• March 01, 2016 8:55 AM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

    Tonight's LVJBS Members' Meeting is tonight!  (ALL ARE WELCOME!!!)

    Tuesday, March 1st (prior to the Galactic Brooklyn Bowl show) 

    Meeting attendees will meet at the Yardhouse (at the Linq) between 7:00-7:30pm, and the prompt 8pm meeting will take place at the Brooklyn Bowl, once we are gathered and their doors open.  Show time for tonight's show is 9pm.

  • February 03, 2016 3:44 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

    Las Vegas Jam Band Society

    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    February 2, 2016

    Meeting Begins:  7:45pm

    Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

    President’s Report (Greg): “7:45…Here we go!”

    ·         The Brooklyn Bowl has graciously offered us 10 tickets for our members to use as a ‘raffle’ amongst us for most of their upcoming shows.  Much thanks and appreciation to them!

    ·         Our monthly ‘Family & Friends’ events and everything else we are doing seems to be ‘steering our ship’ in a good direction so far this year!

    Vice President’s Report (Johnnie):

    ·         The home page (on our new website) is not yet switched over.  When you go to www.lvjbs.org, the log-in button takes you to the ‘Wild Apricot’ page.  It will have a new look:  calendar, events, forum. Soon, we will be able to access Yahoo!, Facebook, or the forum, with home page links. 

    ·         For 2016, we are looking for more involvement by all members (helping to promote/giving out LVJBS cards, etc.)

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

    Welcome to your first meeting as an Officer, Mr. Mayor, Justin Gorgun!

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

    ·         The IRS file is happening soon!  The money we have so far for 2016 has been our 15th anniversary shirts and the calendar printing. 

    ·         (Jarren Carsey was the winner of the ‘membership raffle’ and contact was made via Facebook, during the meeting.)

    ·         Tim, from the ‘Hippie Livin’ store, has unfortunately closed his shop and we thank him for his LVJBS support. 

    Mayor’s Report (Justin):   Thanks to all for the Mayor vote!

    Color:  Smaragdine (pronounced:  smar-rag-dean & is like an ‘emerald’s green color.’)

    Production Report (Greg):

    ·         Our ‘virtual dog’ ANGUS (@ Lone Woof Rescue) is in need of adoption.  The LVJBS has been donating to his food/shelter needs, but now, Angus is ready for a FURever home.  He is great with kids, crate trained, leash trained, and loving.  Please share the Facebook post by Greg Serentsis, so we can spread the word and picture of Angus.

    ·         The Dead Winter Carpenters are now interested in early April.  They are working with Andrew at Vinyl for a possible future show.  More info TBD.

    ·         Planet of the Apps (feat. Gov’t Mule drummer) Matt Apps has a side project and are interested in late spring/early summer.  More info TBD.

    ·         Pirate Fest 2016 will be April 8-10 @ Lorenzi Park.  The LVJBS has assisted in past years with the ‘loan’ of our Sound Equipment and our ‘sound man’ Dan (giving us $300).  They would like to offer us FREE entry into the cardboard Regatta race and a booth to host the LVJBS.  The regatta needs a ‘boat captain’ and the table would need to be staffed for the weekend. 

         Interested?  Contact Greg asap:  lvsmojoe@yahoo.com

    ·         The Dirk Quinn Band contacted us again in regards to a ‘Freako de Mayo’ event and their willingness to play for us.  More info TBD.

    ·         We were contacted by Dan Stock, who is a VP of the Easter Seals (non-profit helping children and adults with disabilities).  They are working on a daytime music festival (on Saturday, March 26th) with a ‘walk’ afterwards.  Their vision is having hourly bands (…their thoughts:  Imagine Dragons, some Rock & Roll bands, some R & B bands) More details and any known LVJBS involvement TBD.

    ·         The Higgs, an Orange County band, are looking for a date (possibly a Vinyl show) More info TBD.

    ·         Billy Sunday (who does lighting for Quactus, Brothers Gow), along with the OCJBS are thinking of a Topanga Canyon Camping & Music festival (N. of Los Angeles) with collaboration with the LVJBS. 

    Their band ideas:  Cubensis, Shakey Feelin’, GrooveSession, Moksha

    More details TBA.

    ·         Freako de Mayo was brought up.  Does the LVJBS want to support this event, on the Thursday (May 5th) PRIOR to the UM Bowl weekend (May 6, 7)? 

    Thoughts: Having Eminence Ensemble headline might help with the in-town Colorado Umphrey’s McGee fans and can help with advertising.  Send any band ideas/contacts Greg’s way:  lvsmojoe@yahoo.com

    Committee Reports:

    ·         Fundraising Report (Kathy via JT):  We are working with Paul Citone to get photos together for our 2017 calendar.   This would be a treat for a single membership!  More info TBA.

    ·         PR Report (Jenny): Going to try to mention the ‘1st Tuesday of the Month’ for LVJBS meetings more often.  This would help with meeting attendance.  Thoughts about the calendars:  adding a tag-line with the event/poster name, date, etc. to add to the page. (LVJBS business cards were handed out to have people support the website and possibly join in.)

    Friends & Family Events: 

    February:  ‘My Furry Valentine’ @ Bass Pro Shops (Greg) to help out with the Lone Woof Rescue.  Saturday, Feb. 20th (outside, in the lot, off Blue Diamond) 9am-4pm. 

