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  • July 14, 2015 9:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    July 14, 2015

    Meeting Begins:  7:45PM

    President’s Report (Greg): “Everything’s going great—Let’s keep it how it’s going!”

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):  It’s been a great Summer.  Let’s keep it up.  The poster for the 15thAnniversary is in the making.  More details later.

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  This Summer has been good for marketing.  Many LVJBS info cards have been given out at the recent shows.  Check out via Facebook or web:  ‘Living with the Dead’, a Deadhead documentary, from someone met at Santa Clara, who showed interest in the LVJBS’ work and is creating a documentary: www.deadheadsdoc.com

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  The LVJBS has made some money, in return from the ‘AmazonSmiles’ purchases.  A small percentage of any ‘Amazon’ purchase, returns to LVJBS when you order from www.amazonsmiles.com  and enter the non-profit Jamband Society of America.  (It will save the information for the future orders, once found.)

    We now have a P.O. Box to help ‘centralize’ our paperwork/mail.

    One new member, Carron Haggerty, was met at High Sierra and has joined LVJBS for the remainder of 2015.  Welcome!  J 

    Mayor’s Report (Frobi (absent) via Jessica):

    COLOR:  Beautiful Psychedelic Rainbows


    Fundraising Committee (John & Kathy):  Pictures of the past LVJBS posters were selected and have been sent in for the 2016 Calendar.  They ‘should’ be ready at the same time as the ordered T-shirts.  A brochure with LVJBS and the newly added P.O. Box info will be available.  This will also be found on the ‘Wild Apricot’ site, via our ‘donations’ page.

    A ‘Jerry’ nice tapestry was shown. This Jerry-face, signed, on vinyl was created by an Artist friend of Ray Hansen’s.  The Fundraising Committee is thinking a $5 Raffle Ticket.  More info TBD.

    PR Committee (Jenny):  Focusing thoughts of duties and efforts, on more outside events (i.e. Tacopa Takeover), since most other events have been hosted by other promoters/other venues.


    LVJBS booked shows:

    None to report.  Working on the ‘Jerry-Grateful LVJBS 15th Anniversary’ event and deciding the music and location.


    No inquiries this past month, due to the busy Summer of music.

    Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:

    Easy Dub AllStars, Mon., July 27

    Ky-Mani Marley, Wed., July 29

    George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Aug. 28

    Lettuce, Sept. 23

    The Word, Oct. 6

    Dark Star Orchestra, Oct. 8

    Blues Traveler, Oct. 22

    Hard Rock (website supported) shows:

    G.Love & Special Sauce, Hotel Beach Party, July 23

    Other Events:

    Kyle Gass Band w/ Moksha, Jack & the B-Fish, & Irie: Friday, July 24 @ Backstage Bar & Billiards


    *The Wild Apricot events are now updated through October.  This will help stay organized for the comp’d tickets (10 of most shows) and help with the ‘alternate’ attendees for those who decline. 

    *The Monthly Meeting reminders will be accurate and consistent:  one week prior reminder and a one day prior reminder, was decided as best, now that the Yahoo! Group is closed. 

    *Contact Paige if there are any leads on where to order ‘tye-dye’ Lanyards (badge holders).  Thanks!

    *Greg shared the T-shirt samples/fabric samples.  Group asked for 2 style for woman (a ladies’ cut T-shirt and a razorback Tank top) and one for the Mens’, yet in two colors.  The Officers will finalize the order and create a pre-order at the upcoming Officers’ Meeting. 

    *TACOPA TAKEOVER 2.0—Megan shared the decided 2015 dates:  November 6-8, 2015.

    Thoughts:  An extended weekend date (Sunday for acoustic Sunday morning music), Solar Sound System (Mike Andrieu), Sound by Dan.  Jeffrey T. for community drums, Live Art, Silent auction with money back to the town and Tacopa’s chosen groups, a Residential Rate and Discount for residents, a silent disco (a possible ‘gofundme’ account for the $1000 purchase of headphones/system will begin), & more.  Thought bands:  Scott Pemberton, The Signals, Cubensis. 

    ….More details and the continued planning TBA….Contact Megan R. and/or come to the August meeting for planning help!

