November Members' Meeting Minutes

November 06, 2019 11:58 PM | John Tolson (Administrator)

November Members’ Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2019 7:30pm


Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2019


Location: Cheba Hut – Sahara & Rainbow

Meeting begins: 7:45pm

In attendance: Greg, JT, Paige, Jenny M, Ian, Ellen, Tiffany Belcher


President’s Report (Greg):

·         Nomination notifications are out on Facebook as well as emails were sent out.

·         Holiday Party December 14th – Jenny & Boris’ house – Announcement will go out after Tecopa weekend - Entertainment TBA

·         2020 Shows – “Irons are in the fire. We are Dead Set to do 4 shows in 2020”

·         When an event is posted take the initiative to re-post/share and add friends from all over to get the word out – You never know who will see it and who is in town when events happen

·         Tecopa horseshoes – sign-up sheet is out in the FB event – please grab a partner and sign up – Everything else is all set to go!


Vice President’s Report (JT):

Nominations and Election timeline for 2020 Officers

·         Nominations will be taken through November 16th

·         Nominees will be notified November 17th

·         Acceptance of nominations completed by November 21st

·         Ballots will be made up & brought to the December 3rd meeting at Rocky’s and also put online

·         Voting can be done through December 11th

·         Winners of the 2020 Officer Election will be announced on December 15th



·         2020 We need to be more pro-active on finding venues that will work for what we want to do

·         Clubhouse – make it a reality – we need to find a property and move on it


Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

·         Adopt-A-Highway was super-fun, a good turnout, and a beautiful day! – we discovered animal bones – found $20 – and had some large appliances to be moved. We got it all done and enjoyed pizza & beer afterwards at Rusty Putter on Lake Mead Pkwy. We were able to use our Membership Cards to get a 20% discount and the staff was very friendly and loves our group and our cause. 

·         Rusty Putter is a possible new venue – the stage is a good size and the room is also. They have a full kitchen and bar. The gaming license is on the way so this may be a fun new place for us to go and check out some music.


Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

·         Amazon for Q3 2019 - $11.04

·         Smith’s - $29.79

·         Toured Area 15 – Very early stages of construction. Looks like a great space, not sure how we can/will use it in the future, but it would be nice to collaborate with other local businesses to have a function there.

·         Dues are on monthly payments of $10/month – Pay your dues and you can participate in the upcoming elections!

·         Don’t forget attending monthly meetings (at least 1 a quarter) you can get up to $5 off of next year’s membership dues! A total of $20 off for the whole year.

·         Be sure to add your SMITH’S Grocery ID# onto their website, look for The Jam Band Society of America and click on it to add them as the not-for-profit you wish to donate to.

· is the website to get your donations into The Jam Band Society of America – look up the “Charity List”, find us and start donating while you shop!!! Tis the Season


Mayor’s Report (Jenny): Color – Tecopa Teal

·         Looking for NYE possible venues – have been checking out options – Ex. Artifice/Mandt home/Jammin’ On Vegas

·         Idea for $10 from every membership to get a LVJBS t-shirt tie-dyed at Jammin’ On as a membership gift

·         Revising the logo – needs an update trying to get new idea from some of our artistic friends

·         Start planning a 20th Anniversary show

·         We need to define the Officer’s roles to make it more intriguing to others to nominate & run

·         Going to start posting on Facebook page/Social Media – Bands we want to see in 2020 – to get ideas of where people are at with who and what they want to see come through Las Vegas


Production Report:

·         Yak Attack for Dec 6th Electronica Band – was a possibility to host but there has been no word back from them

·         Spafford – Bunkhouse residency – potentially still out there but no updates have been given to the JBS


Committee Reports:

                Fund Development Chair (Megan):

·         Looking to showcase the winners of the Scholarship in early 2020 – More info to come J

·         Looks like we will have $2000 to donate to the 4 candidates



Open Floor:

·         Delta Nove book for next year possibly - cannot play Holiday party

·         Fundraising – Savers stores have a program for not-for-profits, where you collect clothing and donate it to them. They pay by the pound or by the piece is some of the clothing is a little nicer/designer, etc. We can try to figure out a location to have people drop off clothing and we can get them to the Savers store.

·         Fashion Show mall has a program on Saturdays & Sundays called “Fashion & Football – Tailgating” – People come in, watch the College or NFL football games, eat, drink, be social and 30% of the bar goes to the not-for-profit they are supporting that day/weekend. Looking into getting more information and heading down there on a weekend to check it out

·         Desire to work with the Blues Society, the Bluegrass Society and all other local music societies/clubs to have a bigger and better event than we can all do separately

·         TECOPA TALK…….



November Friends & Family event:



Next Meeting:

                Tuesday December 3rd – Rocky’s Bar + Grill 8540 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89123


Meeting Adjourned:


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