DECEMBER 2018 Members' Meeting Minutes

December 04, 2018 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2018



Location:  ChebaHut

Meeting Begins:  7:30 PM

 In attendance:  Greg, Paige, JT, Jessica, Larry, Ellen, Jimmy C., Eric F., Ben Z., Megan B., Jenny M.


President’s Report (Greg): “Oh…is it 7:30 yet—just turned.”

2019 Elected Offices:

The Nominations of the 2019 Officers were made.  The only Office needing a vote is MAYOR.  The two nominees are:  Eric Frommhold and Jennifer Minucci.

(Online votes will be taken through 12/11 and the chosen 2019 Officers will be announced on 12/15 to be ready for the January 2019 meeting.)


Our 2018 Holiday Party will be on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14th at The HideAway (3369 Thom Blvd.)  Doors will be at 7pm, with a show time around 8:30-9pm.  The venue’s ‘curfew’ is 12:30am.  FLUX will provide the entertainment.  There will be NO opener.  Food and drinks are available for purchase. There will be a 50/50 Raffle with half the monies going to a selected winner and the other portion going towards a local school’s music program:  Duane D. Keller MS.

GOAL for 2019:  We want to start having 1 show/per month, since there seem to be less ‘jamband’ type shows at the Brooklyn Bowl.  We took 2018 ‘slow’ die to the Brooklyn Bowl’s addition to our scene. (*Brought up concern was to find a venue with the needed size—not too big, not too small.  The venue thoughts:  Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, The HideAway, and the E-String.

Thoguhts for future event:  A food truck and music, outdoor event at The HideAway or GarageMahal


Vice President’s Report (JT):

Trying to get our website more views, so have been adding additional local events.  Also, working on getting sponsors.  (Questions/Concerns brought up by advertising local medicinal dispensaries for our events. More details and list of possible sponsors TBD.  Please send us any thoughts on sponsorship.) 


Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

*Received an email from the Neon Museum, with updates on the ‘refurbishing’ of the Hard Rock Café’s Guitar sign.  It is in process.


*The merch-table at the Tecopa Takeover made $99.  ($94 in Merchandise sales and $5 donation.)


*Donations to the LONE WOOF RESCUE will be happily taken at this weekend’s FLUX event at Aces& Ales and our upcoming Holiday party.


*Lisa M. was the ‘winner’ of last year’s 6mo. free dues.  She had already paid, so will be credited $60 for her 2019 dues.


*Be sure to add your SMITH’S GROCERY card and your AMAZONSMILES account, to the ‘Jam Band Society of America’ non-profit help, to ensure a portion of your purchases comes back our way!  Tell your friends/family!


Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*Thank you to the TECOPA TAKEOVER team who worked SO hard to create such a great weekend event. 

*The DECEMBER ‘Friends & Family’ event is going to be our ‘Holiday Party’  (It is NOT all-ages, but the LONE WOOF RESCUE’s Blanket/Supply drive can be a GREAT Family Activity!)

*JANUARY’S ‘Friends & Family’ event will be looked into by Jimmy C.  Possible gathering to the LION HABITAT, in Henderson.  More info TBD.

Mayor’s report (Eric F.):   Color :   Hazy Purple

(Thanks to the ‘Tecopa Takeover Productions’ for their hard work towards a great weekend & to Fred & Max for their HORSESHOE win!)



*No update with the discussed JAMES BROWN DANCE PARTY (feat. George Porter Jr., Jennifer Hartswick) are interested in a possible ‘Vinyl’ event, Jan. 31-Feb. 2.  Officers thought the Friday, Feb. 1st date would be best.  More details TBD (Greg to inquire)


*TERRAPIN FLYER (feat. Melvin Seals) is still looking at early February 4-10th.  More details TBD. (Greg to inquire)


*Megan shared the update with the SCOTT PEMBERTON TRIO’S interest in one of the SCI late nights Feb. 15-17, at the SandDollar.  The SandDollar books their events far in advance, for less money that the band expects/receives elsewhere.  Greg to contact Andrew at the Hard Rock/Vinyl to inquire if they are available and want to take on this event.  More details TBD.


*Discussed the Facebook messages that bands/musicians have posted in regards to us hosting them.  No one has heard of the recent post re:  Achilles Wheel



*The DECEMBER Lone Woof Blankets, Food, Toys Drive is happening now!  Please contact an Office or Jenny M. to get your items their way OR bring them to one of our upcoming events:  FLUX, Saturday, Dec. 8th OR our Holiday party on Dec. 14th.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January 8th (2nd Tuesday, due to New Years’ Day) @ ChebaHut (Sahara/Rainbow)

Meeting adjourned:  8:45 PM

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