February 08, 2024 11:19 AM | Angela Carlson (Administrator)
  • Date: February 6, 2024

  • Meeting Start: 7:11 PM

    Location: Virtual (Officers)

    Attendees:  Jessica G., Greg S., Paige T., Angela C.

  • Item 1: President’s Report (Jessica): “We’re off to a good start to 2024!”

  • A.   Our first LVJBS show, CUBENSIS, was a success! The band members had a great time and were happy to return to Las Vegas. Approximately 148 tickets were sold and 80 tickets with House Seats. We anticipate receiving payment in the next few weeks.
  • B.   The BBLV shows and the comp tickets went well.  All recipients showed up except one who will be removed from the next available ticket-comp lottery. I will continue to create Google Forms for future Lotteries since that seemed to work well.
  • C.   I was able to leave a Fundraising brochure with the box office of BBLV.  JT will also mail one in.
  • D.   Left a message & sent an email follow-up for Lanice at KUNV regarding what they can do for advertisement help for $200.  Awaiting a return call/email. We hope to promote membership for LVJBS.
  • E.   Liani and her company JUKE HOUSE have been a wonderful help in sharing the info from the Facebook page to our WildApricot members’ emails.  Liani is now an honorary member. At the next meeting, we will vote to create a Social Media Committee and nominate her as the Committee Head.
  • F.   Liani has added the LVJBS as an LVBS sponsor for their website we will do the same.
  • G.   The two FLUTES we have had donated from one of the SaddlesNSpurs patrons will be brought to my school’s music directors to send to the repair/check-up shop (Kessler & Sons) to let us know if they can do a little tune-up or let us know what might be needed before our Springtime donation to the High School band.  More info TBD.
  • H.   We need to pick a date for the Officers/Committee Heads to go to the Gutzats’ to work on the ‘Archive’ database/pot-luck.
  • I.   The last two Adopt-a-Highway events were canceled due to weather. One possibility is to schedule work on ‘Archive’ database and Adopt-a-Highway event on same day.
  • J.   Attended the LVBS’s Membership Appreciation Luncheon @ The Composer’s Room in the Commercial Center on East Sahara.  This room has a great stage area with moveable tables for a close-up dance floor space and a bar in a separate area from the stage (possibly for all-age events?) The food from the chefs, that the LVBS provided, was very enjoyable.  The room seems to open in the evenings at 5 PM for music/dinner, but could possibly be rented out for evening events or daytime events like the LVBS Membership event (1 PM-5 PM). The LVBS had photos shared on the screen from their past year’s events/celebrations while folks were entering and mingling.  Also, had projected photos being shared while the musicians were performing.  The LVBS President shared a slideshow of their 2023 recap, their sponsors, and their membership list of names, and gave the LVJBS and myself a shout-out about wanting a future collaboration. Could this be a possible venue?
  • K.     Venues to check out:  Craig Ranch Amphitheater and the Beverly Theater.
  • L.     Our Mayor, Shana, has mentioned what she can be doing to help out more as Mayor instead of simply ‘choosing the safety-alert color’.  Thoughts:  LVJBS Meet-up-at-the Movies for the upcoming BOB MARLEY movie?  Maybe contacting Regal Theaters or Brenden Theaters of the Palms Casino for a 10-pack of tickets to lottery off & make a ‘Meet-up-at-the Movies’ event for the LVJBS to attend? And/or contacting the mentioned new venues (Composer’s Room, Beverly Theater, Craig Ranch) regarding pricing or sharing some of the door proceeds for future events?
  • M.   The Google Spreadsheet will soon be made with a list of upcoming local events where we can ALL jump in the ‘live document’ and add notes of what has been done/what’s still needed so it helps with communicating the tasks.
  • N.  Robert Shatzer has been communicating with us via Facebook Messenger in regards to him organizing a large ‘Shakedown Street’ event in a ballroom-size area (possibly the Venetian) for many Deadheads to set up in over the Dead & Co. residency.  Sent him the ‘DreamFactory’ flyer (3500 sq. ft. event space) that Jerome Baker and Jen Krause had advertised.  He has also been invited to our March public meeting (Tuesday, March 5th, 7 PM—Location - Rocky’s). Our last correspondence was that things were moving in a positive direction for him, but nothing more to report.
  • O.  We are working with Jon at Blackspy Marketing to get fliers and other promotional material for Bender Jamboree.
  • P.   Phish/Dead & Co. after shows: We spoke of possible Phish live Stream before after shows.
  • Item 2: Vice President’s Report & PRODUCTION Report (Greg):

