LVJBS Members' Meeting Minutes: SEPTEMBER 2018

September 04, 2018 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2018

Location:  ChebaHut

Meeting Begins:  7:45PM

In attendance:  Greg, Paige, JT, Jessica, Dan R., Kathy G., Ian Z., Jenny M., Rich H., Larry W., Jennifer Pynch

President’s Report (Greg):   “Okay, Let’s get on with the meeting!”

We’ll check in with the other Officers and I’ll get to the Production report.

Vice President’s Report (JT):

*We were contacted by RELIX Magazine for our help, once again, providing responsible volunteers for the Phish after-shows’/matinee brunch shows’ information table. More information, with the number of needed volunteers will soon be sent to the WildApricot page. 

Assistance needed for the late night Oct. 31st, MOTET, the Nov. 1st-3rd late night (x3) DISCO BISCUITS, the Nov. 2nd, 12pm-4pm: “Lunch you in the Eye” Bowling Tournament, & the Nov. 4th’s Keller Williams’ PettyGrass.

*Update on the Pink Talking Fish aftershows’ pre-sales:  Thursday late night, approx. 75 sold and Friday late night, approx. 100 sold.  Get those tickets!

Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

*Money has been given to The Neon Museum for our LVJBS contribution to the Hard Rock Café’s sign & our LVJBS acknowledgement which will be placed upon it.

*Be sure to pre-pay for THE NEON MUSEUM tour, our upcoming September ‘Friends & Family” Event.  Only 22 tickets will be sold. Tour is prompt at 6:30pm.

*Smith’s Grocery enrollments will get an email about any renewal to the ‘non-profit’, so keep an eye out & tell your friends!  (Also, will allow you to choose JAM BAND SOCIETY OF AMERICA as your focus.)

Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*The NEXT Adopt-A-Highway date will be on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14th @ 9am.  Please tell your friends & mark your calendars!

Mayor’s report (Eric F. absent):

Color (Ian Z.):   Neon Red


Fundraising Committee (Kathy):

The random LVJBS extra fliers/posters, etc. will be on display again, PRIOR, to the October 2nd’s LVJBS meeting, next door to the Cheba Hut (thanks Kurt D. for helping to arrange the ‘space’).  Please come by and make a donation-offer for any needed gear! 

The website also has a ‘POSTER STORE’ link where the recent photos (taken by Kathy and JT) of our extra posters, fliers, misc. memorabilia will be on display. 

Social Media Committee (Jenny M.):  Jenny to gladly post more about being sure to ‘share’ posts and ‘like’ posts, so others see more ‘action’ within the Facebook media. 

(Other media: R.J. has been ‘tweeting’ on the TWITTER page, Jessica & Greg help out with the Facebook page posts, and JT has been covering the Website/Wild Apricot page.)


*THE MOVES COLLECTION, THE HIGGS, EMINENCE ENSEMBLE have asked for the LVJBS to assist them in advertising for their late-night shows following the PHISH shows.  **We will help them out on our website/fb page (sharing their posts) yet our focus will continue to be the Pink Talking Fish shows at Vinyl, Hard Rock Hotel, which we are co-hosting….

*We tried for DAVID GANS’ interested dates of 9/21, 9/22, 9/23, & 9/29 at The Sand Dollar Lounge.  Those dates wouldn’t work this time around. Be sure to check him out at the ‘Dead on the Hilltop’ festival (with Catfish John), in Apple Valley, CA, weekend of Sept. 14th.

*Contacted by Monty’s SmokeHouse BBQ, which is at the LEGENDS BAR on Boulder Highway for a future collaboration.  They describe themselves as a “great dive bar, with cheap drinks and amazing food!”


*Dave B. shared that there has been great progress with the NOVEMBER ‘Friends & Family’ annual event:  THE TECOPA TAKEOVER, for the weekend of November 16-18, prior to Thanksgiving week. Great bands have been booked.  Formal announcement and schedules to be posted soon! 

*The Holiday LVJBS Party planning is soon!  Greg to make a Facebook-poll to see which weekend dates/day would be best for the Jambanders:  Friday or Saturday, December 7/8 or 14/15.  More details TBA.

*Greg shared about his upcoming Birthday fun:  Great Basin National Park, Lehman Caves, weekend of Sept. 21-23.  Contact Greg Serentsis for more information.

*Kathy gave an update on the Mt. Charleston pavilion/amphitheater use inquiry:  Possibly May/June 2019, would need approval for the covered area, for $160, 2pm-7pm.

*Welcome Jennifer Pynch who wanted us to know about her sitar musician friend ( or Reggae-Dead band (pals from New York), Kaleidoscope Sky to possibly play our Holiday Party.

Another mentioned band:  EDGE OF THE WEST (described as ‘Cosmic Honkeytonk’)

*Jennifer also shared the possibility of hosting a YOGA event, at TOP GOLF, for the mornings of the Halloween PHISH weekend.  More details TBD.

*Local musician, David Tatlock, contacted us to:  Check out the SOUL JUICE BAND (formerly Soul Joos Band), at Container Park, on Sept. 30th, for their JAZZ IN THE PARK series.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 2nd   @ ChebaHut (Sahara/Rainbow), 7:30PM*

(*Get there early, 6:30-7:30PM, to check out the displayed LVJBS posters/archive, which will be on display in the meeting room next door! Make an offer & take home some memories!)

Meeting adjourned:  9PM

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