December 06, 2016 7:30 PM | Jessica Grant


Members’ Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2016


Meeting Begins: 7:32PM @ Tenaya Creek Brewery


Called to order (John): “Well, here’s to next year!”


Vice President’s Report (John):

*The calendar for 2017 turned out great!  They will sell for $10/ea. (*complimentary for a 2017 (6 mo. or 1 yr.) LVJBS membership!)


Membership discussion:  After reviewing the Bi-Laws, it states that ‘monthly, an Officers’ meeting is required and EVERY QUARTER, should be a ‘Members’ Meeting’.  Group decides this will be a bi-law to stick to for 2017 due to the ‘majority’ of the people in attendance, each month, are ‘Officers’ anyways and with only 4 meetings per year, we may get better non-officer attendance.  The Bi-Laws also mention ‘officers getting ‘credits of $10 (non-officers/members get $5 credit) when meetings are attended—these monies can be used towards future membership dues.  (We will hold our first 2017 Officers’ meeting after the January Members’ meeting on Tuesday, January 3rd.)


*The Holiday LVJBS Party is at THE HIDEAWAY, 3369 Thom Blvd. (LV, NV 89130) for Saturday, Dec. 17thMike Mangan’s Organ Trio & Friends, with Jellybread are confirmed for the music. 2 sets, per band, with a jam at night’s end.  We will have a ‘gift exchange’ (number pull) and 50/50 Raffle.  No cover, just a suggested donation.

*The RAFFLE (50/50) for our Holiday party was decided to go towards supporting an LVJBS member/group, rather than supporting outside of the Society.  Paige and John have the roll of tickets to use for the party’s 50/50 (half to the winner and the other half back to the LVJBS for a 2017 donation.)

*The HOLIDAY GIFT-GRAB will take place for those bringing a $15 valued gift, get a numbered ticket as they drop off WRAPPED gift to the table.  Numbers will be randomly drawn for an order of ‘grabbing’ any gift off the table to keep. 


*NOMINATIONS for 2017 LVJBS Officers were made.  Contact was made to those Offices, with multiple nominees.  The only Officers who accepted/responded to their nomination were the 2016 incumbents, so the same Officers will hold each 2017 Office once more.


Treasurer’s Report (Paige): “Looking forward to 2017!

*The new memberships will get a 2017 calendar and the membership cards will given shortly after.  We can utilize the previous year’s artwork if no one responds to our request for 2017 artwork. More info TBD.


*Any help for the Holiday party set-up, please get to The Hideaway prior to the 6pm, doors.


Secretary’s Report (Jessica): 

*Tecopa Hot Springs was a successful ‘Friends & Family’ event.  Thanks to Megan and Dave for their hard work. 


*The Adopt-A-Highway will happen at the end of Janaury, Sunday, the 29th.  It only takes a couple of hours (less if more people!), so come check it out!


*I will continue to post Facebook messages for the meeting reminders, as needed.


Mayor’s Report (Justin): ~absent~

…via Jessica….

COLOR:  ‘Jingle Bell Silver’


Committee Reports:

Membership Committee (JT): Membership cards should be ready!


Archive Committee (Kathy):  The yellow bin with the LVJBS archive/posters/T-shirts, etc. was brought to the meeting, but due to a ‘busy’ Tenaya Creek, we’d rather look through it later.  (It was suggested that the Officers enjoy a night of beverages/snacks in January or February at Jessica’s home, to have time to reminisce and organize the tub.  More details/date TBD.)


PRODUCTION REPORT (sent after meeting) (Greg):

(sent after meeting) “Glad we made it through this tragic stricken 2016 without any major incidents other than maybe one or two with some String Cheese!” :) Looks like we are status quo for Officers for 2017. Would like to keep this ball rolling in the same direction we have it going. This is the year I would like to expand into our other US markets that are desiring having a jam Band Society. Want to see other chapters start to form. That is where I'm going to concentrate my efforts...and I also am looking to host a golf tournament with jam bands as our theme. Stay tuned...

Production Report (Greg):


1.     1/20/16 (after Phil) – JOE MARCINEK BAND--rotating line-up super group format featuring: Shawn Martin from Snarky Puppy on drums, Freekbass, and Pete Koopmann (Family Groove Company) on keys.