    *Thanks to those various homes/locations which hosted the ‘Fare Thee Well’ viewings, for July’s Friends & Family Event!  J  


    The LVJBS 15th Anniversary event (confirmed date TBD, either August 8th or August 9th)


    More details about a 51s Baseball game and confirmed date, TBD. 

    (Possibly Tuesday, Sept. 1st, in conjunction with LVJBS’ Members’ Meeting.)

    Officers’ Meeting:  Wednesday, July 15th @ Rocky’s

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 4th @ JALISCO’S CANTINA

    6450 S. Durango Dr.  (Off 215 and Sunset/Durango), 7:30PM

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:00PM

  • June 03, 2015 12:13 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)



    June 2, 2015

    Meeting Begins:  7:35pm

    President’s Report (Greg):  ‘Things are moving along as planned.”

    *We have been looking at the 15th Anniversary T-Shirt (logo/samples/colors), from my Roommate’s printing company.   Our submitted logo (guitar) was used, with some changes made (a western-themed one).  Officers to give their input and changes to color and the font can be made.  More info TBD.

    *The August ‘Friends & Family Event’ will be a 51s Baseball game.  Brochure with party-levels/zone pricing will be looked at and a decision on the price/area will soon be made.

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):   -nothing to report-

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  Thanks to the 5 Members (Kathy G., Ray H., Jonathan W., Basia Y., and Jessica G.) who donated their time on Saturday, May 23rd, to help collect 5 bags of trash near our ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ location, at Lake Mead.  Two fun-finds were kept for the LVJBS Archive:  a check, written to ‘Food Basket’, from a San Diego couple, in 1980 & a canister for NV Proposition 215.  (I will contact the couple at the address on the check, to see if they still reside there & to let them know of the odd find.)

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  Filed the needed form for tax purposes.  The baskets for the Brooklyn Bowl employees were purchased.  Jenny M & Paige will soon make a delivery. 

    Mayor’s Report (Eric ‘Frobi’): 

    COLOR:  (per daughter, Oceanna)   SPRING MINT-GREEN with a touch of BRIGHT YELLOW    (A music review of the recent Brooklyn Bowl shows was presented.)


    Fundraising Committee (John):  A brochure was created for LVJBS fundraising help.  This will be helpful when looking for donations.  Businesses will be able to see our ‘vision’ and contact info will easily be provided. 

    The Brooklyn Bowl has been keeping our music-tastes happy, yet, there is limited funds being made (only membership dues).  We will continue looking at various businesses that ‘give back’ to non-profits (i.e. Applebees, Chipolte).   A future event with Fremont Street’s SLOTZILLA (zip line), where 50% of the proceeds are returned to the group will be planned.  Any other ideas, are appreciated.  (Thoughts of a garage sale, by members, was discussed.)

    Archive Committee (Fred via Kathy):  Photos were taken on past LVJBS event-posters for a Members-Calendar.   (Will be available for purchase by non-members).  Thoughts were to add Birthdates of Members and Anniversary Dates to the calendar dates.  Other ideas?  Contact Fred:  grtflfred@aol.com


    *Andrew Courtney, formerly with the Hard Rock Live, is now at the Hard Rock Hotel, as their music director.  He will give us 20 comped-tickets for the Friday, June 26th, RUSTED ROOT/MOKSHA show, at the pool, in exchange for our Advertising help. 

    *KARIKATURA (jazz, funk, African, Latin-infused) was referred to us by AfroZep.  They are interested in playing Wed., July 15th.  Group suggests THE HIDEAWAY, with door donations.  More info TBA.

    *KYLE GASS BAND advertising help, was asked of us in exchange for tickets.  This event will take place at the Backstage Bar & Billiards, Friday, July 24th.  (They are looking for an opening act.) 

    *MELVIN SEALS & JGB will play Vinyl, at the Hard Rock Hotel, in August. 