    (See open floor for interested business-contacts)

    March:  Family Spring Hike (Jenny) Dates and details TBA.


    ·         (Jim):  asked what had happened to our ‘thought’ New Riders of the Purple Sage show.  (The date they wanted, in December, was taken.)

    ·         (JD): Lone Woof Rescue thanks the LVJBS for our support and help/virtually sponsoring Angus.  If there are any interested businesses for banner displays/advertisement for the “My Furry Valentine” event on Feb. 20th, please contact JD @ (702) 469-1913. 

    (The Tropical Pkwy PetCo events need some volunteers for the weekend visits. Please contact JD if you can help out.)

    ·         (Jessica):  Don’t forget the Long Beach ‘Love Boat Masquerade Riverboat Crusade’  (hosted by our LVJBS pal BJ Cochran) is Sunday, Feb. 14th from 4pm-9pm. 

    Bands:  The Gumbo Bros., Shakey Feelin’, Dusty Green Bones Bamd, Sea Funk Brass Band, and a special ‘Love Parade’ by members of Delta Nove.  Tickets are LIMITED and are going FAST….$40. 

    ·         (Jessica):  Don’t forget to support Lady Reiko’s new album/single-release party @ Backstage Bar & Billiards this Saturday, Feb. 6th @ 8pm.  Only $6.

    ·         (Jenny):  T.I.G.  (‘Til It’s Gone) BBQ (Sahara & LV Blvd.) is a good spot for a future meeting and some good food.  It’s one of our former members, Nemo’s, new business.  Thought:  April 5th’s Members’ Meeting?  More info TBA.  (Sara P. has offered to do a free, acoustic after-meeting show, when we support T.I.G. BBQ.

    ·         (Shana):  Your ‘very own’ Shana Bachman is ‘running’ for Justice Court #13 Judge.  The election will be in November 2016.  www.shanabachman.com

    ·          (Greg & Paige) mentioned the Smith’s Food Stores reward card ‘give back’ to local non-profits.  Be sure to link up your rewards cards with places that do these great fundraisers!  (Amazonsmiles.com, etc.)  Simply ASK the places you shop at, online and in-stores!

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 1st (prior to the Galactic Brooklyn Bowl show)  Meeting attendees will meet at the Yardhouse (at the Linq) between 7:00-7:30pm, and the 8pm meeting will take place at the Brooklyn Bowl, once we are gathered and their doors open.  Show time for that show is 9pm.

    Meeting Adjourned:  9:25PM

  • January 05, 2016 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    January 5, 2016

    Meeting Begins 7:58PM @ Tenaya Creek Brewery

    President’s Report (Greg):   “I’ll make it quick…don’t have much….status quo once again!”

    Happy New Year!  Here we go again!

    Vice President’s Report (Johnnie):  Wanting to ask the Brooklyn Bowl if they would like our help with marketing on our website (with or without the provided comp’d tickets.).  After looking at the list of upcoming shows, there’s a possibility of extra GALACTIC or IRATION tickets—the others may have plenty of sales already.

    Membership:  The 2016 Calendars with photos of past LVJBS posters are here!  They look great and are $5.  With the paid 2016 yearly membership, members will receive a complimentary one.  There will be one calendar for the ‘couples’ memberships.  Members must be current in order to qualify for any of the Member-perks (comp’d tickets, etc.)

    ·         $10/month

    ·         $100 for a SINGLE membership (if paid prior March’s members’ meeting)

    ·         $150 for a COUPLES’ membership (living in the same household)

    ·         $60 for a six-month SINGLE membership (Jan.-June or July-Dec.)

    Website update:  JT has been working with Stacey on its changes.  Greg to contact our webmaster, Tim, to get it up and running by Feb. 1st.  Thanks for everyone’s help and patience.

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

    Happy New Year! 

    Congrats to our elected 2016 MAYOR:  Mr. Justin Gorgun

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

    *Our Holiday party raffle winner of the 2016 Membership was:  JARREN CARSEY

    *Similar to ‘Amazonsmmiles.com’, SMITH’S GROCERY STORES offer a portion of their sales to quarterly go back to non-profits, with the use of their ‘savings-card’.  Look into this for LVJBS benefits, if you are a Smith’s shopper! 

    *Please use the WILD APRICOT site to pay online for the annual membership.  A check or cash can also be brought to the Members’ Meetings for February or March, if needed.

    Mayor’s Report (Justin:  absent via Jessica):   Color:  Gratefully-Cool Cobalt Blue


    *Been thinking that a CUBENSIS show for the LVJBS is long-overdue. This may make for a decent event at THE HIDEAWAY, or possibly VINYL.  More info TBD.

    *DEAD WINTER CARPENTERS are looking for a Vegas show on a Wed. or Thurs. in late March/early April.  They have been put in contact with Andrew at Vinyl and we can use The Hideaway, as a back-up plan.  More info TBD.


    *Fundraising Committee (Kathy via JT):  No new news.  Jessica knows of a Middle School in need of Fine Arts Dept. assistance for any upcoming help from the LVJBS.  There may be a raffle for the Dead Winter Carpenters show, if that ends up being scheduled. 


