October Members' Meeting Minutes

October 01, 2019 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2019

Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Meeting Begins:  7:40 PM

In attendance: Greg, JT, Paige, Jessica, Ellen, Dan, Jimmy, Megan

President’s Report (Greg): “Bummer about Hunter!”

*Upcoming 2020 Officer Nominations/Elections will be happening within the next couple of month’s meetings:  October:  Nominations will be gathered this month (via email)

November: Acceptance of Nominations, & December:  2020 Elections.

*The Tuesday, November 5th Members’ meeting a ‘TECOPA BRIEFING MEETING’ to get any last minute details regarding the ‘Takeover’ finalized.

*One of our Members (Rodney) contacted us after our ‘request’ for ‘bands of future interest’ for our GOAL of 4 Shows/Year.

WISE MONKEY ORCHESTRA was a suggestion.  Their price for a booking would require 200 people paying $20.  (*Side discussion of what funds are in the LVJBS account/available venues & what they offer/what a ‘reasonable price’ ticket vs. the many comp-tickets many of us receive was had.)

Vice President’s Report (JT):

*BBLV’s list of the upcoming member-comp tickets: The Motet, Tower of Power, Thievery Corporation, Tauk & Jazz is Phish.

Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*The ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY Clean-up day for the Fall season will be on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26th @ 9am. We will gather for brunch afterwards at THE RUSTY PUTTER Lounge.

*(”THE RUSTY PUTTER”, on East Lake Mead (near Lake Las Vegas and our Adopt-A-Highway spot) had its re-Grand Opening.  They have a great stage for music and welcome our Members.  Show your VALID LVJBS Membership Card and get 20% off your tab.) 

*Paige to cover the meeting’s minutes for November due to my absence.

Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

*We earned $11.04 from AmazonSmiles along with additional Smith’s Card Rewards

*Dues are now ‘monthly’ payments.  $10/month.

* Don’t forget that attending monthly meetings can get you $5 credits for the next year’s dues.  (up to $20max).  Attendance is noted each month and an email is sent your way each December, letting you know the needed dues to keep current.

*Be sure to add your SMITH’S GROCERY card and your AMAZONSMILES account, to the ‘Jam Band Society of America’ non-profit help, to ensure a portion of your purchases comes back our way!  Tell your friends/family!  (We will look into posting an ‘easy’ ‘click here’ link for others to get started.)

Mayor’s report (Jenny M. absent via Greg):

Color: “Sky was YELLOW and the sun was BLUE”


*PINK TALKING FISH is available Friday, January 31st.  The Hard Rock Hotel will be closing after the Feb. 2nd SUPERBOWL party for it’s remodeling/renaming.  Awaiting on Andrew, from the HRH to let us know if that can be our ‘final’ HRH event.  If not, possibly the ARUBA, the BUNKHOUSE, or the PLAZA.  More details TBD.

*JACOB JOLIFF BAND –a mandolin quartet, is available Dec. 4, 5, or 7. (Jacob Joliff is a member of the Yonder Mountain String Band).  We will pass on their info to the SandDollar.

*Ian Z. had an email from Ryan (at the Bunkhouse) in regards to SPAFFORD having interested for the first week of April, or April 10th-12th.  Possibly Garage MaHall.  More details TBD.


            Fund Development Chair (Megan B.):

-Scholarship info is going out.  Please help spread the word & help get additional  Sponsors. Google Form on website. 

-We have 3 applicants so far.  Discussion of a ‘match an applicant’ had.  (e.g. If there was $1,700 raised in scholarships, the LVJBS would add $300 to make it $2k.)

(email will be sent by week’s end for the Officers to make the ‘decision’ on which nominee will be this month’s recipient.)

-Jenny & Megan went around to various downtown locations in search of donations.  They received $150 in gift cards thanks to the EUREKA casino (6th & Fremont)



*In lieu of the 2019 Holiday Party, maybe focus “our vision” on a 2020 CUBENSIS show.  More details TBD.

*Saturday, October 19th will be the DeltaNove Memorial gathering for their drummer, Dominick.  The LVJBS wants to send a gift of support and care to his family.  We will be sending our LVJBS attendees with a $150 check to offer to Dominic’s family for the ‘cause’ of their choice. 

*‘Friends & Family Event’ for October:  CATFISH JOHN @ JamminOnMain @ 6pm.  Lone Woof Rescue benefit.


*Oct. 2nd --  Calexico @ House of Blues

*Oct. 2ndUS & THEM (Pink Floyd) movie.

*Oct. 3rd—The Motet @ BBLV

*Oct. 5th—CATFISH JOHN @ JamminOn Main

*Oct. 5th--  Pink Floyd THE WALL EXPERIENCE @ The Smith Center

*Oct. 5th--  Stabbing Westward @ BBLV

*Oct. 6thUS & THEM (Pink Floyd) movie.

*Oct 6th—Stone Temple Pilots (w/ Rival Sons) @ The Joint

*Oct. 6th--  The Cult @ The Chelsea

*Oct.  11-13th –Viva Las VeGrass @ Spring Mtn. Visitors’ Center (Mt. Charleston)

*Oct. 13th—Scott Pemberton @ The SandDollar

*Oct. 19th--  HomeCookin’ @  The Bunkhouse

*Oct. 26th—Thom Yorke @ The Chelsea

*Oct. 26th—Catfish O ‘ Ween  (Catfish John) @ The SandDollar

*Nov. 1st--  Tower of Power @ BBLV

*Nov. 2nd--  Yachty by Nature @  Top Golf

*Nov. 3rd --  Tom Morello  (Rage Against the Machine/ Prophets of Rage)  @  BBLV

*Nov. 3rd--  The Moves Collective @ The SandDollar

*Nov. 7th--  Nahko & Medicine for the People @ BBLV

*Nov. 7-10—The Tecopa Takeover @ Tecopa, CA

*Nov. 12th--  Tauk & Jazz is Phish @ BBLV

*Nov. 16th—Fleetwood Mac @ T*Mobile Arena

*Nov. 21st--  MGMT  @ The Pearl

*Nov. 27--  Slayer, Primus, Ministry, ‘Pantera’ @ MGM Grand

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, Nov. 5th @ Cheba Hut (Sahara/Rainbow)

Meeting adjourned:  9:10 PM

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