January 07, 2024 7:39 PM | Angela Carlson (Administrator)
  • JANUARY 2024 LVJBS Officers/Committee Meeting Minutes 

    Date: January 2, 2023 

    Meeting Start: 7:02 PM

    Location: Virtual (Officers)

    Attendees:  Jessica G., Greg S., Paige T., Angela C., Shana B., Johnnie T.

    Item 1: President’s Report (Jessica):   “Happy New Year everyone!”

  • A.    For virtual officer meetings Jessica is able to use her work account safely for no-limit GoogleMeets.
  • B.     JT will share the spreadsheet for brochures with other officers once complete. He has sent out 100 so far.  (He had 100 printed and is working on getting them addressed and out.)
  • C.     Recap of the need for new venue:
  • We are looking for a venue without gaming that is willing to allow us to charge a cover. The goal is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship, possibly have an info table, 50/50 raffle, while helping them advertise while supporting a non-profit. We plan remove is to connect with “The Usual Place,” and The Sand Dollar. Many venues book out months in advance, which is a challenge. Las Vegas Blues Society’s President, Jimmy Carpenter is interested in a collaborative future event with us. Other venues we are considering contacting are Craig Ranch Amphitheater and the Beverly Theatre.
  • D.    Business Cards for Officers – We plan to order a smaller amount next time to keep information up to date cost effectively.
  • E.     Recap of Holidaze Party last month:
  • To compensate Matt, Diane, and Richard for hosting we plan to offer complimentary membership and recognize Richard as an “honorary” member. Another option is a gift card if they prefer. One port-a-potty was adequate.
  • F.     Instrument Donation – we plan to donate to a local school, a violin, guitar or trumpet. We will post on Facebook if someone has an instrument to donate. The goal is to donate before the end of school year, May 2024.
  • G.    JT made contact with Brooklyn Bowl in regards to once again providing comp-tix in exchange for advertising- has not received a response yet
  • H.    Committee Heads
  • We have had Archive and Fundraising committees in the past. JT volunteered to be head of the Fundraising Committee. We are in need of IT and Social Media Committees.
  • Item 2: Vice President’s Report & PRODUCTION Report (Greg):


  • A.    CUBENSIS is playing in Tempe, AZ on Thursday, 2/1 & asked about possibly coming here on Friday, 2/2.  Connected with Andrew Courtney about 24 Oxford at Virgin Hotel/Casino as possible venue. Andrew would provide hotel and passes for food. Thoughts on price are $10 for paid members, $15 advance, $20 night of. We would need 60-65 people to break even. He should have more information tomorrow.
  • B.    Plans to come up with date for last year’s mentioned golf event.
  • Item 3:  Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

  • A.    Adjusted membership invoices for new officers.
  • B.     Plans to connect with many key people in the community that are not on our email list.
  • C.     David de Groot invoice – he charged $75 for license plate stickers, $50 for his time, $75 for artwork for Holidaze party handout.

    Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Angela):
  • A.    Jessica sent last December’s meeting information and template for meeting notes.
    Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shana):
  • A.    COLOR:  gold
  • B.     Goals for her position is to offer support in finding a new venue for events. 
   Item 6: Open Floor (all):
  • A.    Adopt-A-Highway Clean up-Event is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 7, 9am
  • B.     Archive & Fundraiser Committee Heads will be invited to future Officer meetings.
  • C.     Officers/Committee Heads plan to document what is in the Archive in Feb. / March.
  • D.    We have a new Facebook page for officers. Angela and Shana are now Admins on Wild Apricot.
  • E.     It was suggested that we contact the BBLV to do a live stream party (@ the venue) for the Phish Sphere show(s) for those that did not have tickets but would still like to watch the shows. They could charge a small fee. It’s close to the Sphere venue!  More info TBD.

*Jan. 5th—That1Guy @ The Usual Place

*Jan. 5th—WildChild (Doors Tribute) @ House of Blues

*Jan. 5th—BCBC @ SaddlesNSpurs

* Jan 7th – Swayze Crawford Band @ The Sand Dollar LV

*Jan. 11th—Caden Powell & the Ne-er Do Wells @ SandDollar LV

* Jan 13th – Chris Tofield Band @ The Sand Dollar LV

* Jan 20th --Ian Crawford & Cosmic Miles @ The Sand Dollar LV

*Jan. 20th—Collective Soul @ The Pearl

*Jan. 20th—SpaceProm @ The Usual Place

* Jan 25th – Keller Williams @ Brooklyn Bowl

* Jan 26th – Jimmy Plays Jerry @The Sand Dollar LV

* Jan 27th – Jimmy Carpenter Band @ The Sand Dollar – Downtown

*Jan. 27th—G3 (Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai) @ The Westgate Theater

* Jan 28th – Chris Tofield Band @ The Sand Dollar LV

*Jan 28th – Pink Talking Fish @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas (BBLV)

*Jan. 29th—Unique Masive @ Sand Dollar LV

* Feb. 1st – Lettuce @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

*Feb. 5th—Swayze Crawford Band @ SandDollar LV



Meeting adjourned:  8:00 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Location:  Virtual  (Officers/Committee Heads)


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