LVJBS 2016 Officer Nominations

  • November 06, 2015
  • 7:00 AM


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LVJBS 2016 Officer Nominations

Hello LVJBS :)

Please feel free to nominate one of our members for an OFFICER position for the upcoming 2016 year

(Nominations will officially begin at the Tuesday, November 3rd Members' Meeting, yet any Nominations received prior to the meeting will be announced then, as well.)

All 2016 Officer Nominations will be due by Friday., November 6th....

Anyone can nominate, yet only PAID IN FULL members, can vote.

To see a list of our memberships names go to this link:

Voting to take place at the December meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 1st (or by email prior to Friday, Dec. 4th for those not making the meeting.)

The person taking the Office, must be a dues paid member for the 2016 year, in order to hold office. 

Send your nominations to & cc'd to for them to be added to the list of nominees.  

Or register a name for each position here:    








Please reply sender...along with/to LVSMOJOE@YAHOO.COM, so we can compare notes/names & contact the nominee to see if it's accepted before the name is added to the ballot.... (Public Nominations can be made via the Facebook post, by 'commenting' on the 'Nomination' post--TBA)



4 the nominations, 

Your Secretary Jessica ;)


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