LVJBS March 2020 Minutes

March 03, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

March 2020 Minutes


Date:                March 3, 2020

Time:               7 pm

Location:         Jackson’s Bar- Flamingo and Jones 6020 W Flamingo 89103 (Teah’s Bar!)

Attendees:       Megan Bichsel, Ian Zeitzer, Jessica Grant, Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Dan Rugotzke, Ellen Skiba, Tiffany Belcher, Fred Guzat, Kathy Guzat, David Shapiro and Audrey Kennedy



Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7pm

Item II:             Presidents Report:

1.     Relix Table for Ween- registration is open

a.     If you volunteer- you get a ticket for that night

b.     Two bowling tournaments- Friday and Saturday

c.     There will be a wait list for all Relix table shifts

d. If you volunteer for a bowling shift you get a ticket for that night

2.     Lottery’s approaching-

b.     Ween show lottery

c.     Galactic show lottery

Item III:            Treasurers Report:

  • 1.           Welcome new members David and Aubrey
  • 2.           Updated members list available.
  • a.     $8065 in the bank
  • b.     $1034 from Delta Nove and Ryanpalooza!         
  • c.     Excited about an amazing first quarter.
  • 3.       Amazon Smile- $15.25

Item IV:            Secretary’s Report:

  • 1.       Ryanpalooza- raised money, thank you Ryan. 
  • 2.       CPK- applied for a giveback donation drive day. Waiting to hear back about possible meeting in the future being held here. 
  • 3.       Garage Ma Hall Takeover is cancelled until further notice. 

Item VI:            Mayor’s report:

  • 1.       Color: Yellow- Sunshine Daydream
  • 2.       Instagram- is up and running- share pics to post on team page. 
  • 3.       Social Media ideas: Meet the members.
  • 4.       Raffle for Smith’s giveback signup.

Item VII:           Production Report:

  • 1.     Cubensis 3/21 date inquiry- passed because of Ween conflict. 
  • 2.     Go LVJBS Go!           
  • 3.     Bobby Kingston, owner of Saddle and Spurs, would like to do a show with the LVJBS.
  • 4.     Also, Legends on Boulder Highway has sound and a stage- explore as an option for future shows. 

Item VIII:          Committee Updates:     

  • 1.     Fund Development-
  • a.     Savers date- April 4th or April 11.
  • b.     Awaiting confirmation from Garage. 
  • c. April 4th coincides with community garage sale in Megan's neighborhood. We could solicit neighbors for donations at end of day. 

Item IV:            Open Floor

  • 1.     Grateful Bluegrass Boys- Sunday March 22nd
  • a.     Potluck 2:30/3pmish
  • b.     4-7pm Basia’s house- 800 Kenny Way, 89107
  • c.     Aaron Redner- 415-299-0380
  • d.     Suggested donation $20
  • e.     Consider inviting Out of the Desert to open. Would be a 2pm
  • f.       Brian Burns- president of the bluegrass society
  • g.  All volunteer shifts covered, a big thank you!
  • 2.     Adopt a highway- Sunday May 3rd 9am
  • 3.     Spafford- Bunkhouse check it.
  • 4.     Delta Nove and Megascopes were amazing! Go Team.

Meeting adjourned at: 7:53pm

  • Important Upcoming Dates: 
  •             Next LVJBS meeting: April 7, 2020 7PM Jackson's- 6020 W Flamingo 
  •             Thurs March 3rd- 7:30   Donavon Frankenreiter- BBLV
  •             Fri March 6th- 8PM        G. Love & Special Sauce- Top Golf
  •             Sat March 7th- 9PM       Mike Dillon- Mystic Hot Springs
  •             Sat March 7th 6:30PM    Billy Ray Charles and Scott Pemberton- Sand Dollar
  •             Thurs March 12th           The Higgs- Sand Dollar Lounge
  •             Thurs-Sat March 19-21 WEEN- BBLV
  •             Sat March 21st  11AM     Las Vegas Bluegrass Festival at Centennial Hills Park
  •             Sat March 21st 10PM     Catfish John- Sand Dollar
  •             Sun March 22nd 3PM     Grateful Bluegrass- Basia’s House- 800 Kenny Way
  •             Wed March 25th- 7PM    Galactic- BBLV
  •             Fri March 27th 10:30PM Psyatics- Double Down
  •             Sat March 28th 11AM     Music of the Grateful Dead for kids- BBLV
  •             Thurs April 2nd 8PM       Roots of Creation- TopGolf
  •             Sat April 4th- 6:30PM     Wilco- BBLV
  •             Sat April 4th 8PM           Spafford- Bunkhouse
  •             Sat April 18th 11AM       Reggae Rise Up Music Festival- Downtown Events Center

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