These will be offered to the paid 2023 LVJBS members.  More registration details TBA.
  • ·         We are ready to begin the application for our ‘Peter Porter Scholarship’ through the PEF (Public Education Fund), which will provided 4 $500 quarterly scholarships to freshman college students who are studying music.  The last entry date for Quarter 1 is Jan. 31st
  • ·         SaddlesNSpurs is still asking for our assistance in the 2nd Sunday (7 PM- 11 PM) jams.  Previously, Taylor Wachman was covering the past year’s events.  Owner, Bobby K., has asked for the LVJBS’s help for events beginning February.  JT to contact Taylor and Don Peat to see if there is further interest.  More details TBD.
  • ·         The Howie Green Memorabilia collection is ready to begin the ‘auction-type’ distribution.  We are looking into finding a location with a large enough area to display the items and hoping to make it a music-filled afternoon where music fans can take a look at the displayed items and make purchases.  Discussed the possible date of Sunday, March 12th & the possible location of JamminOn TieDyes which has large table space and a music area.  (*JT to contact Jeremy Strebel of JamminON & Shannon to look into a sticker/label with Howie’s face on it for labeling the items in Howie’s honor.)
  • ·         The Legends Reunion event (March 25th) promo-ad is now up:  CUBENSIS & PITCHFORK.  We will be providing a Tip-Jar for additional band funds and a ‘donation jar’ for the LVJBS to help with additional expenses. We will be fixing up the non-repairable BASS guitar to have signed by CUBENSIS as a raffle for the event.  More details TBA.
  • ·         The SHAKY FEELIN’ ad for the January 28th event has been being advertised.

Item 2: Vice President’s Report/PRODUCTION Report (Greg):

  • ·         The Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas hasn’t been much of a ‘competition’ for ‘our’ kinds of music, so now, we need to be looking for additional venues which will allow us to ‘charge’ a cover charge OR allows us to takes ‘donations; to see music unless the attendee is there to ‘gamble’.
  • ·         We’ll keep directing options to the SandDollar LV and SandDollar Plaza & aiming towards our 1x/month LVJBS presents-events.
  • ·         SkipDog had met a band from Harrisburg, PA, when He was recently in PA:
  • COLD SPRING UNION will be directed to the SandDollar for a possible future event.
  • ·         We will be contacting ANDREW CORTNEY (former Vinyl/Hard Rock Hotel production manager to see if we can join up for his new venue(s).)


Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige via JT)

  • ·         A. HOLIDAZE Party-update:  61 food tickets were given out (58 plus Staff were served).  50 Gift bags provided.  54 of the 80 RSVPs were checked-in & 10 non-registered attendees. (Approx. 65 total were served food.)
  • ·         B. AMAZONSMILE for 3rd Quarter raised $28.01. (Greg to research other-like give-backs, while making a post for Smiths Grocery, Amazonsmile, etc. which Officers can help share to their personal pages for more sign-ups.  JT mentioned the new PERKS-WORKS program that his job uses for percentages off and donations give-backs.  More details TBA.)
  • ·         C. $50 was paid to Mikey Chase’s GO FUND ME.
  • ·         D.  The old 2017 LVJBS Calendar was dispersed for those to enjoy in 2023.
  • ·         E. Louis, from Sunset Park, confirmed our springtime planting of the ‘LVJBS Memorial Tree’
  • ·         F The discussed volunteer program, from ‘Best-Crowd-Management’, needs us to have a 10 person minimum team to complete the needed forms for their required background checks.  We currently have 5 signed up. The ‘salary’ of these volunteers would be donated back to the LVJBS as a fundraiser.  Please contact Paige Tolson for more info: herespaige@hotmail.com
  • ·         A FUNDRAISING suggestion sent our way from WOW Carwash.  We can choose one of their six locations while we gather and advertise with signs/arrows for passersby to stop & drive through their wash.  We would get a percentage/match of their day’s earnings. Group suggests waiting until the spring when weather is warmer.  More details for a spring event is TBD.

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

  • ·         Thanks to everyone’s hard work for the successful HOLIDAZE Party last month.
  • ·         The autographed, donated electric guitar raised $319 for Keller Middle School’s Band Department and made an 8th grader extremely happy! 
  • ·         The next ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY for the WINTER-CLEAN-UP will be on SATURDAY, JANUARY 28th @ 9 AM.  More details TBA.
  • ·         Officers will be ordering new LVJBS business cards for the 2023 year.


  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shannon):
  • A.        Color:  Indigo
  • B.        Future Mayoral ‘SHANNONAGAINS’ will be discussed.

Open Floor:

  • ·         None



*Jan. 13th—DollyDisco @ House of Blues

*Jan. 13th—DonzosCosmos @ Tenaya Brewery Co.

*Jan. 14th –George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ The Westgate

*Jan. 14th—Collective Soul @ The Pearl

*Jan. 16th—SwayzeCrayze Jam @ SandDollar LV

*Jan. 20th—Delilah’s Dead @ GoldMine Tavern

*Jan. 20th—The Shmarties @ LevelUp in MGM

*Jan. 21st—The Shmarties @ Rocks Lounge, RedRock Station

*Jan. 21st—The Unwieldies & Big Like Texas @ The Huntridge Tavern

*Jan. 21st—REO Speedwagon @ The Pearl

*Jan. 21—BrownChickenBrownCow @ Soulbelly BBQ

*Jan. 27 & 28—The Storytellers @ Gilley’s BBQ (Treasure Island)

*Jan. 28th—Shaky Feelin’ @ SandDollar LV

*Feb. 4th—Sara Patterson @ The Barn, Meadview, AZ

*Feb. 4th—Catfish John @ SandDollar LV

*Feb. 10th & 11th –The Black Crowes @ The Pearl

*Feb. 17th—Flock of Seagulls & Strangelove @ House of Blues

*Feb. 24th—Big Gigantic @ Area 15

*Feb. 25th—Umphrey’s McGee @ BBLV

*Feb. 26th—Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ Mtn. Springs Saloon

*Mar. 3rd-5th—Widespread Panic @ Virgin Theater

*Mar. 4th- The Flaming Lips @ BBLV

Meeting adjourned:   8:10 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 7th @ 7 PM

Location: Rocky’s Bar & Grill

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