July 14, 2015 9:00 PM | Jessica Grant


Members’ Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2015

Meeting Begins:  7:45PM

President’s Report (Greg): “Everything’s going great—Let’s keep it how it’s going!”

Vice President’s Report (Kathy):  It’s been a great Summer.  Let’s keep it up.  The poster for the 15thAnniversary is in the making.  More details later.

Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  This Summer has been good for marketing.  Many LVJBS info cards have been given out at the recent shows.  Check out via Facebook or web:  ‘Living with the Dead’, a Deadhead documentary, from someone met at Santa Clara, who showed interest in the LVJBS’ work and is creating a documentary:

Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  The LVJBS has made some money, in return from the ‘AmazonSmiles’ purchases.  A small percentage of any ‘Amazon’ purchase, returns to LVJBS when you order from  and enter the non-profit Jamband Society of America.  (It will save the information for the future orders, once found.)

We now have a P.O. Box to help ‘centralize’ our paperwork/mail.

One new member, Carron Haggerty, was met at High Sierra and has joined LVJBS for the remainder of 2015.  Welcome!  J 

Mayor’s Report (Frobi (absent) via Jessica):

COLOR:  Beautiful Psychedelic Rainbows


Fundraising Committee (John & Kathy):  Pictures of the past LVJBS posters were selected and have been sent in for the 2016 Calendar.  They ‘should’ be ready at the same time as the ordered T-shirts.  A brochure with LVJBS and the newly added P.O. Box info will be available.  This will also be found on the ‘Wild Apricot’ site, via our ‘donations’ page.

A ‘Jerry’ nice tapestry was shown. This Jerry-face, signed, on vinyl was created by an Artist friend of Ray Hansen’s.  The Fundraising Committee is thinking a $5 Raffle Ticket.  More info TBD.

PR Committee (Jenny):  Focusing thoughts of duties and efforts, on more outside events (i.e. Tacopa Takeover), since most other events have been hosted by other promoters/other venues.


LVJBS booked shows:

None to report.  Working on the ‘Jerry-Grateful LVJBS 15th Anniversary’ event and deciding the music and location.


No inquiries this past month, due to the busy Summer of music.

Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:

Easy Dub AllStars, Mon., July 27

Ky-Mani Marley, Wed., July 29

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Aug. 28

Lettuce, Sept. 23

The Word, Oct. 6

Dark Star Orchestra, Oct. 8

Blues Traveler, Oct. 22

Hard Rock (website supported) shows:

G.Love & Special Sauce, Hotel Beach Party, July 23

Other Events:

Kyle Gass Band w/ Moksha, Jack & the B-Fish, & Irie: Friday, July 24 @ Backstage Bar & Billiards


*The Wild Apricot events are now updated through October.  This will help stay organized for the comp’d tickets (10 of most shows) and help with the ‘alternate’ attendees for those who decline. 

*The Monthly Meeting reminders will be accurate and consistent:  one week prior reminder and a one day prior reminder, was decided as best, now that the Yahoo! Group is closed. 

*Contact Paige if there are any leads on where to order ‘tye-dye’ Lanyards (badge holders).  Thanks!

*Greg shared the T-shirt samples/fabric samples.  Group asked for 2 style for woman (a ladies’ cut T-shirt and a razorback Tank top) and one for the Mens’, yet in two colors.  The Officers will finalize the order and create a pre-order at the upcoming Officers’ Meeting. 

*TACOPA TAKEOVER 2.0—Megan shared the decided 2015 dates:  November 6-8, 2015.

Thoughts:  An extended weekend date (Sunday for acoustic Sunday morning music), Solar Sound System (Mike Andrieu), Sound by Dan.  Jeffrey T. for community drums, Live Art, Silent auction with money back to the town and Tacopa’s chosen groups, a Residential Rate and Discount for residents, a silent disco (a possible ‘gofundme’ account for the $1000 purchase of headphones/system will begin), & more.  Thought bands:  Scott Pemberton, The Signals, Cubensis. 

….More details and the continued planning TBA….Contact Megan R. and/or come to the August meeting for planning help!

*Thanks to those various homes/locations which hosted the ‘Fare Thee Well’ viewings, for July’s Friends & Family Event!  J  


The LVJBS 15th Anniversary event (confirmed date TBD, either August 8th or August 9th)


More details about a 51s Baseball game and confirmed date, TBD. 

(Possibly Tuesday, Sept. 1st, in conjunction with LVJBS’ Members’ Meeting.)

Officers’ Meeting:  Wednesday, July 15th @ Rocky’s

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 4th @ JALISCO’S CANTINA

6450 S. Durango Dr.  (Off 215 and Sunset/Durango), 7:30PM

Meeting Adjourned: 9:00PM

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