    Upcoming (non-LVJBS) shows @ Brooklyn Bowl:

    Friday, Jan. 8th:  Wyclef Jean

    Friday, Jan. 15th:  Erykah Badu

    Sat., Jan. 23rd:  Stick Figure

    Friday, Jan. 29th:  The Motet

    Sun., Jan. 31st:  Iration

    Sat., Feb. 13th:  Nahko & Medicine for the People

    Fri.-Sun. Feb. 26-27th:  Phil Lesh & Friends

    Sat., Feb. 27th:  Infamous String Dusters (late night)

    Sun., Feb. 28th:  Phil Lesh & the Terrapin Family Band

    Tuesday, March 1st:  Galactic

    Thursday, March 10th:  (rescheduled from Jan. 7)  Beck

    Sat., March 12th:  Gary Clark, Jr.

    Fri.-Sun., March 18-20th:  String Cheese Incident

    *JC has been in contact with SHAKEY FEELIN’ for a possible future gig.  More info TBD.

    *Members have mentioned PHILOSOPY OF SOUL being another possible good LVJBS show.  More info TBD.

    *The ‘Sunshine Daydream Riverboat Crusade:  This year, the ‘LOVE BOAT’, in Long Beach, on Sunday, Feb. 14th will take sail.   Check out online for ticket and music info. 

    Friends & Family Event for JANUARY:  (Mt. Charleston gathering) has been canceled due to heavy-snow and possibility of being overcrowded and unsafe for all vehicles to get there and back.  Greg to look into a FEBRUARY ‘Friends & Family Event’ and will mention it on or before the February Members’ Meeting.  More details TBA.

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 2nd @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill on Maryland Pkwy (@ Wigwam).                                                                                 

    Meeting Adjourned:  8:36PM

  • December 01, 2015 9:05 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    December 1, 2015

    Meeting Begins: 7:45PM @ Rocky’s

    President’s Report (Greg):

    “Keeping things going for 2016!”


    In 2015, we’ve been:

    Having ‘LVJBS Friends & Family’ monthly events, have been grateful for our ‘Brooklyn Bowl’ connection with our free tickets for members-raffle, our Hard Rock Café/Live connection, and have been working with the Hard Rock Hotel and their ‘VINYL’ shows now, along with supporting the community with our ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ clean-ups and support to the ‘Lone Woof Rescue’.

    **(SPAFFORD wants to return in February.  Thoughts were the $10 cover may have been a ‘concern’….please support these shows, members!  It’s less than a price of a beverage at most places....)

    Future Vinyl-mentioned shows: DELTA NOVE or SHAKEY FEELIN’

    *& we plan on having NO ISIS MEMBERS for 2016! 

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):

    Last weekend was awesome! Glad to see JT recovering well from his recent procedure!  While JT is ‘out of the 2016 office’, former VP, Kathy G., will ‘proxy’ and fill-in for any Vice President duties until his return.  This year has been enjoyable and the ‘Friends & Family’ connections that the LVJBS has had with the community has been lovely! 

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

    Thanks to Kathy, Fred for assisting me with the ‘fall’ ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ clean-up on November 22nd.  (& thanks to Ellen for stopping by—yet, we had already tied up our bags and left!)  Be sure to RSVP on the Facebook event-page for attendance, so the group knows to contact or wait for any late-helpers!  J

    It’s been a great year of music and the community help and support feels good!  J I’ll continue my Secretarial duties for 2016.  I will continue my goal of posting the meeting minutes, within 48 hours of the meeting (yet, within one week, being the latest!) 

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

    *We’ve made $8.05 with the ‘AmazonSmiles’ non-profit support-return program.  It’s simple to use.  Just go to www.amazonsmiles.com for the SAME amazon.com pages, but select Las Vegas Jam Band Society for a portion of all sales, returning our way! 

    *We will have a table set up to sell our 15th anniversary T-shirts at the Holiday party.  They make great gifts! ;)

    Mayor’s Report (Frobi): ~absent~

    (*helping his son, Desert, with a school project)

    reported by Jessica


    It’s been a good year of music!  Looking forward to 2016.

    Committee Reports:

    Fundraising Committee(Kathy/JT via Paige): 

    *The 2016, 15th anniversary calendars will be here at the end of December.  All new members will get a free calendar with their paid dues (if paid by the end of January.)

     (MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: $10/month, $100/one-person’s yearly membership --if paid by February’s Members’ Meeting, or the $150/live-together couple’s yearly membership--- if paid by February’s Members’ Meeting.)

    *The ¾ guitar is being looked at so it can be playable and then raffled-off. 

    *Thoughts for the Holiday party/Delta Nove show:  Having a donation/raffle ticket combo-deal, to help give back to the band. 


    *Delta Nove, Saturday, Dec. 12th will be our Holiday party @ The HideAway.

    Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:

    Joe Russo’s Almost Dead—Friday, December 11th

    The Motet—January 29th

    Galactic—March 1st

    Hard Rock (website supported) shows: 

    (None at this time….Check out their website!)

    Other Events:

    *HawkWind @ LVCS, Dec. 12 & 13

    *The next ‘Sunshine Daydream Masquerade Crusade’ AKA the Long Beach BOAT party will be on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, Feb 14th, with the 15th being a Holiday: President’s Day!  (Come celebrate our Secretary’s Birthday (mine!) on the water, with your loved ones!)  J  ….more details TBD…


    *Happy for our Brooklyn Bowl donated tickets, yet we will be making changes to the comp-list, for any missed shows which one registers for.  One ‘missed’ show can happen (emergencies only please—there are alternates on the will call list, if known prior to 3pm, day of show, so the music can be enjoyed by another!) and please note: members will be taken off the request-list if any other comp’d-shows are missed.  In order to return to the ticket-request process, a $20 donation must be given to the LVJBS.


