June 06, 2017 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

Members’ Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2017


Meeting Begins:  7:50pm

Location:  Tenaya Creek Brewery


In attendance:  Greg, JT, Paige, Jessica, Kathy, Max, Megan, Ben, Anthony


Called to order (Greg):  “Well, this will be a loud one….”  (Ahhh, thanks Megan, for the location spot upgrade!)


President’s Report (Greg): 

*Just announced GROOVESESSION, for July 21st at Vinyl, at the Hard Rock Hotel.  This show should be a later start to accommodate those attending ‘Hall & Oates’ at the T*Mobile.  Hoping to have a local band open the show.  (**Please contact the LVJBS is your band, or if you know of a band that would want to perform, prior to GrooveSession.)


*Looking forward to the Fall, Tecopa Takeover.


Vice President’s Report (Johnnie): 

*In regards to the ‘future’ LVJBS Clubhouse:  Investors are currently being sought.  There’s an option off Dean Martin Dr., The Garden and, also, one off of Russell & Pecos (Group concern with that location not necessarily in the ‘middle of town’, so may not be a good choice.) 

*Had a meeting with Leslie Ventura who is with the Review Journal newspaper.  She wants to do a ‘story’ on the LVJBS.  We will have to discuss this further.


(Max chimed in with the SpeakEasy concept—if we want to continue the ‘Clubhouse’ location idea…..)


Treasurer’s Report (Paige):

*Membership cards are slowly getting out.  Jammin’on Main is offering 15% off with the sent email and the membership card.  We did hear back from PTs Pubs and they are inquiring more details and numbers before agreeing to any discount options--too much of a hassle, so we won’t support them, as a group.  Also, Mike (a Mechanic friend of LVJBS) is offering a 15% off of mechanic-work on members’ vehicles.


*Collecting donations for JD’s LoneWoof Rescue (blankets/dog food bags).  Thinking of ‘changing’ our LVJBS sponsored dog, Angus, to another dog.  (Angus is having trouble getting adopted—had a few adoptions/returns, so He may just become one of JD’s personal pets.)  More info TBD.


Secretary’s Report (Jessica):

*Nothing new to report—Yet, thanks to Paige for covering next month’s meeting (Officers/Committee Heads) at Rocky’s.  This will be on July 11th, due to the 4th of July, the week prior. 


Mayor’s Report (Kathy in for Justin):

Color:  RED, RED, WINE


Friends & Family Events:

*Thanks, Greg, for the fun MAY event (51s game).  JUNE’s event was a mention of possibly going to the downtown, Container Park, DOME theater.  (Great sound, seats 25, all-ages.)  Greg to send email to group, asking for volunteers to ‘create the June event’, allowing others to take part.  More details TBD.




Fundraising Report (Kathy & JT):

*Spoke with Nezi & Cal about a ‘central’ room for bands to play (eg. ‘Gear & Clothing’ store--Charleston near Main)….They are ‘more than happy’ to work with us (sharing social media, fliers, etc.). 

*Spoke with ‘Grateful Don’, who, too, shares similar interests, with his silver-jewelry sales.


Membership Report (Paige):

*Let’s get these cards out….If you see members who might not have their card yet, please help to distribute!

*Needing to get more ‘basic’ LVJBS info cards (Jenny M. may have the unused ones….more info TBD.)



*Contacted once more by Craig, from Cubensis.  Still interested in an October 13/14 date.  Max to inquire about a possible Brooklyn Bowl date, yet October is always booked/busy.  No confirmation can be given until early September.  (Max to have Nathan, @ SandDollar, make contact with Craig for a possible gig there.)



*GREENSKY BLUEGRASS was booked at the HENDERSON PAVILION, on Friday, Sept. 15th.  (Kathy may advertise this as a possible September ‘Friends & Family’ event….blankets, coolers, all-ages.) 

The opener is still being determined.  The ‘AllTogethers’ have inquired.


*The Funk Jam is dealing with a TOP GOLF neighborhood ‘noise ordinance’, so may start earlier.  More info TBA.


*Thanks to the LVJBS for the non-profit letter, which helped for ‘free’ beer for the Takeover event.  Also, bands are being ‘booked’ for the upcoming Tacopa Takeover. Suggestion: Shakey Feelin’


*Max offering to get LVJBS advertisements out during his upcoming Boulder, CO trip. 

--Be on the lookout for late-night WSP show announcements. 


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, July 11th (due to July 4th Holiday) @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill

(….for Officers, Committee Heads/Board of Directors.)


Meeting adjourned:  8:55PM

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