FEBRUARY'S Board of Directors/Officers' MEETING MINUTES

February 07, 2017 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant


Board of Directors'/Members’ Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2017


Meeting Begins: 7:46PM @ Rocky’s.


Board of Directors/Officers/Committee Heads in attendance:

Greg, John, Paige, Jessica, Dan, Ian, Kathy


Called to order &

President’s Report (Greg): We’re on track for 2017!


Vice President’s Report (Johnnie): 

*Ticket lotteries have been going well.  The RELIX people have contacted us again for a ‘table’ for the three-nights of WEEN, Feb. 17-19.  (An email will soon go out, looking for volunteers.)

*Meeting on Friday, with a possible ‘LVJBS Clubhouse’ sponsor.  More info TBA.


Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

*Money has been given back to us from the Facebook donations, AmazonSmiles, Smith’s groceries.

*Panera Bread Café is another possible fundraiser.

*Auditing has been being done on our account.  Ensuring the PayPal, Checking Account with the LVJBS checks, etc. are combined and utilized correctly.


Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*Noticed that ‘Rocky’s Bar & Grill’ is not one of our ‘friends-of’ on our website.  We will speak with the owner to get his go-ahead for a ‘thank you-advertisement’.


Mayor’s Report (Justin): ~absent~

…via former Officer, Ian Z.

COLOR:  “Fatty Purple, Yellow, & Green”


Committee Reports:

Membership Committee (JT):  As of now, 59 paid members for 2017.

 Archive Committee (Kathy):  *Advanced notice is needed to help gather the needs T-shirts/posters, etc. for table set-up. 

*The 50/50 table drawings will help ‘rid’ the extra posters, T-shirts, calendars that are had at a reasonable price.

 *More LVJBS cards with the basic info/email/website address are needed.  This will help for ‘easier’ advertisement during events or set-ups like the RELIX table.



*High Times Magazine will have an event on March 4 & 5 @ Moapa Tribal Plaza for anyone age 21 & over.  They have offered a handful of tickets for our ‘word of mouth’/texted advertisement.  We will support this, but want to keep it ‘professional’ due to the event topic itself.

*The Go’Arounds, who are “bits of favorite bands exploded into Rock & Roll confetti”, from Michigan, are interested in Wed., 3/29.  Due to the lack of ‘knowledge’ about this band and the ‘many’ March events around town, a weeknight event isn’t recommended, so we will have to ‘pass’ on ‘The Go’Arounds this time ‘around….

*SHAKY FEELIN’ are interested in a weeknight show.  They gave some dates.  We know a large portion of our members enjoy this band, but are trying to inform the band that ‘weeknight’ shows are not always successful.  The only two ‘smaller’ venues that ‘could’ host them are the Bunkhouse or the HideAway.  (Kathy to inquire if those two locations would allow us to charge a small cover/work the door OR if the location will take care of the band’s needs.)  (We will mention a possible April 1st, late night, after the Brooklyn Bowl’s STS9 show, to help celebrate member, RJ’s Birthday!)  More details TBD.

*Eminence Ensemble & JellyBread were both interested in a late night, May 27th, after Dead & Co. show.  (The Brooklyn Bowl already ‘beat them to it’, with the scheduled PINK TALKING FISH.)

*Had contact with ‘Hunter & the Dirty Jacks’ member, Jon Siembieda.  He is looking into a future LVJBS collaboration.

*Had contact by Little Tybee & Chon who are coming down the west coast, over the summer months.  The dates that ‘could’ work for us conflicts with the ‘member popular’ HIGH SIERRA MUSIC FESTIVAL dates, so we could possibly catch them ‘next time around.’


Upcoming Brooklyn Bowl shows:

2/14:  Galactic

2/17-2/19:  Ween

2/20:  Infamous Stringdusters

2/27:  Grateful Ball

2/28: Railroad Earth

3/4:  Gov’t Mule

3/17:  Umphrey’s McGee

3/23:  Donavan Frankenrieter

3/28:  Robert Randolph

3/31 & 4/1:  STS9



*Discussion of the definition of ‘LVJBS Charter Members, Board of Directors, and the needed ‘current on dues’ were had.  A detailed list of requirements and the opportunity to ‘make due’ on any delinquent dues will be provided soon. 

*(Paige to get the updated spreadsheet of member info (name/addresses/phone/email) to the Officers.)

*Mark your calendars for an upcoming ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY clean-up, SUNDAY, March 19th @ 9am.

It’s quick & easy with more people!  The weather should be nice and it is a location with a ‘easy to get to’ drive and doesn’t take long!  (Grabber tools, safety vests, and the collection bags are provided!)  BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!!  J


Friends & Family Event:

*FEBRUARY’s event will be  ‘Panera Café’ event (part of the proceeds go back to our non-profit.)  Paige will send more details/Facebook invite for families to go at their convenience on the chosen day.

(**Also, Greg will choose a Tuesday, for a Drive-In movie (2for1) event. This will “happen on a Tuesday and the date will be known and shared soon!”)

 *MARCH’s event will be a Bowling night, planned by Kathy.  Location TBA and the possible dates would be Saturday the 11th or 25th.   


Next Members’ Meeting(s):

Tuesday, March 7th for the Members/Public guests @ Tenaya Creek Brewery.**

Meeting Adjourned: 9:05pm





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