LVJBS Team’s Meeting Minutes to discuss February’s event at The Space

January 18, 2021 11:26 PM | Tiffany Belcher

LVJBS Team’s Meeting Minutes to discuss February’s event at The Space

Date: January 15, 2021 

Meeting Start: 7:06PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom 

Attendees: Johnnie T., Adam P., Paige T., Tiffany B., Jay M., Jessica G., Jenny M., Greg S., (Mark, The Space, sat in briefly with Adam P.)

Item 1:  Survey Responses

  1. 81 responses to the LVJBS GoogleForm Survey.
  2. Data discussed to plan the February show with Catfish John and to get an idea of additional bands suggested by members, including pricing.

  3. Data used to discuss what members are looking for with a live stream, including pricing.

Item 2:  The Space confirmed with Mark via Zoom

  1. Confirmed date February 27th at 7:00pm.

  2. Confirmed ticket price and livestream price.

  3. JT will look into a special code or way for LVJBS to offer early-bird/pre-sale ticket sales to members before tickets go on sale to general public.

  4. Adam will set up donation link available during the stream.

  5. Paige will prepare the donation jar for live event.

  6. Graphics for LVJBS and Catfish will be sent to Adam so The Space can prepare a graphic to use to promote the event on our social media, etc.

  7. Discussed possibility of using The Space for private stream parties with the bar in the future.

Item 3:  The Network for Good

  1. $2400 per year.

  2. They will promote this event for us at NO cost.

  3. Point of contact is Jeff.

  4. We will use their services for this event as a way to get Nationwide promotion coverage. This will be useful to gain new attention to LVJBS and new people can access the livestream. 

Item 4:  Book band for event

  1. Catfish John previously stated they were interested in playing on February 27th.

  2. LVJBS team agreed upon the band's pricing for the event.

  3. JT will contact the band to confirm pricing and confirm the event with the band.


Meeting adjourned:  8:25 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 2nd via Zoom, subject to change



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