LVJBS November Members' Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2020 7:55 PM | Jessica Grant

November 2020 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: November 10, 2020 (second Tuesday, due to Election Day Tuesday)

Meeting Start: 7:18PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom 

Attendees: Johnnie T., Jenny M., Paige T., Jessica G., Tiffany B., Adam P., Ian Z., Greg S., Daniel R., Jay M., Doug S.         


Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie)

·       A.    Sending hugs to the Bichsel family.

·       B.    Our Secretary is unavailable tonight. Jessica is covering the Secretary’s minutes for tonight.

·       C.    The discussed ‘gathering in the park’ didn’t come together & due to the weather getting colder, we may ‘table’ this until the Spring.  More info TBD.

·       D.    We discussed a ‘small, 20 person’ movie theater gathering to view a movie of our choice, but with the recent Covid Governor ‘caution’, may arrange something for December’s end, prior to Xmas. More info TBD.

·       E.   NOMINATIONS for 2021 LVJBS Officers will be being accepted (via a sent GoogleForm Link OR by replying to the LVJBS email) through Nov. 20th.  Nominees can accept/deny their Nomination through Nov.25th.  VOTING will take place from 11/25 through 12/5. 

·       F.  The DECEMBER MEMBERS’ MEETING will take place on Tuesday, 12/8, instead of the ‘first Tuesday, 12/1’, so ballots/email results can be tallied.

·       G.  Will be sending an LVJBS email with the information and/or links to the ‘possible’ upcoming Park Event (Tiffany), the Annual Pet Drive (Jenny), and the 2021 Officer Nominations (Megan).

Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Jenny)

  • A.  The LONEWOOF RESCUE Annual Winter-Drive began again! Get any pet supplies, gift cards, blankets, food, etc. to any Officer to get LoneWoof's way.  (See detailed flier on our website/Facebook page)   
  • B.  Thoughts to find a supportive, local bar to have various meetings and events at, which would help support and ‘give back’ to the LVJBS. 
  • C.  While researching various info, came across some grant information. Discussed the new ‘Google Data Center’ in Henderson, who partners with various community organizations to help strengthen the technology infrastructure for non-profits.  (More info at  They provide 4 grants a year at $80k.

Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

    ·     A. While researching grants for personal job, came across the “PETS Grant Program” & applied for a $20K grant:

The Pandemic Emergency Technical Support (PETS) Grant Program makes $20 million in Corona-virus Relief Funds available to provide operational support to small businesses, non-profits organizations, arts and culture organizations, and local Chamber of Commerce impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Payments will be made directly to applicants for selected eligible expenses they would like to cover with requested funding. Award of Funds Businesses and non-profits can receive up to $10,000 for any eligible expenses; Chambers of Commerce: • serving less than 10 businesses can receive up to $10,000; • serving more than 10 businesses can receive up to $20,000; Arts and Culture organizations can receive up to $20,000. Eligibility Eligible applicants are those businesses with less than 50 employees with gross annual revenues less than $4 million, non-profits, Chambers of Commerce and arts and culture organizations located in Nevada with an active business license prior to March 1, 2020 that experienced and can demonstrate financial hardship due to COVID-19.

  • B. Connected with a company “Network for Good” (501c3 Nonprofit Software tool) which works with nonprofits to help raise monies, giving a ‘guarantee’ to reimburse funds IF goals aren’t met.  Was invited to watch a ‘demo’ of their site, via a Zoom meeting (similar to our current WildApricot, yet more interactive—giving us the availability to choose the settings of how information is received (i.e. text, email, etc.)
  • C.  Currently we use WildApricot, which is an annual program (paid annually April to April) & if we choose to transfer over to “Network for Good”, it is said there is a ‘seamless upload’ from current system to the new.  More details TBD.
  • D.  There were 3 new ‘SMITH’S GROCERY STORE’ sign-ups for a % of funds to the LVJBS (now a total of 6). (*Please link your account:
  • E.  Also, be sure to link your Amazon account via Amazonsmile, which will also help to get funds back our way with ease: 

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Megan: absent)

Item 5: Mayor’s Report (Tiffany)

  • A.  Color:  “Crystal Blue Persuasion” in honor of the new President’s family-positivity vibe!
  • B.  Have enjoyed helping the local band ‘THEE MESSAROUNDS’ to book their outdoor, Halloween show. Check ‘em out.

Item 6: Open Floor

·       A.  (Jenny) One of our local supporters, Mia Quinn, works at ‘The SportingLife Bar’ (Robindale & Jones) which, 2x/month, gives complimentary drinks to those who deliver ‘pet supplies’ to their ‘Pet Drive’ and has collaborated with our mission in the past.

·       B. (Jessica)  Thanks to those who helped with our ‘Fall Adopt-A-Highway’ event last month, at Lake Mead (Jessica, Johnnie, Paige, Kathy, & RJ).  Our LVJBS sign was again vandalized (tagged) and will be reported to the Adopt-A-Highway’ organizers for future repair.

·       C. (Johnnie) Thanks to Paige for making up some ‘Winner SwagBags’ for the LVJBS Golf Outing.  The winning team was Fred G.’s group & a celebration was had afterwards at the ‘Crown & Anchor’ bar. 

·       D. (Johnnie) Will look into the ‘LV National Golf Course’s’ program of $5 of each Tee-time, making its way back to a local non-profit.

·       E. (Tiffany) Thoughts of a future 5k walk that the LVJBS finds sponsors for and then, walks together to raise funds.   

·       F. (Dan R.)  Our domain is up for renewal.  It is currently a 1, 3, or 5 year commitment at $20.99/year.  Dan to take care of the 5 year renewal at $104.95 and submit reimbursement to Treasurer Paige.

·       G. (Jay M.) On November 28th @ 3pm, the SAWTOOTH VIRTUAL GATHERING (from Idaho) will have a ‘Virtual Live Music Event’ via Facebook, as a benefit for the ‘Sawtooth Valley Rural Fire Dept.’(featuring Fruition, ShookTwins, & more!)  LVJBS to share the ‘Stream’.

·       H. (Jessica) Will Follow-up on the ‘Custom Guitar Pick Keychains’ order for         2021 Membership.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 8th via Zoom

Meeting adjourned:  7:55 PM


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