JULY'S Members' Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2018 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

JULY Members’ Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2018

Meeting Begins:  7:39 PM

Location:  Cheba Hut

In Attendance:  Greg S., John T., Paige T., Jessica G., Kathy G., Ian Z., Eric Frommhold, Kurt D., Jen Sol, Rich H., Max A., & Jordan Chefner(sp.?)

President’s Report (Greg):  “Alrighty…So….”

*The late-night, after Phish shows have been confirmed after speaking with Andrew and HR and PTF’s manager, Mike:

 PINK TALKING FISH will play, late nights, Thursday, Nov. 1st & Friday, Nov. 2nd at VINYL, at the Hard Rock Hotel.  The LVJBS will not be financially responsible for the show. We will, however, help with advertising to make it a ‘collaborative effort’/’in conjunction with’ type show.  We will be trading complimentary tickets to membership raffle.

Vice President’s Report (John): Not much going on…Just bouncing off of the energies of the past  shows….As far as Membership goes, we have TWO new members from our last show at The HideAway.

Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*Friends & Family Events:  The discussed, June event at the Wetlands Park did not happen and there is not one planned for July.  The August event will be the ‘Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Movies’ on AUGUST 1st.  More details and location(s) TBD.  (Jessica to touch base with George and the LyonsDen Radio to inquire about comp-tickets.)

Treasurer’s Report (Paige): 

*The Fahreed Show, at the HideAway, was a successful night of music.  We received $50 in donations from the set-up LVJBS table.  The LVJBS did provide Hotel rooms for the musicians. 

*Smith’s Grocery enrollments will get an email about any renewal to the ‘non-profit’, so keep an eye out & tell your friends!  (Also, AmazonSmiles.org will allow you to choose JAM BAND SOCIETY OF AMERICA as your focus.)

Mayor’s Report (Eric F.) Color:  Steal-Your-Face Red-White & Blue!

Committee Heads’ Report:

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE (Kathy):  A ‘thank you’ card went around for previous donation donors.

ARCHIVE COMMITTEE (Kathy): Fred & Kathy recently went through their storage unit where some of the LVJBS Archive items are located.  The company had some nearby pest/rodent issues.  None of the LVJBS’s items were harmed.  It was noticed that there were MULTIPLE fliers of (playbills, posters, etc.) that we need to condense for space concern.  We will have a future LVJBS meeting (confirmed: September’s Cheba Hut Meeting, Sept. 4th , with the use of the next door area, via Kurt D.) where these items will be on display for any guests to take with and reuse/recycle. 


*THE  GRANT FARM (feat. Tyler Grant from EmmetNershi) contacted us and are available October 1-6, or week prior, late Sept.  The October weekend dates are the 5th & 6th.  (Greg to put out a Social media/Facebook vote to see if there are any immediate interests and we will discuss at the August meeting. Kathy to post some video clips.)

*DAVID GANS (from the Grateful Dead, ch. 23 Hour) is available solo or with Fragile Thunder/Steven Inglies, a Hawaiian Guitar player, on Thursday, September 20th.  We may possibly book him (them?) at the SandDollar or the HideAway.  More info TBD.


*(Max) TopGolf will no longer be hosting music-events. Max will start looking into booking more shows at The SandDollar or The HideAway.

(Jordan):  July 18th, 721 S. 1st St., all are welcome to a ‘glass event’. 

*Re:  Moves Collection (discussed at last meeting): possible August collaboration with Jay Matt’s band(s).  More details TBD.  LVJBS will support it, if Jay/SandDollar want to book it.

*Late Nights, Halloween week:  Delta Nove:  Oct. 31st @ Hard Rock Live, The Motet:  Oct. 31st @ The Brooklyn Bowl, Eminence Ensemble @ HR Live, Nov. 1st, The Disco Biscuits, Nov.1-3 @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas.


*8/4 (and other residency dates) STEVIE WONDER @ The Park Theater

*8/10:  Grateful Shred @ Vinyl, Hard Rock Hotel

*8/12:  Catfish John @ The Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

*8/12:  Rebelution @ The Chelsea

*8/17:  DISPATCH & Naako w/ Medicine for the People @ The Brooklyn Bowl

*8/18: Icicle Tricycle @ The SandDollar

*9/7:  HOT TUNA feat. Steve Kimock @ The Brooklyn Bowl

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 7th @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Meeting Adjourned: 8:48 PM

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