June 07, 2022 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

JUNE 2022 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: June 7, 2022 

Meeting Start: 7:05PM

Location: Rocky’s Bar & Grill 

Attendees: Johnnie T, Paige T., Jessica G., Greg S., Jay Steven Smith, Dan R.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):

“Okay, Let’s get started!”

*The ‘Second Sunday’ Saddle N’ Spurs event for June will be Sunday, June 12th with TheeMessArounds w/ an open jam (7-11 PM)  (Please help to advertise!  Tell you friends!)

*Will be making sure to get back in contact with the GOODWILL stores for their help in gathering donated musical instruments for our local schools. Our hope is to gather many instruments to publicize with the local news and present to a particular schools.  (Scott T. has one guitar to donate to start it off.)

*We reached out to GOOGLE in regards to their $10k-15k grants.  We will hold a meeting with them soon in hopes to get info ready for the 2022-23 school year.  More details TBD.

* We were saddened to hear of the passing of one of our founding LVJBS members & former Treasurer, Dan R.’s wife of 30 years, Donna.  Our group members wants to help Dan out with any need He might have, whether it’s airfare to visit family or simply something that will help him to smile.  More info TBD.

*A special “Thank You” to our community of music friends & family for being so wonderful and thoughtful for so many.  JT specifically thanks those who reached out to him & Paige and showed care while He was in the hospital.

Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam)


Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

·       A.    Review of balances. Monies in both checking and savings (Scholarship fund money)

·       B.    Shared thoughts & a request of having future meetings at various ‘non-smoking’ locations to help those with sensitivities enjoy the meetings, as well.

·       C.     PAY YOUR DUES!  J


Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

·       A.  Was contacted by Monique who helps promote the upcoming George Clinton/Fishbone, etc. show at Craig Ranch Amphitheater, on Aug. 13th. They want to offer our Members a group of tickets (QR code entry) with help in advertising.  JT to contact her back with the plan.  More info TBA.

Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Greg)

·       A.    Color:  Jenny Rose Red

·       B.  Been speaking with Nate LaPointe regarding the GoFundMe for Craig Marshall of Cubensis, which has already met its goal.  They spoke of a possible “CraigRaiser”, here in town, with members of Catfish John, TheeMessArounds, Cubensis, & other Dead related musicians gathering to hold a fundraisers with old and new LVJBS friends.  Hoping to combine the past LEGENDS LOUNGE FAMILY PICNIC event with this ‘CraigRaiser’, while inviting Rudy (&/or Linda) Jalio to the event.  Thoughts of dates:  Sept. 10/11 or Oct. 8/9 --More discussion & details TBD.


Item 6: Production Report (Greg):

*Nothing new to report*


Open Floor:

  • *Thanks to JT and Paige for representing the LVJBS at the recent THE SOUL JUICE BAND & Iverson ChildHaven fundraiser on May 20th.  The event was a good time & JellyBread was missed after them having to cancel.
  •  Welcome back to our LVJBS Member/Music supporter, Steven Smith, who recently left Las Vegas to be with his parents in Florida.  


*Friday, June 10th: SWAYZECRAZY BAND @ Henderson 115 Water St.

*Saturday, June 11th: BOOMBOX @ BBLV

*Wed., June 15th:  THE FUNK JAM @ SandDollar LV

*Thursday, June 16th:  THE WAILERS @ House of Blues

*Fri. & Sat., June 17th & 18th:  THE STORYTELLERS @ Gilley’s BBQ (Treasure Island)

*Sat., June 18th:  CATFISH JOHN @ SandDollar LV

*Sat., June 18th:  GOV’T MULE @ BBLV

*Thurs., June 23rd:  KingJames Brown Band @ SandDollar Plaza

*Friday, June 24th:  MEGASCOPES @ SandDollar Plaza

*Saturday, June 25th:  PITCHFORK @ SoulBelly BBQ

*Saturday, June 25th:  PRIMUS @ Virgin Theater

*Sunday, June 26th:  BigFoot County @ SandDollar Plaza

*Tuesday, June 28th:  The Chris Tofield Band @ SandDollar Plaza

*Thursday, June 30th:  Jimmy Carpenter @ SandDollar Plaza

*Sat., July 2nd:  CATFISH JOHN @ SandDollar Plaza


Meeting adjourned:   7:40 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, July 5th @ 7 PM. 

Location:  Cheba Hut, Maryland Parkway, near UNLV.

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