January 2021 LVJBS Members' Meeting Minutes

January 07, 2021 10:49 PM | Tiffany Belcher

January 2021 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: January 5, 2021 

Meeting Start: 7:05PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom 

Attendees: Johnnie T., Adam P., Paige T., Tiffany B., Jay M., Jessica G., Jenny M., Greg S., Daniel R., Mia Q.        


Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie)

 A.    Added new officer positions to the Wild Apricot website.

B.    Updated Paige’s new email to the Wild Apricot website. 

C.    Invoices for adjusted members’ dues were created for 2021 membership and notification sent to members.

 D.    Contacted Network for Good about the possibility of working with them to get more donations for LVJBS (nationally and with larger sponsors). Jeffrey Schneider is the point of contact. Looking forward to hearing more.

E.   The GoogleForm Survey, regarding our live show in February, was sent out on our Wild Apricot platform and via LVJBS Facebook page had 5 respondents so far. The information was useful, but we need a larger pool of people to make an informed decision with the data. Recommend LVJBS officers post the GoogleForm Survey on our personal Facebook pages, repost on our social media accounts, etc. then reconvene once more data is gathered.  So far Catfish John has been contacted to see their interest in playing our February show and we are in discussions. 

Please fill out our Google Survey to give us your opinion! 


Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam)

A.  The Space is closed until January 15th. Adam will be in touch with him once it reopens to discuss more details about dates in February and continue moving forward with our plans.   

B. Looking forward to a New Year in office and new opportunities!

Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

A. We have 27 current members in LVJBS.

B. Our LVJBS keychains have been purchased. This is the first purchase of 2021. We are excited about being able to provide these to our members.

C. Our Zoom account has been paid to provide virtual LVJBS meetings, as long as we may require in 2021. 

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Tiffany)

A.  Excited about the GoogleForm survey results so far. Also, recommend sending the survey to friends through Facebook Messenger and asking them to fill it out. 

B.  Possibility of turning the new LVJBS keychains into earrings in the future once we receive them and discuss as a team. 

Item 5: Mayor’s Report (Jay)

A.  Color:  “Mellow Yellow” in hopes of more mellow times to come! 


B.  2021 is going to be a great year! 

Item 6: Open Floor

 A.  (Mia) One of our local supporters, Mia Quinn, works at ‘The Sporting Life Bar’ (Robindale & Jones).  They have upstairs space at the bar that may be a great spot for monthly LVJBS meetings.  Johnnie and Paige are going to check out the space.  A second location is opening up soon! They have an amazing juke box with many jamband friendly favorites, including the Dead. Come on out for a food special, a tasty beverage, and a great atmosphere!  If you bring a small donation for a dog such as an old blanket or towel, you can get your first drink FREE!   

The Sporting Life Bar 7770 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas NV, 89139


 B. (Jessica)  She will create a Facebook event for the next ‘Adopt-A-Highway’ event. The date proposed is Sunday, January 31st at 9:00am.   

 C. (Jenny)  Let’s reach out to The Blues Society and try to network with them for future shows.    

D. (Paige) Will contact Stellar Tickets for more information about ticketing and get back to the team. 

E. (Jenny) Possibilities of future Cross Marketing. Let’s develop a Social Media Committee to reach out to and develop partnerships within our community. Opportunities to promote the opening of Mia’s new bar location/ The Space / Lyon’s Den, etc. 

F. (JT and Paige)  Plan to schedule a meeting to go over Bylaws, and will reach out to current members and previous members, including elders and board members. Let’s make this all inclusive! Paige will get a copy of the Bylaws to all members for review. 

G. (Dan R.)  Looked into our committees (Nominations, Memberships, Publications, Bylaws, Fundraising). Should we discuss perhaps changing some things such as the Publications committee into a Social Media Committee. TBD at a future meeting. Great ideas are on the horizon!

H. (Tiffany)  Let's consider defining each role for officers and committees when we meet to discuss along with Bylaws.

Meeting adjourned:  8:33 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 2nd via Zoom, subject to change


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