    *Welcome, Jacob & Nava, from Oakland, CA.  They are promoting this weekend’s JAM AT THE BARN, in Blue Diamond.  It is the ‘JAM’s’ 9th year.  It began as informal jam sessions, and, after 4 years, bands started being booked.  SUNDAY, JUNE 7th, from 11am-Midnight.  This is a grass-roots, volunteers, donation event.  Please bring blankets, folding chairs, and coolers are welcome!   Various acts:  MOKSHA will end the event at 10pm, with VINNY GOLIA (woodwinds specialist), SK KAKRABA BAND (xylophonist), SZALT (contemporary dance company), and others.  Check out their Facebook page/event for more details.

    *Jeffrey Trower asked me (Jessica) to mention the possibility of having LVJBS support, for a future Drumming event, utilizing an out of town, African drumming team, live music, and it being a DRUMSTRONG (Cancer research) event.  Group says they will support this event when more details are brought our way! 

    *Kathy mentioned the FARE THEE WELL shows & the possibility of having a gathering to view the pay-per-view event.  The Chicago shows will be shown at the Brooklyn Bowl, on the big-screens, for $20.  The FUNKY METERS will be playing the late nights, after two of the shows.  More details on their website. 

    **UPCOMING BROOKLYN BOWL SHOWS WITH LVJBS ADVERTISING SUPPORT:--Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Orgone, John Butler Trio, Fishbone, Easy All-Stars, Earphunk

    JUNE’S LVJBS FRIENDS & FAMILY EVENT (Kathy):  This will be a Father’s Day event at COWABUNGA BAY WATER PARK.  Discussion of which party-rate to look into:  FATHER’S WITH A PAYING CHILD ARE FREE!  Sunday, June 21st.  GROUP RATES:  $28 per person, if 20+ people (or $37.95/each)  Child Price is $28.  CABANA RENTALS:  $169.99 (by the wave pool, for 8 people) or $220 (by quiet pool area, for 8 people).

    (Looking for someone to lead the JULY FRIENDS & FAMILY EVENT:  Anyone have a pool to use, or ideas?  Contact an Officer!)  J

    NEXT MEETING:  SECOND TUESDAY OF JULY DUE TO THE TRAVEL PLANS BY MANY:  Tuesday, July 14th @ 4-Play Tavern, on E. Sunset Rd., near McCleod.


  • May 28, 2015 7:40 PM | John Tolson (Administrator)


    "Monthly Member Meeting!" reminder




    Tuesday, 02 June 2015

    07:30 PM to 09:00 PM
    (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US Canada)


    The Hideaway (3369 Thom Blvd. on Rancho, 1 block North of Cheyenne—Make Rt. at the Mad Max Army Surplus Store for ease!)


    FYI - We are checking out the Northside and The Hideaway (3369 Thom Blvd. on Rancho, 1 block North of Cheyenne—Make Rt. at the Mad Max Army Surplus Store for ease!). Robert's Rule of Order will prevail, where one person speaks at a time. Motions are made on general topics and then quashed or get 2nd's. The meeting moves along pretty quickly and we're typically done by 8:45 pm Hope to see some new faces out there. We know you're out there...come on down and say HI. You'll probably make some new friends !! Hope to see ya there !! 4 the Music. The LVJBS


    lvjbs   Calendar

  • January 05, 2015 10:29 AM | John Tolson (Administrator)


    Hi all Happy New Year! I'll be out of town for the next 2 meetings but I'm all paid up- just pay paled for me & Stephen. Now, how do I get in for 2 tix for Cheese on Friday the 13th? Have tix for Sat & Sun already. Didn't know if I could make Friday but I'm making it happen! Basia

    On Tuesday, December 30, 2014 11:31 AM, "lvjbs@yahoogroups.com" <lvjbs@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

    "LVJBS Monthly Meeting" reminder
    Tuesday, 06 January 2015
    11:30 AM to 01:00 PM
    (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US Canada)
    4 Play (3088 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120)
    FYI - We are trying 4-Play on Sunset Road between McLeod and Pecos (3088 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120). Robert's Rule of Order will prevail, where one person speaks at a time. Motions are made on general topics and then quashed or get 2nd's. The meeting moves along pretty quickly and we're typically done by 8:45 pm Hope to see some new faces out there. We know you're out there...come on down and say HI. You'll probably make some new friends !!Hope to see ya there !!4 the Music. The LVJBS **Web Address: http://www.lvjbs.org **
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