    President:  Greg  (elected)

    VP: Johnnie (elected)

    Treasurer:  Paige (elected)

    Secretary:  Jessica  (elected)

    Mayor:  Justin G. & Jenny M.

    (*Members voted for ‘Mayor’ by paper ballot—results were tied. The 2016 Mayor will be announced prior to, or at, the January 2016 meeting.)

    --Online voting to be sent out soon to help ‘break the tie’.

    --Only PAID 2015 Members can place a vote.

    **Kurt (declined the Mayor-nomination due to the possible Tuesday night absences that could occur; yet, gives thanks for the nomination.)

    **Jenny will be collecting BLANKETS, TOWELS, PILLOWS, and/or DOG FOOD BAGS as our contribution to the Lone Woof Rescue dogs for the cold, holiday months.  Please contact her via our Facebook page or email for easy pick-up & be sure to tell your friends:  jenniferminucci@gmail.com  (*Remember:  donations are tax-deductable and ‘tis the season!)

    DECEMBER:  Friends & Family Event: (Officers)

    2015 LVJBS Holiday Party @ the HideAway (3369 Thom Blvd.) with our Long Beach pals, DELTA NOVE.  Saturday, December 12th @ 9pm.  Check out the Facebook invite for more details.


    JANUARY: Friends & Family Event:  (Greg) 

    “Sittin’ by the Fire on the Mountain”--Saturday, January 16th @ 11am.  Mark those calendars and let’s go enjoy the cold, winter & hot fire, and warm beverages, in LEE CANYON, just past Mt. Charleston.  Final details to be announced soon! 

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January 5th @ ‘the new’ Tenaya Creek Brewery, Downtown, 831 W. Bonanza Rd. (*near D. Street and MLK)

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:05 PM

  • November 03, 2015 11:55 AM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    November 3, 2015

    Meeting Begins:  7:47PM @ Rocky’s

    President’s Report (Greg): “Let’s do this thing!”

    The 2016 Nominations for LVJBS Offices are being made tonight.  One nomination one made online via Wild Apricot. The rest will be done tonight.

    We were able to secure THE HIDEAWAY for our LVJBS Holiday party on Saturday, Dec. 12th and Delta Nove has confirmed their attendance.  We will give them cash and ask for Holiday donations to give them for their ventures.  (Jimmy C. gave his side-review of the D’Nove Xmas album, the hot peanut sauce at Rocky’s, and the ‘Breaking Benjammin & Shinedown….)

    We foresee a few more shows for 2016 at the Hard Rock Café & Hard Rock Live venues.  More info TBA.

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):  See you at the Tecopa Takeover!

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

    Last month’s ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ clean-up plan was canceled on Oct. 18th due to the flooded weather.  The new date is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd @ 9am.   Please tell your friends.  The more helpers, the quicker it takes!  J

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  The money donation to Tecopa’s SILENT DISCO was sent.  We will have T-shirts for sale and the LVJBS banner will be up.

    Mayor’s Report (Frobi): ~absent~

    reported by Jessica

    COLOR:  Blackout

    Committee Reports:

    Fundraising Committee(Kathy):  The discussed 15th Anniversary calendar can be made for under $4/ea.  Instead of the recently discussed self-made calendar, we have decided to go with this company.  We will have them readied by Dec. 15th.  The calendar will go from Dec. 2015 to Jan. 2016, with various LVJBS event posters as the artwork. 

    We are looking into having an LVJBS Sponsorship package for various businesses to donate and have ads on our website and displayed at our events.  We figure if the 10 people (approx.) that frequent our monthly meetings each found 5 sponsors, this will be an easy way to add to the current list of sponsors.  Discussion of possible sponsors:   Brooklyn Bowl, Hard Rock Live, Hard Rock Café, The Dispensary, Rocky’s.

    PR Report (Jenny):

    *The Newsletter has been looking great and is a great way to keep up with current info. 

    *The interaction of the former Yahoo! Group has been missed by many.  Discussion of having a ‘closed’ MEMBERS ONLY Facebook page was had.  This will be looked into further. De

    *Please consider donating blankets, dog food, and pillows to JD and the Lone Woof Rescue since the weather is getting cold.  Look for the upcoming email.


    Delta Nove: Saturday, Dec. 12th will be our Holiday party @ The HideAway.

    Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:   Karl Denson's Tiny Universe late night: Nov. 27 & 28 (after the Dead & Co. shows @ MGM ) Joe Russo's Almost Dead: Fri., Dec. 11 & be sure to check out their website for their calendar of events! 

    Hard Rock (website supported) shows:  *SPAFFORD, Friday, November 13th @ Vinyl.  Our 15th Anniversary event.

    Other Events:

    ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY Clean-up, Sunday, November 22nd @ 9am


    *Been a great year of music and ticket comps for members.

    *Been working with Larry, the T-Shirt Guy, about possible LVJBS long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodie samples, and prices. More info TBD.

