March 05, 2019 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2019

 Location:  ChebaHut (Sahara/Rainbow)

Meeting Begins:  7:41 PM


In attendance: Greg, Paige, JT, Jessica, Ian, Megan B., Jenny M., Kathy, Carl Dorbad, Lisa M., Cody T., Penny B., Rhiannon F., Philena, Ellen S., Eric K., Liz K., Carl Swartz


President’s Report (Greg):  “Sorry about that—Took a wrong turn with a 7 minute light!”


*As everyone may have seen, they have lit the Hard Rock Café’s guitar.   (LVJBS had helped with its restoration plan.)

*The spoke about CUBENSIS show, at THE BUNKHOUSE fell through.  Possible TBD date.

*THE BROTHERS GOW is following tonight’s meeting, over at THE SANDDOLLAR, 10pm.  (They will be back on April 23rd.)


Vice President’s Report (JT):


*We’ve had a good response with 2019 Memberships.  We’ve had some new ‘adds’ this past month.  (23 couples’/11 single membership).  There are individual ‘monthly’ payments are eligible for the ‘music lottos’ if paid by the 7th day of that month.


*Had a request from the ‘Clark County Republican Committee’ who made contact with us, in hopes to ‘find a band’ to play on March 19th, at the Silverton, for a 30 minutes before one of their meetings.  Our group is amused by this request and suggests a ‘Pink Floyd’s THE WALL’ cover band or the like… (We will suggest for them to contact a High School Band or music group, whom may help.)


*We are continuing to post about the nearby music/events happening at our nearby venues.


Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 


*WildApricot will soon charge more (20%) with 3rd-party payments (i.e. PayPal).  More info TBD.


*2019 Membership cards have been ordered—arrive at March’s end.


* Don’t forget that attending monthly meetings can get you $5 credits for the next year’s dues.  (up to $20max).  Attendance is noted each month and an email is sent your way each December, letting you know the needed dues to keep current.


*We have raised $9.87 this past month, from those using our AmazonSmiles account.

 Be sure to add your SMITH’S GROCERY card and your AMAZONSMILES account, to the ‘Jam Band Society of America’ non-profit help, to ensure a portion of your purchases comes back our way!  Tell your friends/family!

Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

UPCOMING Friends & Family Events:  MARCH or APRIL Possible BIG LEBOWSKI FEST at the Garage Mahal.  (Greg to have more details TBD.)


Mayor’s report (Jenny M.):

Color:  Magic Mint


*Checked out the new venue:  BAR172 at The Rio.  It holds about 280 people.  Greg/JT to check it out and get photos/updates sent our way.  This could be a good venue for a CUBENSIS show.


*The LoneWoof Rescue is now down to 20 dogs, from 40.  Woof.


Archive Committee (Kathy): “All is well”




·         2 local contacts joined tonight’s meeting, after contacting our LVJBS site, with inquiries.  Welcome:  PHILENA (lead singer of STANLEY AVENUE), who have been playing The Barrymore, Saturday nights, 6-9pm, (on Convention Center Drive).  They play a bluesy/rock style of random cover songs (hits of the 1970’s through today.)  They will have upcoming shows at the GOLD SPIKE, so check out their social media pages.

ALSO, Welcome:  CARL (guitarist for THE MAJICK HOURS), who are a 4-piece band, playing Rock Fusion/Originals/FunkFest jams.  They have played The Bunkhouse, Legends on Bldr. Hwy, and the Gold Mine Tavern.  They are “trying to get away from being a bar-band.)  *(Great music samples played to members, after the meeting.)




*(Megan B.) The recently spoken about LVJBS SCHOLORSHIP FUND, which will help get instruments or paid education for our Youth is still being brainstormed.  Recently, Megan visited a classroom, where a $1,000 grant was given through the Junior League of Las Vegas, with a class set of Ukuleles. Also, after speaking with one of our LVJBS supporters/family J-Free, the Community Center Productions/drums were discussed.  Some new goals are to host a Showcase (help sell sponsorships, program Ads, silent auctions, ticket sales).  Mention of the CCSD School Promotions/Community-in-Schools contact to be made to assist with our upcoming scholarship showcase and help promote our cause.  (Jessica to get the CCSD contact info Megan’s way.)  The next ‘vision’ is to begin the ‘Scholarship’ now, with a deadline of Sept. 2019 end to host the ‘Showcase’ in January/February 2020.

*(Paige):  UPSTATE (a NY Bluegrass band) will be coming through LV, and looking for a particular date, April 1st.  Group suggests prior or after our next LVJBS meeting, April 2nd.  (Paige to check with their 4/2 availability.)

*(Paige) Be sure to check out our local, educational MOB MUSEUM, who’s CEO loves the Grateful Dead and supports our love for music.  (Possible future all-ages ‘Friends & Family’ event.  More details TBD.)

*(Dan R.):  Pirate Fest has once again made contact with us in regards of utilizing our sound system, for April 26 & 27th.  Dan to provide the help for this event.

*(Dan R.):  Proposal:  We now pay $50/mo. for our Sound System’s storage.  Dan proposed to the group that He would ‘buy’ the System from the LVJBS, store it in his personal storage area, and have it available for any of the LVJBS’s needs.  (Officers to present any questions/concerns at the April meeting for further discussion.)

*Mark your calendars: The 4/20 GARAGE MAHAL TAKEOVER is happening!  Some confirmed bands:  FLUX, DONZOS COSMOS, DEBBIE & SARA, PITCHFORK, HOMECOOKIN’…..with more TBA soon.  Check Social Media Events for more details!!!!


*March 8 & 9—moe. @ BBLV

*March 13—Stephen Marley  @ BBLV

*March 15—The Rayford Brothers w/ Pitchfork @ The SandDollar

*March 15—The Steep Canyon Rangers @ BBLV

*March 16—The Revivalists @ The Chelsea

*March 16—Catfish John @ The SandDollar

*March 22—Hippie Sabotage @ BBLV

*March 23—Stanley Avenue  @ The Barrymore

*March 26—Galactic @ BBLV

*March 29—Citizen Cope @ BBLV

*April 5—Trevor Hall @ BBLV

*April 20—Slightly Stoopid @ The Joint

*April 23—Brothers Gow @ The SandDollar

*June 23—Long Beach Dub Allstars @ BBLV

*Aug. 18--George Clinton & P-Funk w/ Fishbone, Dumpstaphunk, etc. @ BBLV

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 2 @ ChebaHut (Sahara/Rainbow)

Meeting adjourned:  8:45 PM

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