September 2020 Meeting Minutes

September 01, 2020 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant

September 2020 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: September 1, 2020

Meeting Start: 7:03PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom 

Attendees: Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Jessica Grant, Ian Zeitzer

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie)

  • A.    Still sending our condolences to Jenny Minucci and her family.
  • B.    Our VP, Secretary, and Mayor are not present.  Jessica Grant is covering the Secretary’s minutes for tonight.
  • C.    Our VGK, game 5, is on!  GO KNIGHTS GO! 
  • D.    There are few ways to raise funds during the Pandemic, so another request for donations will go out to charities and our members to help look for community support.
  • --Some private events and Livestream events have been helping to provide some live music for communities, but it’s not the same. (Spoke with friends in CO who had an event at a Drive-In theater, but with the need to ‘stay in/near vehicles’, it seems the ‘live music aspect seems to be left out’.)

Item 2: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

  • A.    The Southpoint Theaters have advertised a ‘private theater’ rental for $99, up to 20 people ($5 per person), with half-price concessions.  More info and a hopeful LVJBS movie night TBD.  (Possibly the new ‘Bill & Ted’ movie OR another feature that could get the group ‘socially distanced’ & together safely.)

Item 3: Secretary’s Report (Megan: absent)

Item 4: Mayor’s Report (Tiffany: absent)

            A. Color- Golden Knights!

Item 5: Production Report (Greg: absent)

Item 6: Open Floor

  • A.    Follow-up on the ‘Custom Guitar Pick Keychains’.  Last month: Guitar Picks continue to be explored as a membership gift and for use as promotional merchandise. Approximately $600 total with a 500 minimum order and 8 cents to print on both sides. Also, discussed adding keychain to be a more durable construct, as it comes with small "ball chain". We will further explore artwork for design.

Jessica to continue the exploration of this and start an LVJBS Team post, for the group to add their thoughts/logos/decision of the artwork, to proceed with the order.

  • B.    Ian Z. mentioned the thoughts of our Community of musicians and music fans, possibly having unused, instruments/music accessories that could be sent our way and donated to schools, since the need for these items is quite high, due to students around the valley being unable to share instruments, etc.

Jessica to create an LVJBS post about ‘Closet Clean-Outs’ to help advertise our Instrument search!

  • C.    Discussion of an LVJBS hosted “Community Blood Drive”.  Thoughts that acoustic musicians can play, as donations are being ‘pumped’.  Date thought:  middle to end of October

Jessica to contact the ‘American Red Cross’ to see how to proceed with a group sponsored event.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 6th.  Discussion of having it at random locations (i.e. Jacksons Bar, Rocky’s Bar, & also, virtually, via Zoom.)

Meeting adjourned:  7:15 PM

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