    *(Kathy): The discussion of an LVJBS family CAMPING TRIP in March was had.  Possible dates: Sat. & Sun., March 19th and 20th to the AZ HotSprings.  Options are to rent a canoe for $122/couple (includes the fees) OR rent a solo-kayak OR haul your gear from Willow Beach, with a 3 mile hike OR use one of our friend’s Jet-Skis as it travels back and forth to the campsite.  More info TBD.


    President:  Greg (accepted)

    VP: Johnnie (accepted)

    Treasurer:  Paige (accepted), Johnnie (declined)

    Secretary:  Jessica (accepted), Jenny (declined)

    Mayor:  Justin (accepted), Jenny (accepted), Kurt (unknown acceptance)

    NOVEMBER:  Friends & Family Event:

    TACOPA TAKEOVER 2.0— Dave & Megan shared the updated music/activity schedule/plan, draft #6.  Friday & Saturday, November 6 & 7 at Tecopa HotSprings.  Their hard work is appreciated.  Looking forward to a great time with Friends & Family! 

    DECEMBER: Friends & Family Event:  LVJBS Holiday Party:  Delta Nove on Dec. 12th @ The HideAway.

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 1st @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:03PM

  • October 06, 2015 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    October 6, 2015

    Meeting Begins:  7:27PM @ Brooklyn Bowl

    President’s Report (Greg): “This will be short & sweet since it’s THE WORD’S show.”

    It’s already that time for 2016 Nominations for LVJBS Offices.  Nominations will happen in November and the elections in December.

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):  Our Treasurer says, “SELL THE SHIRTS!”  (The Officers will come up with a distribution plan, to help sell the shirts.  More info TBD.)LVJBS will be donating $500 to the Tecopa Takeover 2.0.

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

    -Congrats to our members, PAIGE & JOHN for uniting as one, at their recent wedding. 

    -The Adopt-a-Highway clean-up will be on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18th @ 9am.  Please tell your friends.  The more helpers, the quicker it takes!  J

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  ~absent~

    Mayor’s Report (Frobi):

    COLOR:  Brooklyn Brown, WORD!

    Committee Reports:

    Archive Committee(Fred):  Nothing to report.

    Fundraising Committee(Kathy):

    *The Classical ¾ Guitar will be donated to the Early Childhood Teacher at Whitney ES.  Dave has the other two guitars, which can be signed by a band/used for a future raffle.


    LVJBS booked shows:

    None to report.  Discussion of a 15th Anniversary show in December.   (Delta Nove was ‘reserved’ for Sat., Dec. 5th.)  Group discussed possibly changing the date to make it an LVJBS Holiday Party, as well.  Saturday, December 12thwas discussed as the chosen date for the LVJBS Holiday party.


    *Discussion of having a Hard Rock Live, after the November DEAD & CO. shows.  (Conflicts with Karl Denson’s late night, at Brooklyn Bowl).  Possible bands to contact:  Cubensis, JGB & Melvin Seals.  (Officers to discuss at an upcoming Officers’ meeting and will announce any decisions.)

    Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:

    Dark Star Orchestra, Oct. 8

    Blues Traveler, Oct. 22

    Hard Rock (website supported) shows: 

    *SPAFFORD, Friday, November 13th @ Vinyl.

    Other Events:

    ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY Clean-up, Sunday, October 18th, 9am


    *Indigo mentioned it being difficult communicating on the WILD APRICOT site.  Mentioned possibly making a ‘private’ Member-only Facebook page, to help with the communication.  Indigo and/or Jenny M. will collaborate on this idea and get back to us.

    NOVEMBER:  Friends & Family Event:

    TACOPA TAKEOVER 2.0— Dave & Megan shared the updated music/activity schedule/plan, draft #6.  Friday & Saturday, November 6 & 7 at Tecopa HotSprings.  Their hard work is appreciated.  Looking forward to a great time with Friends & Family! 

    DECEMBER: Friends & Family Event:  LVJBS Holiday Party:  TBA

    Officers’ Meeting:  Either Tuesday, October 13th OR Tuesday, October 20th

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, November 3, 2015 (Location: TBA)

    Meeting Adjourned: 8:07PM

  • August 04, 2015 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

    Las Vegas Jam Band Society

    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    August 4, 2015

    Meeting Begins:  7:45pm

    President’s Report (Greg):  “Alrighty…Let’s get going!”

    *Met briefly with the REX FOUNDATION (non-profit started by the Grateful Dead fans in San Francisco which helps other non-profits exist) while in Chicago.  Sent a letter asking for any advice or tips on how to keep the LVJBS going and possibly having those who help it run successfully being compensated like their foundation has been.  The letter mentioned possibly partnering with or at least having them ‘mentor’ us in using revenue appropriately, etc.  More details and updates as they come! 

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):  ~absent~

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  Nothing to report.  Yet, special thanks given to Catfish John and Part-Time Criminals for their successful show this past weekend!  J

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige): Been looking at the provided art-samples, which originally, was supposed to be used for the 15th anniversary shirts and also for the Membership cards.  The initial purpose of having a ‘Membership card’ was to use with random supporting businesses, which provide a discount when the card is shown.  Discussion had on going forth with 2015 cards or waiting until 2016 to make and give them out.  (Suggested to go forth with the 2015 card and, asking members/Officers to ‘market’ companies/businesses which would like a website-ad in exchange for some discount at their place of business.)

