Members' Meeting Minutes: August 2018

August 07, 2018 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

August 7, 2018

Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Meeting Begins:  7:35PM

In attendance:  Paige, JT, Jessica, Dan R., Kathy G., Ian Z., Keith C., Julie C.

Vice President’s Report (JT):   “Greg’s flat tire will require a Fat Tire!”

We have had recent contact with Chris at the Brooklyn Bowl.  They are continuing the “advertising for ticket-trades”, for our Member Raffles.  Ten tickets for each of the following shows:

*Hot Tuna

*Rodrigo & Gabriella

*MC 50th Anniversary Tour

*Leftover Salmon

*The Motet

*Disco Biscuits

*Petty Grass (matinee)

--Tim is working on the website to help ‘clean it up’ and update it.  The question was brought up about the noticed ‘changing direction of our organization’ which appears on the Facebook ad for the WildApricot site.  This will be looked into, as well.

President’s Report (Greg):

**absent**   Production report call-update happened at meeting’s end.

Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

*Our Virtual Dog Adoption update:  Darth, our last sponsored Pup was adopted & now, the LVJBS sponsored dog will be a cute Pit-Terrier Mix, Laverne. 

*Our 2017 Holiday party ½ year membership winner was Lisa M.  She was credited for the January-June membership.

*Smith’s Grocery enrollments will get an email about any renewal to the ‘non-profit’, so keep an eye out & tell your friends!  (Also, will allow you to choose JAM BAND SOCIETY OF AMERICA as your focus.)

Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*Thank you to The Lyons Den radio show, Fathom Entertainment, & to Paige for the assistance with the August Friends & Family event (Annual Grateful Dead Meet-up-at-the-Movies).  Each of our theaters had a ‘rep’ who helped to distribute the tickets and helped to archive photos, for KUNV’s ‘Thank You’.

Mayor’s report (Eric F. absent):

Color :   Smokin’ Peach (…due to the Georgia shows being on-phire!)


Fundraising Committee (Kathy):

The random LVJBS extra fliers/posters, etc. will be on display, PRIOR, to the September 4th’s LVJBS meeting, next door to the Cheba Hut (thanks Kurt D. for helping to arrange the ‘space’).  Please come by and make a donation-offer for any needed gear! 

PRODUCTION REPORT (JT & President Greg via phone):

*PSYMBIONIC has given us many tour date options for a future show.  Any interest?

*CASCADE CRESENDO (bluegrass) sent an interest for an 11/3 show.  Due to the Disco Biscuits show at the Brooklyn Bowl LV, we declined their request.

*EMINECE ENSEMBLE has asked for the LVJBS to assist them in advertising for the late-night (free) show at the Hard Rock Live, after Phish, October 31st/Nov. 1st.  We will help them out on our website/fb page, yet our focus is the Pink Talking Phish show at Vinyl, Hard Rock Hotel.

*Andrew, at Vinyl-Hard Rock Hotel, has offered all LVJBS members a ‘free’ ticket to Grateful Shred, Friday, August 10th.  JT to send the free-ticket inquiry and Greg to get the list of names to Andrew.

*Our long-time LVJBS pal, DAVID GANS, had interest in 9/21, 9/22, 9/23, & 9/29.  Discussion of a possible Saturday, 9/29, show at The Sand Dollar Lounge.  We may connect the two together.

*SKULL & ROSES FESTIVAL organizer made contact with us, through the PinkTalking Fish agent, for a 2019 future collaboration.


*Ian Z., has offered to host our SEPTEMBER Friends & Family Event, at the NEON MUSEUM.  This is a special event, which would require pre-purchased tickets.  It would be a Sunset-Tour, requiring guests to be NO LATER than 6:40PM, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th.  The cost would be $24/per person.  The Neon Museum would donate 2 tickets to the LVJBS to ‘member-raffle’ off two comp’d passes for the night’s tour.  (Be on the lookout for the LVJBS Facebook event with the details and link to purchase your prepaid pass!)

*Ian Z. also shared the donation-restoration of the Hard Rock Café (Paradise Rd.) Guitar sign, which is soon to be placed in the city’s Neon Museum.  It needs to be refurbished and, for $250, the LVJBS can have our group’s name added to the guitar’s frets, as a ‘thank you’.  Due to the LVJBS’s longtime history with the iconic Hard Rock Café’s music-venue, the group thinks this will be money well-spent. (Ian to send Paige/JT the link for LVJBS’s help.) for more details.

*Kathy shared the update on the Mt. Charleston, 250 person outdoor Ampitheater area (stage/gazebos), near the Visitors’ Center.  It can be ‘privately’ rented for ½ day, for $700.  An area can be reserved, varies from $80-$360, depending on the time of year.  Questions had:  Can we sell beer?  Is there a noise level concern in town? Are vendors allowed?  (Kathy to inquire those answers and group will decide if it might make for a future Friends & Family event.)

*The NEXT Adopt-A-Highway date will be on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14th.  Please tell your friends & mark your calendars!


DUMPSTAPHUNK w/ GLASSES:  Thursday, Aug. 9th @ BBLV

GRATEFUL SHRED:  Friday, Aug. 10th @ Vinyl

CATFISH JOHN:  Sunday, Aug. 12th @ BBLV (early show)


RODRIGO y GABRIELA:  Friday, Aug. 24th @ BBLV

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 4th   @ ChebaHut (Sahara/Rainbow), 7:30PM

(Get there early, 6:30-7:30PM, to check out the displayed LVJBS posters/archive, which will be on display!)


Meeting adjourned:  8:45PM

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