June 11, 2019 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2019

Location:  ChebaHut (Maryland)

Meeting Begins:  7:45 PM

In attendance: Greg, JT, Paige, Jessica, Jenny, Dan, Jeffrey, Boris, Ellen

President’s Report (Greg):  

“Oh…well, Guess we’ll start this thingy!?“

*Looks like Paige is getting the Membership cards out. Thoughts for futures years’ cards:  To have a sticker made which shows the year (easy visual for which year it’s valid/cheaper to not reorder cards annually).  (Boris might be a great ‘volunteer’ for this….)

*Been trying to get a connection with the Bar172 at The Rio. There was an ‘email fizzle’/communication breakdown, in regards to the mentioned ‘Cubensis’ show. They wanted sample videos/payment info and we thought the band was taking care of the gathering.  Oops.

*Spoke with Monk (from Monk & the Po’ Boys) in regards to his side-gig of sausage/meats hobby and having him be a part of a future ‘music/sausage party’ at the Garage Mahal in late Sept./early October.  (Thoughts Oct. 12-13).

*Been in contact with Mike Mangan (Big Organ Trio) who wants to come back through Las Vegas.  Possibly at The Bunkhouse or an addition to the Tacopa Takeover.

*Thoughts to have a regular “this date in LVJBS history’ post.


Vice President’s Report (JT):

*Wild Apricot has merged with a new software company which will benefit us with additional system updates.

*The BBLV Chromeo ‘winners’ of tickets was posted today.

*The website now has a link to an ‘informational page’ to help people better understand our purpose of the ‘Peter Porter Scholarship Fund’, with ease. It will now have a ‘GoogleDocs’ website link, with the ability to keep data records of the scholarship’s additions.  

Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

*Dues are now ‘monthly’ payments.  $10/month.

* Don’t forget that attending monthly meetings can get you $5 credits for the next year’s dues.  (up to $20max).  Attendance is noted each month and an email is sent your way each December, letting you know the needed dues to keep current.

* We raise money each month, from those using our AmazonSmiles account. This past month’s was $8.72.

An email was sent from the AMAZON SMILE corp., with a detailed description/annual overview of our supporters’ activity.  Shows we have 21 supporters. 

*Be sure to add your SMITH’S GROCERY card and your AMAZONSMILES account, to the ‘Jam Band Society of America’ non-profit help, to ensure a portion of your purchases comes back our way!  Tell your friends/family!  (We will look into posting an ‘easy’ ‘click here’ link for others to get started.)

*Spoke with JamminOn’ in regards to getting the plethora of Area51Soundtest shirts, tie-dyed for better sales/use.  This could possibly be a future ‘Friends & Family’ event.

*Our ‘Lone Woof Rescue’ supported dog, Laverne, has been adopted.  We now will support/advertise “Ash”, a German Shepard Mix, who had broken her leg after a 4th of July Firework escape/injury. Share the word!

Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*JT, Paige, and I went over to JamminOn Vegas, to help Paul brainstorm their ‘June First Friday’ event.  A few of us ended up showing our support and feel we should continue this!

*Bar172 is a great, little venue with good stage/lights/sound.

Mayor’s report (Jenny M.):

Color:  “Black” RIP Dr. John  


·       The TX band, THE BOURGEOIS MYSTICS wanted to play on August 9th.  They will send us some links/clips to share to see if there is interest.  Our concerns is any unannounced ‘Jerry Day’ celebrations.

·       An Art Project is being done by Joe Rush, with old Grateful Dead (non-playable) albums.  If any are had to help out this artist, let us know and we will connect you.

·       THE MOVES COLLECTIVE will be at the GOLD MINE TAVERN in Henderson, on July 11th and HUNTER & THE DIRTY JACKS & GROOVESESSION will be at the SANDDOLLAR on July 11th.  We will help promote the shows.


            Fund Development Chair (Megan B.): absent (report via Jeffrey T.)

                        *Jeffrey T. will be sure to bring up the Monk/Sausage Party/Po’ Boys to the Takeover committee.

                        *Hoping to organize a ‘Drummer/Drum Cart event, at JamminOn Vegas, with some of the LV Strip drummers (i.e. Earth, Wind, & Fire or Santana band) for a future ‘Peter Porter Fundraiser.  More details TBD.

                        *NOISE was doing First Fridays, but have been recently scouting out the Henderson Downtown location events.  More details TBD.

                        *The Tecopa Takeover Raffle has requested use of the non-profit status to help the larger corporations to donate.


*Friends & Family events for June, July, and August will be the early shows for the BROOKLYN BOWL’S Rock & Roll Playhouse events:  June 15th:  Grateful Dead for kids, July 20th:  Reggae for kids, and August 10th:Prince’s Purple Party for kids.

*Possible August event:  JERRY DAY, The 9th Annual Meet up at the Movies:  Giants Stadium, June 17, 1991 will be at select theaters on August 1st.  More details and theater locations TBA.

*Future FRIENDS & FAMILY Event:  AVIATORS BASEBALL GAME.  More details TBD by Greg. (Looking at September)

(Non-Music Related:  Paige):  If anyone has room for an outdoor, non-litter box 6 year old male cat, please let Paige or an Officer know.  Also, if any folding tables (good for garage sales) can be lent for this weekend, June 15/16, please let Paige know. They will be promptly picked up and returned clean.


*June 15--Ziggy Marley w/ Michael Franti & Spearhead

*June 18—Chromeo @ BBLV

*June 23—Long Beach Dub Allstars @ BBLV

*July 11—Moves Collective @ Gold Mine Tavern (Henderson)

*July 11—Hunter & The Dirty Jacks with Groovesession @ Sand Dollar LV

*July 17—Toots & The Maytals @ BBLV

*July 21--Nathaniel Ratecliff & The Night Sweats @ BBLV

*July 23—Cracker & Camper Van Beethoven @ BBLV

*Aug. 18--George Clinton & P-Funk w/ Fishbone, Dumpstaphunk, etc. @ BBLV

*Aug. 28Morgan Heritage @ BBLV

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, July 2nd @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Meeting adjourned:  8:40 PM

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