December 05, 2023 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

DECEMBER 2023 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: December 5, 2023 

Meeting Start: 7:02 PM

Location: Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Attendees:  Johnnie T., Paige T., Jessica G., Greg S., Jimmy C., Kathy G., Fred G., David D., Angela C., Brett R., Dan R.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):   “Okay, Folks…Let’s get ‘er started!”

A. Thank you to all of the 2023 Officers and Committee Heads for all they did for the LVJBS this past year.  It’s been a great year of trying to throw various events and other attempts to raise monies.

B. Recap of November’s Tech-needs:

Before year’s end, we are hoping to ensure the ‘procedural things’ are in place, according to the Bi-Laws.  We will ensure that the monthly meetings are held for the elected Officers and Committee heads (possibly via Zoom) and the Members’ meetings are taking place quarterly (at random local locations). At the December 2023 meeting, we will review the Bi-Laws and give a refresher to those who may need it and share its info with the new elected Officers. We will also ensure a review of each Officers’ duties is had (e.g. Current President has been handling the Tech needs (emails of events, etc.), Social Media Chair to handle the Twitter, IG, Facebook announcements, etc.)

WildApricot has an option for TEXT MESSAGING our members and/or EMAIL.  A notification will be sent, asking members if they are ‘willing to accept text messages’.  (Pricing was originally $30 and is now $15/year).  Texting prices vary:  $6/month (or $.04/message).  WildApricot is currently costing us $140/month.  More details TBD.

C.   Officer Elections for 2024: 2023 had 38 paid members.  22 members votes for the 2024 elections.

Current 2023 Officers: 

PRESIDENT:  Johnnie Tolson, VICE PRESIDENT:  Greg Serensits, TREASURER:  Paige Tolson, SECRETARY:  Jessica Grant, MAYOR:  Shannon Stark

Elected 2024 Officers:

PRESIDENT:  Jessica Grant, VICE PRESIDENT:  Greg Serensits, TREASURER:  Paige Tolson, SECRETARY:  (pending: Jessica Grant elected, but can only hold one Office.) MAYOR:  Shana Bachman

D.JT to send the other five 2024 Mayor Nominees an email to see if one of them would like to become our Secretary and help with those needs since the Secretary Office is again open.  We will have another voting session to determine who the group would like to support for this change.  The new Officer will be announced before our January 2nd meeting.

E. IT-Committee Head position is needed.  Group voted & all ‘Ayes of the World’ support this new position to assist the Officers with the Technology needs.  For now, the current Secretary (Jessica) will create a GoogleDoc and share it with the LVJBS Team to help identify ‘what tasks are needed’ & ‘what tasks are done’. We feel this will help with communication amongst tasks.

F. JT made contact with Harrison Ezratty (RELIX magazine promotor) about needing any assistance at the upcoming Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas (BBLV) shows in exchange for comp-tickets to jam band-events.  Upcoming:  Keller Williams, Pink Talking Fish, Lettuce, Matisyahu (More info TBD)

Item 2: Vice President’s Report & PRODUCTION Report (Greg):

  1. Ready to keep on the ‘same track’ for 2024—helping with Production & am ready to work with the 2024 President, Jessica, to do so.  Goals to get the recently mentioned GOLF TOURNAMNET event done in 2024, as well as finding a new venue to host shows in will be the main focus.
  2. LVJBS Holidaze Party is almost here!  Greg will not be in town for this event, but has been working with the venue, getting the last minute needs done. Dan R. to help with sound. (JT, Paige, & Angela will be getting to the venue before the ‘doors open’ to ready the table, raffle tickets, etc.) The event is   SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th.  Event will be a $20 donation, with $5 of that price going towards a 50/50 Raffle Ticket.  (Group decided to only have the one 50/50 Raffle for this event.) This will be a BYOB & BYOFood event.  Supervised children are welcomed.

Approximate agenda of events: 

1:00 PM:  Doors open

2-3:00:  PITCHFORK

3:30-6:30:  CATFISH JOHN

6:30-9:00:  Acoustic Campfire Session/Clean-up

C.   The created STATIC STICKER will be free to all paid attendees of the Holidaze Event ($2/each for additional or future sales). Also, thanks to David DeGroot for his colored-hand-flyer that will be available for those to have as a keepsake.