    Mayor’s Report (Eric):  ~absent~  (reported by Jessica)

    COLOR:  Pier 39 Fisherman’s Wharf Blue

    The family-friendly GUITARFISH FESTIVAL, near Tahoe, is a “friggen funk fest!”

    Fundraising Committee (John):   

    *Been working on the 2015 Calendar (samples with different paper quality shown).  Discussion of purchasing a Binding Machine (do it yourself) to help with costs of printing/binding.  Thoughts:  Having 12 businesses show their small-ad on each month’s page, to help with price decrease.  Finding a school with a binding machine that could be used to bind the sheets together (Jessica to look into this!) to avoid having to pay a company or purchase the machine.  Discussion of ‘what people would pay’ for a calendar ‘these’ days was had.  (Most would not want to pay $15 for a calendar.)  The calendar would be given to all paid members.

    Production Report (Greg):


    *The Joint has contacted us, asking us to send a couple emails and a social media post or two, about the upcoming Friday, Sept. 4th PRIMUS show in exchange for 6 tickets.   Group happily supports this!

     *THE NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE are interested in a late November, early December show.  We had lost money at the last Hard Rock Live show.  This event may happen at VINYL, as the LVJBS 15th Anniversary show, with Andrew C.’s help.   Discussion of them with a possible ‘Catfish John’ opener, at the Brooklyn Bowl was discussed.  More info on date/location TBA.

     *SPAFFORD contacted Andrew C. at the Hard Rock, for a Friday/Saturday, Nov. 13th or 14th show. 

     *BROTHER’S GOW and MAGIC BEANS emailed about coming through town as well. 

     *TODD SNYDER was booked at the recently closed Bunkhouse Saloon on Sunday, Sept. 20th.  In search of a new venue to host this show.

     *DEAD WINTER CARPENTERS are wondering about another ‘Holiday Show’.  The dates for our ‘LVJBS HOLIDAY PARTY’ would be the weekend of December 4-6, as planned by the Officers at our last Officers’ Meeting.  More details TBD.

     *ROYAL SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD BAND (Feat. C. Neville, Y. Scott, T. Vaughn, B. Walker) have interest in an October date.  Group feels there are too many October events happening, so this may not be a good idea this time around.




    Tues., Aug. 18th--George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

    Wed., Sept. 23rd:  Lettuce

    Tues., Oct. 6th:  The Word

    Thurs., Oct. 8th:  Dark Star Orchestra

    Thurs., Oct. 22nd :  Blues Traveler



     *An Officers’ Meeting was held on July 15th (all Officers present) at Rocky’s Bar & Grill, discussing:

    --T-shirt samples

    --15th Anniversary show being a Grateful gathering of Family, Legends peeps, and the celebration of the LVJBS’ 15th year.  “A Jerry-Grateful 15th Anniversary”

    --BUS-TA-PHISH discussion (rented bus to Inglewood, CA)  (…ended up being a ‘bust’)

    --Holiday party weekend decided (Dec. 4-6)


    *Keith K. mentioned a possible 2016 Summertime event, in Mt. Charleston, in collaboration with their Volunteer Fire Dept.  Their newly renovated Visitors’ Center has a new amphitheater and golf area.  Thinking of making it a camp-out for families and including a can drive to local food banks, etc.  Group supports this future idea and thanks Keith K. for looking into this further.


    *Dave & Megan discussed the decided bands for the November 6-8 TACOPA TAKEOVER:

    --Moksha, Pitchfork, Superstar Bingo, Donzos Cozmos, Dr. Vibus, J-Free’s Drums, Flux, Signals/Catfish John, Sara Patterson, Part-Time Criminals, and possibly the Unwieldies. 

    (This event will have a possible silent disco (BYO head-phones), horseshoes, a bluegrass Sunday brunch, and more!) 


    August Friends & Family Event (Greg or Finkel): To help celebrate Jerry Garcia on Sunday, August 9th, we are hoping to host a POOL & BYO food & Beverage POOL PARTY at an ‘undecided’ location.  (* Greg to either host it at his home, or see if Jonathan Finkel’s home is available to help for size need.)  Location TBD.

     September’s Friends & Family Event (Greg): Been working with the 51s people about using their FRIENDS & FAMILY zone (in the shade!) @ Cashman Field for their 7:05PM baseball game.  The gates open at 5:30pm.  Discussion of two prices:  $35/each for a catered Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, and Chips (with cash bar) OR a $15/each for entry and purchase of own food/drinks.   Be sure to check an upcoming email for a vote.  It would be an EITHER/OR price decision.

     NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Sept. 1st @ Cashman Field, BEFORE the game @ 5:30PM

    Meeting Adjourned:  8:50pm


  • July 14, 2015 9:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)


    Members’ Meeting Minutes

    July 14, 2015

    Meeting Begins:  7:45PM

    President’s Report (Greg): “Everything’s going great—Let’s keep it how it’s going!”

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):  It’s been a great Summer.  Let’s keep it up.  The poster for the 15thAnniversary is in the making.  More details later.

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  This Summer has been good for marketing.  Many LVJBS info cards have been given out at the recent shows.  Check out via Facebook or web:  ‘Living with the Dead’, a Deadhead documentary, from someone met at Santa Clara, who showed interest in the LVJBS’ work and is creating a documentary: www.deadheadsdoc.com

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  The LVJBS has made some money, in return from the ‘AmazonSmiles’ purchases.  A small percentage of any ‘Amazon’ purchase, returns to LVJBS when you order from www.amazonsmiles.com  and enter the non-profit Jamband Society of America.  (It will save the information for the future orders, once found.)

