December 2020 Minutes

December 08, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

December 2020 Minutes


Date:December 8, 2020

Time:7:00 pm

Location:Virtual Zoom 

Attendees:Johnnie Tolson, Jenny Minucci, Paige Tolson, Megan Bichsel, Jessica Grant,, Tiffany Belcher, Adam Peiken, Jay Matts, David Bichsel 

Item I:Meeting called to order at: 7:00pm 

Item II: Presidents Report: 

  1. Thank you to the current officers with this weird year.

  2. We had more donors and only 15 less members.

  3. Interested in exploring an email for the LBJBS and officers if needed. 

  4. Golf outing for more than just members. 

  5. Want to get the movie outing scheduled. Book a movie theater at 3 locations 

Item III:Treasurers Report: 

  1. 8121.27 in the bank

  2. 1837.57 in the scholarship fund

  3. will send out an invoice for membership dues

  4. $5 off per quarter for attending meetings

  5. interest in updating bylaws

  6. Explore Network for Good instead of Wild Apricot

Item IV:Secretary’s Report: 

  1. Meeting to discuss changing or helping those in need with dues will be discussed at officers meeting. 

Item V:Mayor’s report: 

  1. Touch of Grey- survived the year together

  2. Lone Wolf Donations can be made at Sporting life. 

  3. Interested in exploring more discounts and benefits for members- Jammin On, Zia, have events with drink specials.  

  4. Have a go fund me to support kids in her class with gifts and food. Post gofund me on FB page. 

  5. Radio Stations have free events announcements.

Item VI:Committee Updates:

  1. Next years fundraising chair go after desks for members- Brooklyn Bowl Live Streams, possible live streams where people can donate to LVJBS.

  2. Fundraising can do press releases on news stations and radio stations.

  3. Looking for someone to head a committee to rewrite the by laws- specifically to address tribal elders and term limits.

Item VII: Open Floor

  1. Adopt a highway sign damaged- reported and will be replaced

  2. Logo tags submitted and should hear back in a few days.

  3. We can do short videos for press releases on TV. They will play clips that are already put together. 

  4. Possible walks in the future, LVJBS walks for Breast Cancer

  5. Adam works at the space and can get us a special for $1200 for the space and live streaming. 

  6. Try to book a band at the space for Jan or Feb at the space and sell 40 tickets. 

Next LVJBS meeting: Tue, January 5th, 7PM- Zoom

Meeting adjourned at: 8:30pm

Important Upcoming Dates: 

Next LVJBS meeting: Tue January 5th 7PM Virtual ZOOM


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