LVJBS June Minutes

June 02, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

June 2020 Minutes


Date:                June 2, 2020

Time:               7 pm

Location:         Virtual Zoom Meeting

Attendees:       Megan Bichsel, Ian Zeitzer, Jessica Grant, Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Tiffany Belcher, Jenny Minucci, Adam Peiken, Greg Serensits



Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7pm

Item II:             Presidents Report:

A.     Moment of Silence for those who have died in recent current events.

B.     Thanks to Adam for setting up our youtube channel.

C.    Watch party monies raised: after some research PPE needs have been filled at this time. We decided to give donations to Three Square to help meet our community food insecurity needs.

Item III:            Treasurers Report:

  • A.     $131- collected, LVJBS added an extra $10 per musician bringing total to $311

Item IV:            Vice President’s Report:

  • A.      Youtube handle: subscribe to the channel is the most helpful for promotion
  • B.      Pictures on old website, looking to update to new website and FB page
  • C.       Letterhead updated and donation letter updated

Item V:             Mayor’s report:

A. Color: Black Lives Matter

Item VI:            Production Report:

  • A.     Curbside concerts has reached out to see if any artists would like to sign up for their program- goal is keeping music alive in a physically distant world.
  •       Any interested artists can reach out viatheir website- keep 90% of all bookings

Item VII:           Open Floor

  • A.     a Setlist.FM would be a cool type of interface for LVJBS to create
  • 1.     Ability to track concerts attended
  • B.     Drive in concert- explore the drive in as a viable option
  • C.    Open to hosting backyard party events- start small and webcast
  • 1.     Open to members first
  • 2. Garage Ma Hall possible venue
  • D.    Explore movie theaters as a possible venue option
  • 1.     This has been done in the past to show Area 51 sound test videos
  • E.     Pinball Arcade discussed as a possible meetup
  • F.     We currently have a musician’s only group to utilize for LVJBS “house parties”
  • G.    Funk Jam discussed as a possible LVJBS party

Meeting adjourned at: 8:10pm

Next Meeting: Zoom vs meeting at a bar location- will continue to discuss possible location options.

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