DECEMBER'S Members' Meeting Minutes

December 01, 2015 9:05 PM | Jessica Grant


Members’ Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2015

Meeting Begins: 7:45PM @ Rocky’s

President’s Report (Greg):

“Keeping things going for 2016!”


In 2015, we’ve been:

Having ‘LVJBS Friends & Family’ monthly events, have been grateful for our ‘Brooklyn Bowl’ connection with our free tickets for members-raffle, our Hard Rock Café/Live connection, and have been working with the Hard Rock Hotel and their ‘VINYL’ shows now, along with supporting the community with our ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ clean-ups and support to the ‘Lone Woof Rescue’.

**(SPAFFORD wants to return in February.  Thoughts were the $10 cover may have been a ‘concern’….please support these shows, members!  It’s less than a price of a beverage at most places....)

Future Vinyl-mentioned shows: DELTA NOVE or SHAKEY FEELIN’

*& we plan on having NO ISIS MEMBERS for 2016! 

Vice President’s Report (Kathy):

Last weekend was awesome! Glad to see JT recovering well from his recent procedure!  While JT is ‘out of the 2016 office’, former VP, Kathy G., will ‘proxy’ and fill-in for any Vice President duties until his return.  This year has been enjoyable and the ‘Friends & Family’ connections that the LVJBS has had with the community has been lovely! 

Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

Thanks to Kathy, Fred for assisting me with the ‘fall’ ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ clean-up on November 22nd.  (& thanks to Ellen for stopping by—yet, we had already tied up our bags and left!)  Be sure to RSVP on the Facebook event-page for attendance, so the group knows to contact or wait for any late-helpers!  J

It’s been a great year of music and the community help and support feels good!  J I’ll continue my Secretarial duties for 2016.  I will continue my goal of posting the meeting minutes, within 48 hours of the meeting (yet, within one week, being the latest!) 

Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

*We’ve made $8.05 with the ‘AmazonSmiles’ non-profit support-return program.  It’s simple to use.  Just go to for the SAME pages, but select Las Vegas Jam Band Society for a portion of all sales, returning our way! 

*We will have a table set up to sell our 15th anniversary T-shirts at the Holiday party.  They make great gifts! ;)

Mayor’s Report (Frobi): ~absent~

(*helping his son, Desert, with a school project)

reported by Jessica


It’s been a good year of music!  Looking forward to 2016.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising Committee(Kathy/JT via Paige): 

*The 2016, 15th anniversary calendars will be here at the end of December.  All new members will get a free calendar with their paid dues (if paid by the end of January.)

 (MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: $10/month, $100/one-person’s yearly membership --if paid by February’s Members’ Meeting, or the $150/live-together couple’s yearly membership--- if paid by February’s Members’ Meeting.)

*The ¾ guitar is being looked at so it can be playable and then raffled-off. 

*Thoughts for the Holiday party/Delta Nove show:  Having a donation/raffle ticket combo-deal, to help give back to the band. 


*Delta Nove, Saturday, Dec. 12th will be our Holiday party @ The HideAway.

Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead—Friday, December 11th

The Motet—January 29th

Galactic—March 1st

Hard Rock (website supported) shows: 

(None at this time….Check out their website!)

Other Events:

*HawkWind @ LVCS, Dec. 12 & 13

*The next ‘Sunshine Daydream Masquerade Crusade’ AKA the Long Beach BOAT party will be on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, Feb 14th, with the 15th being a Holiday: President’s Day!  (Come celebrate our Secretary’s Birthday (mine!) on the water, with your loved ones!)  J  ….more details TBD…


*Happy for our Brooklyn Bowl donated tickets, yet we will be making changes to the comp-list, for any missed shows which one registers for.  One ‘missed’ show can happen (emergencies only please—there are alternates on the will call list, if known prior to 3pm, day of show, so the music can be enjoyed by another!) and please note: members will be taken off the request-list if any other comp’d-shows are missed.  In order to return to the ticket-request process, a $20 donation must be given to the LVJBS.


President:  Greg  (elected)

VP: Johnnie (elected)

Treasurer:  Paige (elected)

Secretary:  Jessica  (elected)

Mayor:  Justin G. & Jenny M.

(*Members voted for ‘Mayor’ by paper ballot—results were tied. The 2016 Mayor will be announced prior to, or at, the January 2016 meeting.)

--Online voting to be sent out soon to help ‘break the tie’.

--Only PAID 2015 Members can place a vote.

**Kurt (declined the Mayor-nomination due to the possible Tuesday night absences that could occur; yet, gives thanks for the nomination.)

**Jenny will be collecting BLANKETS, TOWELS, PILLOWS, and/or DOG FOOD BAGS as our contribution to the Lone Woof Rescue dogs for the cold, holiday months.  Please contact her via our Facebook page or email for easy pick-up & be sure to tell your friends:  (*Remember:  donations are tax-deductable and ‘tis the season!)

DECEMBER:  Friends & Family Event: (Officers)

2015 LVJBS Holiday Party @ the HideAway (3369 Thom Blvd.) with our Long Beach pals, DELTA NOVE.  Saturday, December 12th @ 9pm.  Check out the Facebook invite for more details.


JANUARY: Friends & Family Event:  (Greg) 

“Sittin’ by the Fire on the Mountain”--Saturday, January 16th @ 11am.  Mark those calendars and let’s go enjoy the cold, winter & hot fire, and warm beverages, in LEE CANYON, just past Mt. Charleston.  Final details to be announced soon! 

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January 5th @ ‘the new’ Tenaya Creek Brewery, Downtown, 831 W. Bonanza Rd. (*near D. Street and MLK)

Meeting Adjourned: 9:05 PM

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