A.  We are glad that the rumored ‘PHISH BOWL’ at the Sphere is happening!  April 18-21, 2024. 

B.  Spoke with PINK TALKING FISH who will be playing the BBLV on Sunday, January 28th. They don’t plan on bringing their ‘backline’ and asked if any local band would be able to ‘open’ for them, allowing their use of equipment.  Greg reached out to a few of our local bands and none were interested for that date.  Dave B. spoke with the DUNE BABOONS.  They don’t use a keyboard, so unsure what will be decided.  (Greg to ask Eric of PTF to create a list of backline needs so we can assist with this event.)

C.   A PHISH-BOWL after-party is definitely a thought for a successful event.  We contacted both Nathan and the SandDollar LV and Andrew at Virgin Hotel’s Oxford24, yet didn’t hear back, in regards to helping promote an event for the late night of Friday, 4/19.    

We were contacted by Darren (former Particle Drummer) who is interested in having his current band, WALL OF SOUND, play an after show & Jeff from SHAKY FEELIN’.  Groups voted on SHAKY FEELIN’ having more of a fan base, which would make for a successful after party event.  (More details TBD.)

(We are assuming Pete Shapiro (of the Brooklyn Bowl) might be working on something at the nearby, in walking-distance from the Sphere, BBLV.  We will await further updates to decide any involvement.)

D.   CUBENSIS is playing in Tempe, AZ on Thursday, 2/1 & asked about possibly coming here on Friday, 2/2.  (Suggested they make contact with the SandDollar for their band’s price-offer plus tips, since we don’t have a great venue option at this time.) 

Item 3:  Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

  • A.  We had 8 pre-pay already for the Holidaze Party.
  • B.  We raised $24 for the Bundt cakes at Tecopa & $140.42 for the SAVERS FUNDrive collected donations
  • C.   Discussion to continue paying for the WildApricot site per month VS. the annual.  Savings of $320/year.  Group supports the annual fee.
  • D.  Recently paid for Porta-Potty, the new wristbands for the Holidaze event and the printing of the Static Stickers.
  • E.   Suggestion to have the Officers and LVJBS Team utilize the email, rather than using our personal emails when communicating.
  • F.   Discussion of the ‘Tribal Elder/Honorary Shaman’ status of our longtime Officer and Member, Dan Rugotzke & the Officers wanting to promote our longtime Member, Jimmy Cressy, to this ‘Honorary Shaman’ title, as well.  Group supports this! 

  • Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica):
  • A.    Adopt-A-Highway update:  Picked up extra bags.  Next Clean-up:  Sunday, January 7th.  Details and invite to be sent before year’s end.
  • B.     Jessica shared her gratitude & support for her services as Secretary these past years and her eagerness for the 2024 Presidential adventures! 

  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Shannon via Greg):
  • A.   COLOR:  Crimson

  • Item 6: Open Floor (all):
  • A.  (JT)  The ‘Corporate Sponsor Brochure’ was shared with the group (100 printed through VistaPrint) & will be sent out to possible Sponsors soon.  Let an Officer know if you know of any possible sponsors & we will get a pamphlet their way! 
  • B. (JT)  It's been a great year as PRESIDENT of the LVJBS!  


*Dec. 5—Chris Tofield Jam @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 7—Jimmy Carpenter Band @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 8—Soul Juice Band @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 8—Chris Isaak @ The Pearl

*Dec. 8—Robby Krieger @ Vamp’d

*Dec. 9—Catfish John w/ Pitchfork @ LVJBS Holidaze Party

*Dec. 9—Peace Frog @ The Suncoast Theater

*Dec. 11—Swayze Crawford Band @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 15The Rayford Bros. @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 16—Marc Rebillet @ BBLV

*Dec. 20—MegaScopes @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 22—Catfish John @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 24—Red Eye Gin @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 25—Swayze Crawford Band @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 26—Trevor & The Swingin’ Johnsons @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 27—Chris Tofield Band @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 29—Marc Rebillet @ BBLV

*Dec. 29—The Roots @ The Pearl

*Dec. 29—Bad Faerie Ball @ Artiface

*Dec. 29—Jimmy Carpenter Band @ SandDollar LV

*Dec. 31—BrownChickenBrownCow @ Frankie’s Uptown

Meeting adjourned: 8:23 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Location:  Starboard Tack, 2601 Atlantic Street, Las Vegas, NV 89121

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