AUGUST Members' Meeting Minutes

August 02, 2022 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

AUGUST 2022 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: August 2, 2022 

Meeting Start: 7:05 PM

Location: 595 Brewery

Attendees:  Paige T., Jessica G., Jeffrey T., Ramon F.

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie—absent w/ notes via Paige):

“Let’s do this!”

  • ·      JT reached out to Steve Yakaitis who showed interest in volunteering and assisting us with fundraising since his retirement. (JT is hoping to make Steve an ‘assistant’ of sorts by helping to create a letter for sponsors to help with fundraising, contacting various sponsors, etc.) Nothing yet finalized.  More info TBD.
  • ·      Our 2nd Sunday events with TheeMessArounds at SaddlesN’Spurs (with an open jam) have been doing well. The next event is August 14th.  Please remember to spread the word (like & share it) for extra advertisement help.
  • Question: Does the LVJBS want to continue with these 2nd Sunday events?  If so, the next two months would fall on Sunday, Sept. 11th & Sunday, October 9th. (*The November date will conflict with our Tecopa Takeover & the December event would fall on Sunday, Dec. 11th.)
  • *Meeting attendees discussed a possible LVJBS Holiday Party on that date, if so. YET, later in the meeting (*see ‘Open Floor’) discussed a possible 3rd Sunday switch with LVBS (LV Blues Society), to possibly host a touring band with an LVJBS Holiday event on 12/18.  More details and discussion TBD.
  • ·         No reply yet from Goodwill via email attempt regarding instrument donations.  JT to call again soon. More info TBD.
  • ·         Still no reply from Dan R. as of now, in regards to the LVJBS’ empathy towards his recent loss of his lovely wife, so we will reach out once again, offering a Gift Card for an Airline/Travel Voucher for Dan to be able to visit family out of state.
  • ·         SHAKEY FEELIN’ is booked at the SandDollar Plaza for Sept. 23rd. (Greg to get graphic our way for advertising.)  
  • ·         We will be getting 10 tickets from BBLV to raffle off to our Members.  Winners posted SOON!
  • ·         Spoke with Harrison at RELIX magazine in regards to a RELIX table set up at Goose.  We will need 3-4 Volunteers, so please let us know if any interest! 

Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam-absent)

  • ·         No report. 

Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

·         A.    Review of balances. Monies in both checking and savings (Scholarship fund money)

·         B.    Discussed the recent updates/research on the discussed ‘Las Vegas Jam Band Society Memorial Tree’ --We mentioned a possible memorial tree for our recent losses (Jenn M, Donna R., etc.).  Looked into pricing for these types of memorials. $500 to designate & plant our own ‘tree’ at a Las Vegas park of our choice.  Another option for $100, would provide a name plate/plaque to an existing tree. (Paige showed the researched location options and the existing tree info.)

After great discussion, the meeting attendees narrowed down the $100 tree locations to more central locations, in safer, less crime-filled areas to avoid any vandalism. We also discussed being sure to check out ‘where’ in those parks the tree would be, to ensure there is ‘space’ for drum circle-type events that are not near neighborhood walls, etc.  (We do not want to have noise complaints, we want to ensure there is parking nearby, etc.)  Meeting attendees considered discussing the $500 tree, choosing our centrally located & drum-circle friendly, Sunset Park.  (*Paige & Jessica are going to make the effort to check out the other parks’ existing $100 trees, the location within the parks, & take photos to share at our Sept. meeting.) 

  • ·         C.    PAY YOUR DUES!  J

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

  • ·         A. Met with Phil Kotler, the Entertainment & Events Manager at SQUARE BAR (Maryland Pkwy, near Karen—Commercial Center).  They have a small stage area with live music on Friday nights, which show on their bar TVs overhead, as well.  Their calendar is booked through August and sounded open to working with the LVJBS for future dates. 
  • (JT or Greg to make further contact via email: or business phone: (702) 234-8963.) 

Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Greg—via text)

·         A.    Color:  Forest Green

Item 6: Production Report (Greg—via text):

  • ·         A. Spoke with Dave about doing the discussed Legends Lounge/Grateful Dead ‘reunion style’ party (Sept./Oct.) at The Hideaway that was discussed at a recent meeting, yet it might be ‘too close’ to the Tecopa weekend which takes a lot of planning, as well.  Possible thought of asking CUBENSIS to join Tecopa instead.  More info TBD.


Open Floor:

  • ·         Welcome Jeffrey Trower!  The TECOPA TAKEOVER is nearing (Nov. 11-13) & JFree brought up his annual Raffle-fun!  In the past, Volunteers have been great and helpful to ensure JFree can still enjoy the festival, without taking on the quite huge raffle tasks.  He asked if the LVJBS would still offer our volunteering help.  Paige & Jessica support and feel our ‘usual’ volunteers would assist. (Megan B. is often helpful in creating those volunteer sign-ups, etc.)
  • ·         JFree also mentioned a VARIETY-SHOW-type-SIDE-STAGE event (at Tecopa) where it would be an interactive, fun display of talents (e.g. jugglers, comedians, dancers, etc.)  Please be sure to spread the word of that fun, connecting Jfree with those interested artists.  J


  • ·         Welcome Ramon Fagundo!  Ramon has been talking with Derrick, the local manager for HOT BUTTERED RUM, who Ramon has recently become a ‘huge fan’.  HBR had played for the LVJBS in the past and are interested in coming through town again.  They are nearby, in SoCal the week of Dec. 7th-12th.  (The mention of SaddlesNSpurs, that following Sunday, Dec. 18th, was discussed in case the ‘date swap’ of the LVBS’s 3rd Sunday event could possible switch with ‘our 2nd Sunday’ date of Dec. 11th.  Our Production Team will soon make contact with the LVBS to see what their thoughts are before looking into another venue location/making contact with Hot Buttered Rum. (This event could also be our annual LVJBS Holiday Party!?)

(Ramon shared his contact info with us for any future need!)  J


  • ·         Question brought up regarding the GAMBIT Henderson venue (the old E-String Bar & Grill).  Jessica to make contact with them to see what their venue is like these days & inquire whether or not it would welcome a LVJBS collaboration, or a possible meeting location to meet their Management.  More info shared at the Sept. meeting.


  • ·         The next LVJBS ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY after summer, clean-up will be on SUNDAY, 9/11 from 9AM-11AM.  More info to be shared soon, via a Facebook event.  Please plan on joining us to help clean-up our lake’s roadside! 



*August 3rd—INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN (TP tribute) @ SandDollar Plaza

*August 3rd—UNIQUE MASSIVE @ SandDollar LV

*August 6th –THE MOANIN’ BLACKSNAKES @ SandDollar LV

*August 6th—FATHER JOHN MISTY @ Virgin Theater

*August 7th—RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS @ Allegiant Stadium

*August 7th –MOKSHA @ SandDollar Plaza

*August 8th—The SMOKESTACKS @ SandDollar Plaza


*August 14th—TheeMessArounds @ SaddlesNSpurs

*August 14th—BIGFOOT COUNTY @ SandDollar LV

*August 19th—GREY STREET (DMB Tribute) @ Sunset Station Club Madrid


*August 19th—THIEVERY CORPORATION @ Virgin Lawn

*August 19th—UNIQUE MASSIVE @ SandDollar Plaza

*August 19th—ZOSO (Led Zeppelin Experience) @ BBLV

*August 20th—Australian Pink Floyd @ The Smith Center

*August 20th—GOOSE @ BBLV

*August 28th—WAR @ Clark County Gov’t Center

*August 31st—BIGFOOT COUNTY @ SandDollar Plaza

*Sept. 10th—RAYFORD BROS. @ SandDollar Plaza

*Sept. 23rd—SHAKEY FEELIN’ @ SandDollar Plaza

*Sept. 27th:  GET THE LED OUT @ BBLV

*Sept. 29th:  KHRUANGBIN w/ Genesis Owusu @ BBLV


Meeting adjourned:  7:55 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 6th @ 7 PM. 

Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

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