LVJBS Feburary Meeting Minutes

February 04, 2020 7:00 PM | Anonymous

February 2020 Minutes


Date:                February 4, 2020

Time:               7 pm

Location:         The Bichsel’s house

Attendees:       Megan Bichsel, David Bichsel, Richard Stewart, Matt Alexander, Jimmy Cressy, Basia Yakaitis, Steve Yakaitis, Jessica Grant, Johnnie Tolson, Paige Tolson, Dan Rugotzke, Greg Serensits, Ellen Skiba, Tiffany Belcher

Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7:15pm

Item II:             Presidents Report:

1.     Interest in exploring member t-shirts

2.     Harrison Ezratty- Marketing Manager at Relix- Interested in having a Relix table at the Ween show. Any other  minimum or 2 night runs we can set up a table for volunteers to run.  

Item III:            Vice Presidents Report:

1.     Develop member surveys and get feedback from our members. For example: bands people would like to see, venues they prefer to see shows, suggestions for meeting locations, suggestions from members in general about how to add value to being a member.

Item IV:            Treasurers Report:

  • 1.           Members Jammin’ On Shirts for members and payments- discussed cost
  • a.     Will discuss with Spencer further detailed run down on cost.
  • b.     Interest in getting rid of current shirts and build up bank account before purchasing shirts for all members. Might look into having an option with dues to add a tshirt for minimal cost.
  • 2.     Updated members list available.
  • a.     $6706 in the bank
  • 3.     7 households are signed up for Smiths giveback
  • a.     Tiffany will run a raffle for signing up to Smiths.
  • 4.     Amazon Smile        
  • 5.     Leave feedback for the prophouse
  • 6.     Possible shuttle to Tecopa for Megascopes- need 50 people to fill current bus. Maybe a smaller van option?

Item V:             Secretary’s Report:

  • 1.     Google Drive updated
  • 2.     Award scholarship recipients now and showcase at the Garage Ma Hall
  • a.       Award scholarship recipient’s award now- beginning of semerster
  • b.       Follow up with receipts or pictures at Garage ma Hall.
  • 3.     Ryan birthday party/Ryanpalooza/Megascopes Tecopa show Feb 29th- LVJBS was invited to have a table for donations. Ryan asked everyone in lieu of tickets or presents he is asking guests donate to one of 2 non profits that will be present at the show. Will need to coordinate volunteers for this.  
  • 4.     High Sierra is awarding $1,000 to non-profits a month. Look into how to nominate LVJBS.

Item VI:            Mayor’s report:

  • 1.       Color: Blue- Spring is coming…
  • 2.       Instagram-  not yet created- posts can link to Facebook
  • 3.       Social Media ideas: Meet the members.

Item VII:           Production Report:

  • 1.            Blue Society was looking to do an event with us
  • 2.             Garage Ma Hall- Delta Nove’s last gig.
  • a.     Port a potties- rent 2 potties and a sink
  • b.     Dan will run sound
  • c.     Jimmy will stop by Rich’s to look at the stage
  • d.     Decorating party- Sunday Feb 16th
  • e.     Clean up party- Sunday Feb 23rd
  • f.       Volunteers at the door
  • g.     Donation only
  • h.     Recommend Lyfting, Ubering, carpool
  • i.       Doors 6pm, Band starts at 8pm
  • 3.     David Gans looking to play a house party- Will post on Facebook to gauge interest.

Item VIII:          Committee Updates:     

  • 1.     Fund Development- checked further into the fundrive and also looked at both goodwill and Salvation Army websites. It seems that Savers is the only company that offers the cash deal. 
  • a.       Savers would only commit to the one time, but suggested that we tell our members that they have a period of 1 month to bring their items to a specific location, where they would then be transported to the Savers of our choice, at the day and time we reserve. The challenge as I see it would be that we don't have a space to store the donations for that long, so we would have to rent a truck and have people bring their donations to us at a specific location, day and time.
  • b.        Sunday of Garage Ma Hall- April 12th
  • c.       Rent a truck or see if anyone can donate a truck

Item IV:            Open Floor

  • 1.     Bobby from Dnove head band director for a music school in California, Flea is involved in the school and Jimmy said that they could filter us some kids that play music once they get an awesome band together.
  • 2.     Grateful Bluegrass Boys- playing Winston’s in San Diego Saturday March 21st
  • a.     Potluck 2:30/3pmish
  • b.     4-7pm Basia’s house- 800 Kenny Way, 89107
  • c.     Aaron Redner- 415-299-0380- Dave will reach out regarding sound
  • d.     Suggested donation $20
  • e.     Consider inviting Out of the Desert to open. Would be a 2pm
  • f.       Brian Burns- president of the bluegrass society
  • 3.     Mark Massan- Shaky is looking for a gig at the Sand Dollar

  • Meeting adjourned at: 8:52pm
  • Important Upcoming Dates:
  • Next LVJBS meeting: March 3rd, 2020 Jackson’s Bar- Flamingo and Jones 6020 W Flamingo 89103
  •  Wed Feb 12th 7pm         Infamous String Dusters at Majestic Repertory Theater
  • Tue Feb 18th- 7PM        Steel Pulse- BBLV
  • Thurs Feb 20th – 7PM    Dweesil Zappa- BBLV
  • Friday Feb 21st- 6PM     Delta Nove- Garage Ma Hall
  • Sat Feb 22nd- 11AM       Music of Prince for kids- BBLV
  • Tue Feb 25th-8PM         MarchFourth- Top Golf 
  • Fri Feb 28th- 8PM          Dave Matthews Band- Chelsea
  • Sat Feb 29th 7PM          Megascopes- Tecopa
  • Fri March 6th- 8PM         G. Love & Special Sauce- Top Golf
  • Sat March 7th- 9PM       Mike Dillon- Mystic Hot Springs
  • Thurs March 12th -9PM   The Higgs- Sand Dollar Lounge
  • Thurs-Sat March 19-21 WEEN- BBLV
  • Sunday March 22nd        Grateful Bluegrass- Basia’s House- 800 Kenny Way
  • Wed March 25th- 7PM    Galactic- BBLV
  • Sat March 28th 11AM     Music of the Grateful Dead- BBLV
  • Sat April 4th- 6:30PM     Wilco- BBLV
  • Sat April 4th 8PM           Spafford- Bunkhouse
  • Fri-Sat April 10-12th       Garage Ma Hall Takeover

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