    We now have a P.O. Box to help ‘centralize’ our paperwork/mail.

    One new member, Carron Haggerty, was met at High Sierra and has joined LVJBS for the remainder of 2015.  Welcome!  J 

    Mayor’s Report (Frobi (absent) via Jessica):

    COLOR:  Beautiful Psychedelic Rainbows


    Fundraising Committee (John & Kathy):  Pictures of the past LVJBS posters were selected and have been sent in for the 2016 Calendar.  They ‘should’ be ready at the same time as the ordered T-shirts.  A brochure with LVJBS and the newly added P.O. Box info will be available.  This will also be found on the ‘Wild Apricot’ site, via our ‘donations’ page.

    A ‘Jerry’ nice tapestry was shown. This Jerry-face, signed, on vinyl was created by an Artist friend of Ray Hansen’s.  The Fundraising Committee is thinking a $5 Raffle Ticket.  More info TBD.

    PR Committee (Jenny):  Focusing thoughts of duties and efforts, on more outside events (i.e. Tacopa Takeover), since most other events have been hosted by other promoters/other venues.


    LVJBS booked shows:

    None to report.  Working on the ‘Jerry-Grateful LVJBS 15th Anniversary’ event and deciding the music and location.


    No inquiries this past month, due to the busy Summer of music.

    Brooklyn Bowl (website supported) shows:

    Easy Dub AllStars, Mon., July 27

    Ky-Mani Marley, Wed., July 29

    George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Aug. 28

    Lettuce, Sept. 23

    The Word, Oct. 6

    Dark Star Orchestra, Oct. 8

    Blues Traveler, Oct. 22

    Hard Rock (website supported) shows:

    G.Love & Special Sauce, Hotel Beach Party, July 23

    Other Events:

    Kyle Gass Band w/ Moksha, Jack & the B-Fish, & Irie: Friday, July 24 @ Backstage Bar & Billiards


    *The Wild Apricot events are now updated through October.  This will help stay organized for the comp’d tickets (10 of most shows) and help with the ‘alternate’ attendees for those who decline. 

    *The Monthly Meeting reminders will be accurate and consistent:  one week prior reminder and a one day prior reminder, was decided as best, now that the Yahoo! Group is closed. 

    *Contact Paige if there are any leads on where to order ‘tye-dye’ Lanyards (badge holders).  Thanks!

    *Greg shared the T-shirt samples/fabric samples.  Group asked for 2 style for woman (a ladies’ cut T-shirt and a razorback Tank top) and one for the Mens’, yet in two colors.  The Officers will finalize the order and create a pre-order at the upcoming Officers’ Meeting. 

    *TACOPA TAKEOVER 2.0—Megan shared the decided 2015 dates:  November 6-8, 2015.

    Thoughts:  An extended weekend date (Sunday for acoustic Sunday morning music), Solar Sound System (Mike Andrieu), Sound by Dan.  Jeffrey T. for community drums, Live Art, Silent auction with money back to the town and Tacopa’s chosen groups, a Residential Rate and Discount for residents, a silent disco (a possible ‘gofundme’ account for the $1000 purchase of headphones/system will begin), & more.  Thought bands:  Scott Pemberton, The Signals, Cubensis. 

    ….More details and the continued planning TBA….Contact Megan R. and/or come to the August meeting for planning help!

    *Thanks to those various homes/locations which hosted the ‘Fare Thee Well’ viewings, for July’s Friends & Family Event!  J  


    The LVJBS 15th Anniversary event (confirmed date TBD, either August 8th or August 9th)


    More details about a 51s Baseball game and confirmed date, TBD. 

    (Possibly Tuesday, Sept. 1st, in conjunction with LVJBS’ Members’ Meeting.)

    Officers’ Meeting:  Wednesday, July 15th @ Rocky’s

    Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 4th @ JALISCO’S CANTINA

    6450 S. Durango Dr.  (Off 215 and Sunset/Durango), 7:30PM

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:00PM

  • June 03, 2015 12:13 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)



    June 2, 2015

    Meeting Begins:  7:35pm

    President’s Report (Greg):  ‘Things are moving along as planned.”

    *We have been looking at the 15th Anniversary T-Shirt (logo/samples/colors), from my Roommate’s printing company.   Our submitted logo (guitar) was used, with some changes made (a western-themed one).  Officers to give their input and changes to color and the font can be made.  More info TBD.

    *The August ‘Friends & Family Event’ will be a 51s Baseball game.  Brochure with party-levels/zone pricing will be looked at and a decision on the price/area will soon be made.

    Vice President’s Report (Kathy):   -nothing to report-

    Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  Thanks to the 5 Members (Kathy G., Ray H., Jonathan W., Basia Y., and Jessica G.) who donated their time on Saturday, May 23rd, to help collect 5 bags of trash near our ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ location, at Lake Mead.  Two fun-finds were kept for the LVJBS Archive:  a check, written to ‘Food Basket’, from a San Diego couple, in 1980 & a canister for NV Proposition 215.  (I will contact the couple at the address on the check, to see if they still reside there & to let them know of the odd find.)

    Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  Filed the needed form for tax purposes.  The baskets for the Brooklyn Bowl employees were purchased.  Jenny M & Paige will soon make a delivery. 

    Mayor’s Report (Eric ‘Frobi’): 

    COLOR:  (per daughter, Oceanna)   SPRING MINT-GREEN with a touch of BRIGHT YELLOW    (A music review of the recent Brooklyn Bowl shows was presented.)


    Fundraising Committee (John):  A brochure was created for LVJBS fundraising help.  This will be helpful when looking for donations.  Businesses will be able to see our ‘vision’ and contact info will easily be provided. 

    The Brooklyn Bowl has been keeping our music-tastes happy, yet, there is limited funds being made (only membership dues).  We will continue looking at various businesses that ‘give back’ to non-profits (i.e. Applebees, Chipolte).   A future event with Fremont Street’s SLOTZILLA (zip line), where 50% of the proceeds are returned to the group will be planned.  Any other ideas, are appreciated.  (Thoughts of a garage sale, by members, was discussed.)

    Archive Committee (Fred via Kathy):  Photos were taken on past LVJBS event-posters for a Members-Calendar.   (Will be available for purchase by non-members).  Thoughts were to add Birthdates of Members and Anniversary Dates to the calendar dates.  Other ideas?  Contact Fred:  grtflfred@aol.com


    *Andrew Courtney, formerly with the Hard Rock Live, is now at the Hard Rock Hotel, as their music director.  He will give us 20 comped-tickets for the Friday, June 26th, RUSTED ROOT/MOKSHA show, at the pool, in exchange for our Advertising help. 

    *KARIKATURA (jazz, funk, African, Latin-infused) was referred to us by AfroZep.  They are interested in playing Wed., July 15th.  Group suggests THE HIDEAWAY, with door donations.  More info TBA.

    *KYLE GASS BAND advertising help, was asked of us in exchange for tickets.  This event will take place at the Backstage Bar & Billiards, Friday, July 24th.  (They are looking for an opening act.) 

    *MELVIN SEALS & JGB will play Vinyl, at the Hard Rock Hotel, in August. 


    *Welcome, Jacob & Nava, from Oakland, CA.  They are promoting this weekend’s JAM AT THE BARN, in Blue Diamond.  It is the ‘JAM’s’ 9th year.  It began as informal jam sessions, and, after 4 years, bands started being booked.  SUNDAY, JUNE 7th, from 11am-Midnight.  This is a grass-roots, volunteers, donation event.  Please bring blankets, folding chairs, and coolers are welcome!   Various acts:  MOKSHA will end the event at 10pm, with VINNY GOLIA (woodwinds specialist), SK KAKRABA BAND (xylophonist), SZALT (contemporary dance company), and others.  Check out their Facebook page/event for more details.

    *Jeffrey Trower asked me (Jessica) to mention the possibility of having LVJBS support, for a future Drumming event, utilizing an out of town, African drumming team, live music, and it being a DRUMSTRONG (Cancer research) event.  Group says they will support this event when more details are brought our way! 

    *Kathy mentioned the FARE THEE WELL shows & the possibility of having a gathering to view the pay-per-view event.  The Chicago shows will be shown at the Brooklyn Bowl, on the big-screens, for $20.  The FUNKY METERS will be playing the late nights, after two of the shows.  More details on their website. 

    **UPCOMING BROOKLYN BOWL SHOWS WITH LVJBS ADVERTISING SUPPORT:--Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Orgone, John Butler Trio, Fishbone, Easy All-Stars, Earphunk

    JUNE’S LVJBS FRIENDS & FAMILY EVENT (Kathy):  This will be a Father’s Day event at COWABUNGA BAY WATER PARK.  Discussion of which party-rate to look into:  FATHER’S WITH A PAYING CHILD ARE FREE!  Sunday, June 21st.  GROUP RATES:  $28 per person, if 20+ people (or $37.95/each)  Child Price is $28.  CABANA RENTALS:  $169.99 (by the wave pool, for 8 people) or $220 (by quiet pool area, for 8 people).

    (Looking for someone to lead the JULY FRIENDS & FAMILY EVENT:  Anyone have a pool to use, or ideas?  Contact an Officer!)  J

    NEXT MEETING:  SECOND TUESDAY OF JULY DUE TO THE TRAVEL PLANS BY MANY:  Tuesday, July 14th @ 4-Play Tavern, on E. Sunset Rd., near McCleod.


  • May 28, 2015 7:40 PM | John Tolson (Administrator)


    "Monthly Member Meeting!" reminder




    Tuesday, 02 June 2015

    07:30 PM to 09:00 PM
    (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US Canada)


    The Hideaway (3369 Thom Blvd. on Rancho, 1 block North of Cheyenne—Make Rt. at the Mad Max Army Surplus Store for ease!)


    FYI - We are checking out the Northside and The Hideaway (3369 Thom Blvd. on Rancho, 1 block North of Cheyenne—Make Rt. at the Mad Max Army Surplus Store for ease!). Robert's Rule of Order will prevail, where one person speaks at a time. Motions are made on general topics and then quashed or get 2nd's. The meeting moves along pretty quickly and we're typically done by 8:45 pm Hope to see some new faces out there. We know you're out there...come on down and say HI. You'll probably make some new friends !! Hope to see ya there !! 4 the Music. The LVJBS


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