  • A.    Tanner of Eminence Ensemble & Josh Eckhaus of The Great Divide (Phish Tribute) made contact to our LVJBS Facebook messenger in regards to a Dead & Co. aftershow(s). Greg plans to put them in touch with the Sand Dollar.
  • B.    Dogs In a Pile are a consideration for Friday, April 19 for Phish afterparty. We discussed options for a venue. 24-Oxford is already booked.
  • C.    Live Stream Phish during Sphere shows – Angela will make contact Phish regarding options for legally streaming to large groups.
  • D.    Shaky Feeling – Did not work out as a Phish afterparty at the Sand Dollar. We are considering a 2-day event sometime in March at Garage-Mahal and will discuss with Matt & Diane.
  • E.    Wall of Sound – They have booked a venue on Fremont Street for afterparty after first Phish show at the Sphere. They might need additional help with ticket sales/ advertising.
  • Item 3:  Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

  • A.    $33.26, from 8-housholds have signed up with Smiths as part of our community outreach using their Smith’s rewards number.  Greg will do more research on what additional businesses give proceeds to non-profits that we could participate in.
  • B.     Decided to keep same box instead of the option of paying less. This will help us in having to change out addresses & info for the current box
  • C.     22 albums in the Archive were sold for $100 to member Keith K.
  • D.    We need to confirm how much we can donate for scholarship money after figuring out if any monies are coming our way from the Tecopa Takeover raffle.
  • Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Angela):

  • A.    Jessica provided her agenda to Angela to help with meeting notes.


   Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shana)

     A.    COLOR:  San Fran Kan Red AKA Taylor Swift Red

    Item 6: Open Floor (all):

  • A.    LVJBS Memorial Tree Anniversary is coming up.  We're looking into a Tuesday, May 7th, 4:20 PM Drum Circle gathering @ the Sunset Park Memorial location.  Jessica to contact JFree & Frobi for assistance. More info TBD.

  • Feb 9th – Chris Tofield Band @ The Sand Dollar LV (Blues)
  • Feb 10th – Catfish John @ The Sand Dollar LV
  • Feb 10th – Carlos Guerrero & Friends @ Sand Dollar Downtown
  • Feb 10th - Headz or Tailz @ The Hideaway
  • Feb 14th – Trevor & The Swinging Johnsons @ Sand Dollar LV
  • Feb 15th – Jimmy Does Jerry @ Sand Dollar LV (Blues)
  • Feb 16th - Matisyahu @BBLV
  • Feb 16th – Carlos Guerrero & Friends @ Sand Dollar Downtown
  • Feb 16th – Brown Chicken Brown Cow @ The Goldmine Tavern
  • Feb 17th – The Grateful Zone (Joel Martin) @ Voodoo Brewing
  • Feb 17th Haleamano (Reggae, Roots, & R& B) @ Winchester Theater
  • Feb 18th – Ian Crawford & Cosmic Miles @ Sand Dollar LV
  • Feb 18th – LVBS Blue Jam @ Saddle N Spurs
  • Feb 18th – Gov’t Mule @ The Pearl
  • Feb 18th – Tool @ T-Mobile Arena
  • Feb 18th - Damian & Stephen Marley @ House of Blues

  • Feb 21st – The Funk Jam @ Sand Dollar LV (Funk)
  • Feb 23rd – The Moanin’ Blacksnakes @ Sand Dollar LV (Blues/Rock)
  • Feb 24th – My Fellow Astronauts @ Sand Dollar LV
  • Feb 25th – Chris Tofield Btand @ Sand Dollar LV (Blues)
  • Feb 29th - LA Vation (U2 tribute band) @ Sand Dollar Downtown
  • Feb 29th - Extreme w/ Living Colour @ Virgin Theater
  • March 1st - Dave Matthews Band @ Park MGM
  • March 8th - Lucas Nelson & POTR @ BBLV
  • March 8th - Sara Patterson @ GoldMine Tavern
  • March 9th - Badfish (Sublime tribute) @ BBLV
  • March 16th - Journey & Toto @ Mandalay Bay Arena
  • March 20th - RumoursATL (Fleetwood Mac tribute) @ 24Oxford
  • March 22nd - Bruce Springsteen @ T-Mobile Arena

Meeting adjourned:  8:37pm

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 5, 2024; 7pm

Location:  Rocky’s or TBD

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