January 2022 Members' Meeting Minutes

January 04, 2022 8:05 PM | Jessica Grant

JANUARY 2022 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: January 4, 2022 

Meeting Start: 7:05 PM

Location: Crown & Anchor Pub 

Attendees: Johnnie T, Paige T., Jessica G., Adam P., Steve Galbraith

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):

 “Thanks for coming.  It’s a new year, so let’s get started…”

Updated Elected 2022 Officers are:

President:  Johnnie Tolson

Vice President: Adam Peiken

Treasurer:  Paige Tolson

Secretary:  Jessica Grant

Mayor:  Greg Serensits


*MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL info will be reviewed.  There were a few issues with members using ‘discount codes’, so some troubleshooting occurred and that helped:


*$10/month, if paid monthly

*$100/year (single membership), if paid in full by March 1st

*$150/year (couple--same address membership), if paid in full by March 1st

(Possible discounts:  If attendance in 4 or more monthly meetings the year prior was had, $20 can be taken off your year’s membership cost.)


**At the December 2021 meeting, the discussion of having any future elected Officer’s Membership cost reduced to $25/each (single membership) was had.  The LVJBS Team members agreed to this discount.  (**Discount only valid for those Officers who were paid in full members the year prior and attended meetings/held up to their Elected duties (Found coverage when needed, Volunteered throughout the year, etc.)


*TICKET LOTTERY information:

--We have extended the MELVIN SEALS & JGB lotto with the BBLV until Saturday, Jan. 8th.  Members and any interested music fan, can help advertise the BBLV event by sharing the event to their own Facebook page, tagging at least 5 non-LVJBS members and by completing the online registration form. 25 free tickets will be distributed to those who meet the requests.

(*See the LVJBS email and/or Facebook page for complete details and forms.) 


Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam):

  • A.    Wasn’t able to make the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas (BBLV) meeting with JT and BBLV’s Director of Marketing, Kirk Reed.  An update of the meeting was shared by JT: 
  • The BBLV wants to continue their relationship with the LVJBS, by us helping them to find ‘JamBand’ related bands for contacting and helping them to advertise their events.  This assistance will earn us an allotment of comp’d tickets for disbursement to our members.
  • (Jessica to soon send out a Facebook post, asking Jambanders to share their thoughts or hopes of future Jamband groups/musician names which they would like to see in our city.  From there, we will get those suggestions the BBLV’s way so they can contact and arrange events.)


Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

  • A.    Review of balances. Monies in both checking and savings (Scholarship fund money)
  • B.    Renewed the P.O. Box account fee
  • C.   Canceled the ZOOM auto-renewal, since it’s not used any longer.
  • D.   Payment ($250) to Chuck Garvey (moe.) will be sent from the LVJBS as He recovers.
  • E.    PAY YOUR DUES!  J 

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

  • A.    The next ‘Friends & Family Event” mention was a trip to the LION HABITAT in West Henderson. The date we will look into after making contact with the Lion Habitat (asking for non-profit group discount) is Saturday, April 2nd. (More details TBD at February’s meeting.)

  • Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Greg via text at VGK game)
  • A.    Color: GOAL’d


Item 6: Production Report (Greg via text at VGK game)

  • A.    Saddles N’ Spurs had reached out, offering us the 2nd Sunday/mo., (7-11PM shows), where $250 would be given to pay any brought in band & the ‘tip jar’ for us to use as needed. 
  • B.    We had made contact with HOT BUTTERED RUN, for Tuesday, 2/10, yet their tour route had changed.  (More details on if/when they’ll be near Las Vegas again TBD.)
  • C.    JT suggests:  Creating an online tip-jar when events are announced, so musicians can get some extra funds.  Also, in addition to the given $250, the LVJBS wants to offer a stipend of $75/additional band member, paid by the LVJBS.
  • D.    We will look into hosting an event there in March.


  • A.    BY-LAW Committee:  The updated 2022 LVJBS By-laws have been created. The Officers are going to make any final edits/corrections, so they can be updated and published.  Members can get a copy, by requesting one.  The final document will be discussed at the March LVJBS meeting.

  • B.    FUNDRAISING Committee: We’re looking for Corporate Sponsors to help us with financing future events.
  • JT’s 2022 goal is to send 5 letters/month to business sponsors in hopes for them to donate money, in exchange for their names/business names to be added to our events.  Also, depending on the given donations, a certain number of LVJBS memberships can be given to their company to share with their employees/staff, as they choose.
  • **We will be reaching out to ‘Google Grants’ for a hopeful non-profit $15k grant.  More info TBA.


  • Open Floor:
  • A.    JT to follow up with ROSIE’S SALOON & CAFÉ (formerly Rosie’s Den) *off the US93, in White Hills, AZ, recently being remodeled by Terribles’ Casino group.  They have a stage area and are welcoming to have us work with them.  (More details TBA)


            *The Unwieldies w/ Big Texas @ Gold Mine Tavern (Jan. 7)

            *Moanin’ Blacksnakes @ SandDollar LV (Jan. 8)

            *The StoryTellers @ SandDollar LV (Jan. 20)

            *The StoryTellers @ Gilleys BBQ (Jan. 21)

*TOOL w/ BlondeRedhead @ T*Mobile (Jan. 22)

*CATFISH JOHN w/ The Alligators @ SandDollar LV (Jan. 22)

*Steve Vai @ House of Blues (Jan. 27)

*Melvin Seals & JGB @ BBLV (Jan. 28)

*THE GREEN @ BBLV (Feb. 5)

*The Black Crowes @ HOB (Feb. 11 & 12)

*Catfish John (Grateful Dead for Kids daytime event) @ BBLV (Feb. 12)

*Allman Family Revival @ Virgin Theater (Feb. 24)

*Metallica w/ Greta VanFleet @ Allegiant Stadium (Feb. 25)

*Billy Joel @ Allegiant Stadium (Feb. 26)

Meeting adjourned:   8:05 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 1st  @ 7 PM. 

Location:  Jackson’s Bar & Grill

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