  • 2.    MIKE DILLON – Interested in a WEEN AFTERSHOW --17/18/19 of February
  • Mike Dillon, Claude (from Ween), Nathan Lambertson, Paul Thibodeaux, Cliff Hines, Simon Lott, G Maxwell are the band. 
  • 3.    STEVE KIMOCK interested for Friday or Saturday before Superbowl 2nd, 3rd, or      4th of  February 

Band members are:

Steve Kimock - Guitar (too many to name)

Jeff Chimenti - Keys (Dead and Company) 

Wally Ingram - Drums (Jerry Joseph / Stockholm Syndrome )

Bobby Vega - Bass (Zero / KVHW)


      4. Tanner Bardin here from Eminence Ensemble. Message: Hope all is well since the last time we have spoke. I am looking to see if you guys have any interest in hosting and Dead & Co. after parties in Vegas this year on 5/27.   On the side of Eminence Ensemble I have started an agency that represents several bands of all genres. My immediate thought for the after show would be Eminence Ensemble and a band I represent called The Tenth Mountain Division at the Hard Rocks live after Dead and CO Finish. Tenth Mountain can start early for those who didn't get dead tickets and then finish slightly after the band ends followed by 2 sets of Eminence Ensemble. Let me know if this is possible our west coast numbers are up, we are now signed to a full bigger agency however I wanted to reach out and submit for this After Party. Let me know and hope all is well. 

6. Golden Gate Wingmen -- Routing through FEB. 23rd –MAR. 5th  Members: John Kadlecik (DSO, Phil & Friends, Furthur), Reed Mathis (JFJO & TLG), Jeff Chimenti (Ratdog, Furthur, Phil Lesh & Friends) & Jay Lane (Primus, Furthur, Ratdog).

7. Good morning, my name is Jerimiah and I am the drummer and manager for the Denver based improvisational rock jam band THE WILD. We are currently seeking opportunities to play out of state shows to get the chance to play to all new faces and promote ourselves in other states. We were fortunate enough to play our first show with The Higgs here in Denver in May and saw they played a show in Vegas through your society last night. That is how I found your page and was hoping we could bring some Colorado rock to Vegas. We currently have shows lined up for almost every weekend for the next month and are working very hard to promote ourselves and get our name out as much as possible. We would love to get the chance to work with the Las Vegas Jam Band Society to play out in there and would work very hard to make it the best possible show. Hope to speak with you soon and thank you for your time. Thanks,  Jerimiah


Hi looking for any recommendations for our West Coast 2017 spring tour. 

Booking a 10-day tour through out California, Oregon, Nevada February 25th through March 11th 2017 thanks Joe Levy Booking Partner - the Garcia project The Garcia Project, performing classic Jerry Garcia Band shows from the 70's, 80's and 90s.

9. FROM FB MESSENGER: Aloha LVJBS. I hope you are great. We are musically starved out here in Hawaii most of the time. Is there someone in your organization that might be willing to rap with me about how your organization works and how you set it up. We are trying to figure out something to quench our thirst for some mainland based bands. I used to promote shows here about 10 years ago but need to make real money to survive. Any help is appreciated. Mahalo.[ (Called him yesterday and went to vm)



*Ben Z. mentioned musician JONATHAN RICHMAN (The “Peter Pan of Rock & Roll” recognized from ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and the ‘Modern Lovers of 80s punk’) who He’s hoping to have come through Las Vegas since He’s planning on Huntington Beach and San Diego.


*Pirate Fest will be at Craig Ranch park this year, April 21st -23rd.  We will support them by renting our sound system (and our Sound Guy, Dan), as well as sharing the event on our Facebook page and with our members.


*The Hard Rock Café, Paradise location is closing with the help of ‘Moksha’ for New Year’s Eve.  Table reservations are being taken now.


 *RAILROAD EARTH was booked for the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas on Tues., Feb. 28th.


Friends & Family Event:

*DECEMBER’s event is the DECEMBER Holiday LVJBS Party on Dec. 17th.

*JANUARY’s event will be a Drive-in Movie. Location and date TBA by Greg.

*FEBRUARY’s event will be a Bowling night, planned by Kathy.  Location TBA and the possible dates would be Saturday the 4th, 11th, 18th or 25th


Next Members’ Meeting: Tuesday, January 3rd @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill


** Meeting Adjourned: 8:15PM





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