November 2018 Members' Meeting Minutes

November 06, 2018 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2018

Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Meeting Begins:  7:40 PM

In attendance:  Greg, Paige, JT, Jessica, Dan R., Ellen

President’s Report (Greg): “Alrighty—Let’s get to my mail…”

Next stop on our adventure is the TECOPA TAKEOVER 6 & the LVJBS Holiday Party will be decided by the created ‘online poll’ to decide the date of Friday or Saturday, Dec. 14 or 15, with the location being at THE HIDEAWAY.

The Nominations of the 2019 Officers will be now through Nov. 22nd.  Then, those nominated will confirm their nomination from 11/22 through 11/30.  (Jessica to print out ballots for the December 4th ChebaHut meeting, or votes can be submitted online through 12/11.)  

(Chosen 2019 Officers will be announced on 12/15 to be ready for the January 2019 meeting.)

Discussion of the LVJBS’s assistance to the Tecopa Takeover Festival, by increasing our $500 support to $1000.  Officers are all in agreement.  (We are hoping to use some of the LVJBS table proceeds/vending of old posters/swag to help with that outgoing cost.)

Vice President’s Report (JT):

*There will be an LVJBS table at TECOPA TAKEOVER.  Our archived goods (posters/fliers/T-shirts) will be available for donations and possible Raffle prizes.  We are still looking for Volunteers to help with wristbands and ticket sales.  More info TBA.

*”Thank you” to the RELIX volunteers for committing to the weekend and working the event, with success.  We, as a group, are going to add continued support to the BROOKLYN BOWL by advertising for ALL of their events (not only the ‘jam’ rock ones).  This helps support our ‘mission statement’ and supports a wonderful venue who are great to us.

*Holiday Party will be discussed via online polls this month and the finalized plans will be discussed at the NOVEMBER meeting.  Date options:  Friday or Saturday, 14/15.  

Band thoughts:  Megascopes, Moksha, or Cubensis.  


Treasurer’s Report (Paige):  

*Be sure to add your SMITH’S GROCERY card and your AMAZONSMILES account, to the ‘Jam Band Society of America’ non-profit help, to ensure a portion of your purchases comes back our way!  Tell your friends/family!

We raised:  $20.73 for Smith’s and $7.61 for AmazonSmiles, this past month.

*Paige is trying to remind others and trying to recruit new people to work, so others participate.  Those who join the Officers/Have more of a presence amongst our new members.  

(We will create a RAFFLE basket/Swag-Bag for the event.)

Secretary’s Report (Jessica):  

*Met musician Keller Williams, at the bar, at the Saturday Disco Biscuits’ late night event.  When I thanked him for playing Fab Las Vegas and mentioned the LVJBS’ love for him and his music, He asked about LEGENDS LOUNGE and inquired if it was still in business.  He was glad to hear of the LVJBS’ successes.

*Thanks to those who helped out at the October ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY event:  (Jessica, Paige, Tobie, Fred, & Kathy)   (*The tied bags were still at the sign when Paige went by two weeks later.  Jessica to call to inquire and order additional bags.)

*The “November Friends & Family” event, Brooklyn Bowl’s Petty Grass, was a success.  It was nice to see a few of our ‘all ages’ guests attending and enjoying themselves.  The Brooklyn Bowl gave some of their ‘promotional posters’ to hand out to Members/Friends.  (Contact Jessica or Paige to set a MOTET event poster aside for you OR possibly find one at Tecopa).  The DECEMBER ‘Friends & Family’ event is TBA/TBD.

*There have been 27 new LVJBS Facebook page likes this past month.

Mayor’s report (Eric F. via text):

Color :  “Cool Amber” & He says, “Hello” to all…..


*NEXT EVENT:  Khruangbin @ Vinyl, Hard Rock Hotel, 9pm, WEDNESDAY, November 7th.  Vinyl going to provide 2 LVJBS passes.

*JT asked about the ‘Press Release’ which Jenny M. had mentioned to get additional advertising help from local networks/stations for the Tecopa Takeover.  (Information/progress unknown.)

Band Contacts:  TNERTILE (asked about 10/31 through 11/2)—dates have since passed.

Other Contacts (through Hard Rock Live):  

*JAMES BROWN DANCE PARTY (feat. George Porter Jr., Jennifer Hartswick) are interested in a possible ‘Vinyl’ event, Jan. 31-Feb. 2.  Officers think the Friday, Feb. 1st date would be best.  More details TBD.

*TERRAPIN FLYER (feat. Melvin Seals) is looking at early February 4-10th.  More details TBD.


*The November Lone Woof Blankets, Food, Toys Drive is happening now!  Please contact an Office or Jenny M. to get your items their way!

*The Jam Band Society of America’s NON-PROFIT status has just had its 15th year anniversary (2003-2018)

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 4th @ ChebaHut (Sahara/Rainbow)

(*2019 Officer Elections)

Meeting adjourned:  8:45 PM

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