January 2020 Minutes

January 07, 2020 7:30 PM | Anonymous

January 2020 Minutes


Date:                January 7, 2020


Time:               7:30 pm


Location:         Cheeba Hut- 4550 S Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89119


Attendees:       Johnnie Tolson, Jenny Minucci, Paige Tolson, Megan Bichsel, Jessica Grant, Ian Zeitzer, Kathy Guzat, Frad Guzat, Tiffany Belcher, Ellen Skiba        

Item I:              Meeting called to order at: 7:30pm


Item II:             Presidents Report:

Happy New Year!

1.     Welcome to all new officers- Look forward to the new year, with new ideas and concepts. Website has been updated with new officer’s contact information and new administers appointed on website.

2.     Will follow Roberts Rule and keep side conversations to a minimum.

3.     Yearly Music Events (quarterly)- Lets bring the music.

4.     Motion to appoint Greg- Production and Entertainment Coordinator, passed. We will follow up to see if he accepts.

5.     Press Releases- We will send events sent to TV and radio for press releases. Hoping to join the air to promote our events.

6.     Term Limits- Looking to explore the options of term limits. Goal to will keep things fresh and forward moving, 2-4 years for all positions except treasurer which should have a longer term limit. We are starting a discussion and open to suggestions. We are not a rush to push through the bylaws, rather begin a focus on succession planning.

7.     Business Cards- New format presented at meeting. Fiverr is another source of freelance graphic designers; we are currently exploring new logo/ business card design. Jenny suggested a more minimalistic modern design.

8.     Everyone who has a meeting discount from last year has been updated in the wild apricot system. Pay your dues! Even if you weren’t a member last year your account is credited with a discount for this year. Hooray!

9.     Vegas Inc Business List- Magazine that includes all information about businesses in the Valley, may be a great resource for donations. Available for all members.

Item III:            Vice Presidents Report:

1.     Celebrate successes- Christmas Party was fun for all! Glitter Fairy success! Scottie and Casey with Vegas Prop House donated all decorations for party. Please leave them an amazing review on Google Reviews. Talk about the Mushroom props and they offer a variety of props for parties going forward.

2.     Concerns were expressed about voting not being secret. Suggest looking into private ballot for next year.

3.     Need someone to take over Instagram. Instagram can be linked to Facebook, all posts on Instagram can be shared on both platforms. Post must be initiated from Instagram.

4.     Would like a group platform for member communications. Private Facebook group for members only for communication.

5.     Social media concerns- Collective consciousness about getting everyone involved. Encourage engagement from all members.

6.     Venues- Megan started folder in new LVJBS google drive to start doing research for ongoing database.

7.     Camping and day trips- Let work on this too.


Item IV:            Treasurers Report:

1.       Budget check in- we have assets.

2.     Pay your dues- discounts end March 31st.

3.     Membership card- New cards not needed. Research stickers to add to current card for updated members. We discussed not ordering new cards for new members.

4.     State of Nevada annual list will be updated with the new officers.

5.     Discussed renewing PO BOX- consider changing to the Bichsel’s new address.

6.     There is an interest in every paid member get a yearly tie dye logo shirt. 50/50 blend material requested. We will explore cost and options.

7.     Different ways to pay bands in 2020- Zelle vs Venmo.  Will ask bands if they accept other forms of payment when booking bands.       

8.     $51 raised form Christmas party raffle.

9.     Johnnie will make FB video/ go live for membership to pay dues.    

Item V:             Secretary’s Report:

1.      Looking for clearly defined positions with roles and expectations- could be sent out at election time. We discussed also allowing room to make the position your own.

a.     Facebook monthly meeting reminder- Jessica Grant will continue to send out.

b.     Johnnie will send out wild apricot monthly meeting reminder.

2.      Agenda and minutes plan- seeking approval for new process.

a.     Board Agenda additions 2 weeks prior to meeting.

b.     Agenda to be sent to membership 1 week prior to membership

3.      Meeting time change vote- Change to 7pm. Vote was passed.

4.      Google Drive- Started for digital filing and reference. Available for all interested.

5.      Venue database started in google drive- We are encouraging all add contacts and info. We can also add details about the venue, like costs and limitations and best person to contact.

6.      Yearly Donor Thank You Letters- that can be used for tax purposes. Send to all members and donors from the year.

7.      Add Takeover committee- I nominate Dave to be the Takeover Committee head. Passed.

8.      Website Research- We are looking into a new website platform before April when Wild Apricot needs to be renewed.

a.     Vistaprint – They Design for free then $35.00 per month to host ($420 per year)

b.     Wildapricot – Design is outsourced.

c.     NeONBRAND – Providing a proposal for what they can do to enhance our website  presence.  Local Las Vegas business.

d.     Wix.com – Free website design templates that can be used with existing host

e.     Squarespace- currently used to host Tecopa Takeover's webpage. 

f.       WildApricot is up in April- look for options before then.

Item VI:            Mayor’s report: Rainbow slice- new year, so many possibilities.

1.     Bring more community outreach to our community- highway cleanup, scholarship for musicians, explore going into the nursing homes and bring music. AIDS walk type happenings.

2.     Discussed exploring options to get people to sign up for Amazon smile and Smiths Rewards.

a.     Screenshot that you signed up and you get a raffle entry after your first purchase and you will be entered into a raffle for a prize. Promote use and sign ups.

Item VII:           Production Report:

1.     Delta Nove- seeking 2/21- Garage ma Hall Confirmed. 8PM show- Please promote and support this LVJBS event.

2.     David Gans- seeking 2/18- Conflicts with Steel Pulse, group declines at this time.

3.     Moonalice: THC Revue: Featuring Lester & Dylan Chambers & the T-sisters) Seeking: 4/29 – 5/2

a.     This band features former members of Jefferson Starship, Jerry Garcia Band, Hot Tuna, Phil Lesh & Friends, David Nelson Band, John Fogerty, Rod Stewart

b.     We would like to further explore booking this band. Find out how much they want and explore venue options.

4.     Grateful Bluegrass Boys- seeking 3/22- from Santa Cruz/ Sonoma- members from Hot Buttered Rum

a.     booked at Winston’s (in San Diego) 3/21, Possibly house party at Basia’s- not confirmed. Group agrees that early poolside show would work. This is a Sunday following a long Ween weekend. Sunday day show would be best option.             

Item VIII:          Committee Updates:     

1.     Fund Development- We are looking for a committee head.

2.     PR/ Marketing- Looking for a committee head.

a.     We will put it out to membership that we are looking for help for both committees.

3.     Archive- Fred Gutzat

4.     Takeover committee- David Bichsel

5.     Volunteer coordinator- Jessica Grant

Item IV:            Open Floor       

1.     Saturday Jan 25th Chronic Classic- 15th Annual Poker Tournament


2.     Charra Post donated guitar books and guitar for our scholarship. Dave will polish up and put new strings on, will be raffled off at the Garage Ma Hall.

3.     Sunday January 12th Highway cleanup at Noon- afterparty Rusty Putter.

4.     Savers donation- 20 cents per pound for soft item 10 cents for pound for hard items.

Kathy will explore a drop off day at Savers in the near future and a drop off day following the Garage Ma Hall.

Next LVJBS meeting: Tue February 4th 7:00pm- 3220 Mason Ave, LV, NV 89102, Megan and Dave’s


Meeting adjourned at: 9:03pm


Important Upcoming Dates:

Next LVJBS meeting: Tue February 4th 7:00pm- 3220 Mason Ave, LV, NV 89102                 

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