Members' Meeting Minutes: NOVEMBER 2015

November 03, 2015 11:55 AM | Jessica Grant


Members’ Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2015

Meeting Begins:  7:47PM @ Rocky’s

President’s Report (Greg): “Let’s do this thing!”

The 2016 Nominations for LVJBS Offices are being made tonight.  One nomination one made online via Wild Apricot. The rest will be done tonight.

We were able to secure THE HIDEAWAY for our LVJBS Holiday party on Saturday, Dec. 12th and Delta Nove has confirmed their attendance.  We will give them cash and ask for Holiday donations to give them for their ventures.  (Jimmy C. gave his side-review of the D’Nove Xmas album, the hot peanut sauce at Rocky’s, and the ‘Breaking Benjammin & Shinedown….)

We foresee a few more shows for 2016 at the Hard Rock Café & Hard Rock Live venues.  More info TBA.

Vice President’s Report (Kathy):  See you at the Tecopa Takeover!

Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

Last month’s ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ clean-up plan was canceled on Oct. 18th due to the flooded weather.  The new date is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd @ 9am.   Please tell your friends.  The more helpers, the quicker it takes!  J

Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  The money donation to Tecopa’s SILENT DISCO was sent.  We will have T-shirts for sale and the LVJBS banner will be up.

Mayor’s Report (Frobi): ~absent~

reported by Jessica

COLOR:  Blackout

Committee Reports:

Fundraising Committee(Kathy):  The discussed 15th Anniversary calendar can be made for under $4/ea.  Instead of the recently discussed self-made calendar, we have decided to go with this company.  We will have them readied by Dec. 15th.  The calendar will go from Dec. 2015 to Jan. 2016, with various LVJBS event posters as the artwork. 

We are looking into having an LVJBS Sponsorship package for various businesses to donate and have ads on our website and displayed at our events.  We figure if the 10 people (approx.) that frequent our monthly meetings each found 5 sponsors, this will be an easy way to add to the current list of sponsors.  Discussion of possible sponsors:   Brooklyn Bowl, Hard Rock Live, Hard Rock Café, The Dispensary, Rocky’s.

PR Report (Jenny):

*The Newsletter has been looking great and is a great way to keep up with current info. 

*The interaction of the former Yahoo! Group has been missed by many.  Discussion of having a ‘closed’ MEMBERS ONLY Facebook page was had.  This will be looked into further. De

*Please consider donating blankets, dog food, and pillows to JD and the Lone Woof Rescue since the weather is getting cold.  Look for the upcoming email.


Delta Nove: Saturday, Dec. 12th will be our Holiday party @ The HideAway.

Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:   Karl Denson's Tiny Universe late night: Nov. 27 & 28 (after the Dead & Co. shows @ MGM ) Joe Russo's Almost Dead: Fri., Dec. 11 & be sure to check out their website for their calendar of events! 

Hard Rock (website supported) shows:  *SPAFFORD, Friday, November 13th @ Vinyl.  Our 15th Anniversary event.

Other Events:

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY Clean-up, Sunday, November 22nd @ 9am


*Been a great year of music and ticket comps for members.

*Been working with Larry, the T-Shirt Guy, about possible LVJBS long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodie samples, and prices. More info TBD.

*(Kathy): The discussion of an LVJBS family CAMPING TRIP in March was had.  Possible dates: Sat. & Sun., March 19th and 20th to the AZ HotSprings.  Options are to rent a canoe for $122/couple (includes the fees) OR rent a solo-kayak OR haul your gear from Willow Beach, with a 3 mile hike OR use one of our friend’s Jet-Skis as it travels back and forth to the campsite.  More info TBD.


President:  Greg (accepted)

VP: Johnnie (accepted)

Treasurer:  Paige (accepted), Johnnie (declined)

Secretary:  Jessica (accepted), Jenny (declined)

Mayor:  Justin (accepted), Jenny (accepted), Kurt (unknown acceptance)

NOVEMBER:  Friends & Family Event:

TACOPA TAKEOVER 2.0— Dave & Megan shared the updated music/activity schedule/plan, draft #6.  Friday & Saturday, November 6 & 7 at Tecopa HotSprings.  Their hard work is appreciated.  Looking forward to a great time with Friends & Family! 

DECEMBER: Friends & Family Event:  LVJBS Holiday Party:  Delta Nove on Dec. 12th @ The HideAway.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 1st @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Meeting Adjourned: 9:03PM

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