July 05, 2022 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant (Administrator)

JULY 2022 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: July 5, 2022 

Meeting Start: 7:10 PM

Location: ChebaHut, UNLV Rebel Plaza

Attendees: Johnnie T, Paige T., Jessica G., Will H., Star H., Dan R., Greg S. (via phone)

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):

“Shall we get started!?”

Thanks to our new LVJBS Members, Will & Star Houston, for joining us.   :)

  • TheeMessArounds had a good June 12th, Saddle & Spurs, turn out.  They will play again on July 10th & August 14th. (We’re asking all to be sure to spread the word (like & share it) for extra advertisement help.)
  • No reply yet from Goodwill via email attempt regarding instrument donations.  JT to call again soon. More info TBD.
  • One of our longtime members, Steve Yakaitis (Basia) has been gratefully showing more interest in volunteering and assisting us with fundraising since his retirement. JT is hoping to make Steve an ‘assistant’ of sorts by helping to create a letter for sponsors to help with fundraising. Hoping that Steve could find various sponsors’ best contact and JT would follow-up accordingly.
  •  No reply from Dan R. as of now, in regards to the LVJBS’ empathy towards his recent loss of his lovely wife.  (*See ‘Treasurer’s Report’ below for more info…)

Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam-absent)

  •  No report.  We send our love & healing strength for recent injury. 

Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

·       A.    Review of balances. Monies in both checking and savings (Scholarship fund money)

·       B.    Review of AmazonSmile added funds ($37+)

·       C.    Discussed the ‘Las Vegas Jam Band Society Memorial Tree’ --We mentioned a possible memorial tree for our recent losses (Jenn M, Donna R., etc.).  Looked into pricing for these types of memorials. $500 to designate a ‘tree’ at a random Las Vegas park.  We could ‘byo-plaque’ to a purchased/planted tree OR for $100 add our name plate/plaque to an existing tree. Group is leaning towards finding a great tree at Sunset Park (since it is centrally located in the valley and is one spot that ‘we’ have been to or hosted various drum circles at, in the past & since it would make for great, future memorial gatherings of music & friendship.)         Paige to bring more info to our August meeting.

·       D.     PAY YOUR DUES!  J

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

  •   Nothing new to report.

Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Greg—via phone)

·       A.    Color:  Aquamarine

Item 6: Production Report (Greg—via phone):

  • Spoke with Nate at the SandDollar Plaza regarding the Friday, Sept. 23rd
  • SHAKEY FEELIN’ event.  $500 from the LVJBS and $500 from the SandDollar was agreed upon.  A ‘tip jar’ will be present and Jimmy will get those proceeds ShakeyFeelin’s way.  (Greg to send a graphic to JT and Jessica for advertising help.) 

Open Floor:

  • (Paige) Random question for the SandDollars’ Bars:  Who can be contacted for them to serve BACARDI RUM?  Answer:  Anthony Jamison   J


  • ·       July 5th THE SMOKESTACKS @ SandDollar LV
  • ·       July 6th UNIQUE MASSIVE @ SandDollar LV
  • ·       July 6th RED EYE GIN @ SandDollar PLAZA
  • ·       July 7th JIMMY CARPENTER @ SandDollar PLAZA
  • ·       July 8th THE KING JAMES BROWN BAND @ SandDollar PLAZA
  • ·       July 8th MORRISSEY @ Caesars Coliseum
  • ·       July 8th ELECTRIC CHURCH @ SandDollar LV
  • ·       July 9th  SHANDA & THE HOWLERS @ SandDollar PLAZA
  • ·       July 9th THE BLACK KEYS & BAND OF HORSES @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • ·       July 10th TheeMessArounds @ Saddles & Spurs
  • ·       July 14th THE SHMARTIES @ Level Up (MGM Grand)
  • ·       July 15th JOSS STONE @ RedRock Station
  • ·       July 15th BIGFOOT COUNTY @ The Backyard (115 Water St.)
  • ·       July 17th The Jason Daniels Band @ SandDollar PLAZA
  • ·       July 21st LED ZEPPELIN II @ House of Blues
  • ·       July 22nd  THE SHMARTIES @ The Palms
  • ·       July 23rd THE SHMARTIES @ Vagabond
  • ·       July 23rd THE COUNTING CROWS @ The Chelsea
  • ·       July 23rd STRANGELOVE (Depeche Mode Tribute) @ SantaFe Station
  • ·       July 23rd CHERRY HILL (w/ THE DIRTY HOOKS @ SandDollar LV
  • ·       July 24th THE SHMARTIES @ SandDollar PLAZA
  • ·       July 24th THE LUMINEERS @ MGM
  • ·       July 27th JIMMY CARPENTER @ SandDollat PLAZA
  • ·       July 29th LEON BRIDGES @ Virgin Theater
  • ·       July 30th JBoog & The Green @ Downtown Events (Reggae RiseUP)
  • ·       July 30th JAMES TAYLOR @ T*Mobile Arena
  • ·       July 30th The Moanin’ Blacksnakes @ SandDollar LV


Meeting adjourned:  7:40 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 2nd @ 7 PM. 

Location: 595 Craft Kitchen (4950 S. Rainbow) 

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