OCTOBER'S Members' Meeting Minutes

October 03, 2017 7:30 PM | Jessica L Grant (Administrator)

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Memebers’ Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2017

Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

Meeting Begins:  7:48PM


President’s Report (Greg):

“Wear a cup or you literally take your future children’s life in your…..” 

 *BenJammin’ contacted us regarding having the LVJBS being a part of the new Jammin’OnMain store.  There will be a DECEMBER ‘First Friday’ event on December 1st.  There will be a ‘free’ Friday event/fashion show and a possible ‘George Porter Jr. & Papa Mali’ event, the next evening.  (Thoughts:  Hard Rock Live and possibly a smaller event with bands such as ‘Shakey Feelin’ or Catfish John, etc.) 

--During this/these event(s), bringing back a 50/50 raffle to benefit a Hurricane affected area or the Las Vegas tragedy.  Thoughts were to do a ‘Craigslist ad’ asking for possible donations to go to a certain location/group by having them “Tell their story and we will randomly generate which to give to.


*2018 Officer Nominations & Elections are coming up!  JT to send an email out, reminding members to NOMINATE Officers vias email, by the November 14th meeting, so the ‘accepting of the nominations’ can be done at the meeting and the ELECTIONS would be held the following LVJBS meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 5th.  More info TBA.


Vice President’s Report (JT):

*TECOPA TAKEOVER is coming up.  Shall we participate with an LVJBS table (We still have SoundTest & 15th anniversary T-shirts.)  Group decided to set up a table/vending booth to display our name, have goods for sale, etc. 


*Meeting attendance (annual membership cost-discounts) will be provided soon (by Paige) to help the 2018 Membership costs be known to those who attend the monthly meetings.


Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*Our next ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY roadside clean-up will now be on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15th, to help out our Lake Mead’s roadside, when the weather cools down!  9am….Please mark those calendars to help out an hour or two.  It’s a feel-good project!  J

Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

*Received some ‘give backs’ from our ‘store-purchase’ cards:  Amazon gave back $6.66 and had some return from Smith’s groceries, as well.

*We will have the table, money box, and raffle tickets at Tecopa.


Mayor’s report (Eric F. stepping in):

Color:    WILDFLOWER SCARLET  (Love for Tom Petty & UNLV)



*Received an email with the subject “Trippy Hippie Classic Rock” from a SoCal “premiere” Classic-rock coverband, ACOUSTIC GENERATIONS who are interested in playing our city. 


*POLYRYTHMICS are still interested in the Nov. 30- Dec. 2 time frame.  (We will connect them with BenJammin’ & JamminOn Main store for a possible trio-band show with George Porter Jr. & Papa Mali.  (More info TBD.)


*THE HIDEAWAY has asked if the LVJBS wanted to do our HOLIDAY PARTY at their site.  We want to ensure there is some type of ‘collection’ to help with fees.  Last year’s ‘pass the hat’ thought didn’t happen when ‘no one wanted to take the reigns’ during the party.  This year, we are hoping to come up with something to raffle which will draw attention/gain cash.  (Paige to look into her work’s offers and Jessica to inquire with the Brooklyn Bowl for some type of package—shows/food, etc. –If you know of any donations to help with the raffle-excitement, please let us know!)



*(Kathy) Fundraising Committee needs some “Fa-La-La-La-La” and hoping upcoming Tecopa raffles can help with this.  Ideas?  Please contact Kathy G. or any Officer.



*September’s ‘Friends & Family’ Event was the GREENSKY BLUEGRASS, Friday, Sept. 15th show at the HENDERSON PAVILION.   It was a great event.  (Thanks to Kathy & Paige for helping our group to enjoy it altogether!)        

*(Kathy) THE ALLTOGETHERS  will be doing a benefit for the Vegas Tragedy at the HUNTRIDGE BAR on Saturday, October 7th.   

*(Dan) The LVJBS.org and LVJBS.com email domains are up for renewal.  Dan to purchase another year and be reimbursed for the fee.

*(Shelly H.) ‘Paint-your-Parasol’ art-activity for ‘Tecopa kids’ to work on at the event are purchased.  She has kindly purchased a 24 pack to have an activity for interested families to partake in.  J           

*(Lisa M. text via Shelly H.)  Lisa wanted to know, as a paid LVJBS member, WHY the LVJBS isn’t doing the TURQUAZ show (…which is this weekend, October 6th at TOP GOLF) and wonders “what is up with ‘late night’ WSP nights?   (Max Adler promoted the Turquaz show with Top Golf.)  We are looking into having something for the Saturday evening, late night, possibly at the Hard Rock Live since it is in-between the Brooklyn Bowl where the ‘Trey Anastasio Band’ show will be and The Park Theater, where ‘WSP’ will be.  More details TBD.

*(Kathy) Another meeting location option has been offered:  MULLIGANS Bar & Grill, on Boulder Hwy and Russell Rd., has offered their location/meeting area, when interested.  (The group is thankful for their offer, yet, when we have meetings on the ‘Southeast’ side of town, we’d rather give the business to our fellow musicians/LVJBS supporters, at Rocky’s Bar & Grill.)       

*(Eric Frommhold)  The band PITCHFORK will be playing the Tecopa TakeOver and again, the following weekend, (November 18th) for the ‘Mojave County Music Harvest’ event near Kingman, AZ.  It’s a 3 day event, Nov. 17-19, for $20.  (Icicle Tricycle will be playing that weekend, as well.)                                                                                                                            


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, November 14th for Officers/Committee-heads (NOTE:  This is the second Tuesday due to a ‘Blues Traveler’ event that evening, which many might attend.)



Meeting adjourned:  8:56PM

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