LVJBS February 2022 Members' Meeting Minutes

February 01, 2022 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant

FEBRUARY 2022 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: February 1, 2022 

Meeting Start: 7:10 PM

Location: Jacksons Bar & Grill 

Attendees: Johnnie T, Paige T., Jessica G., Teah H., (Greg by text)

Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie):

“Thanks for coming!”

*Heard back from BBLV regarding the ticket distribution for the Melvin Seals/JGB show.  All of the comp-tickets were picked up, except one.  (That person did cancel the ticket need, but within 24 hours, not the needed 48 hours.  Be sure to remember to not get penalized for future ticket registrations, a 48 hour window is needed to allow time for the ‘runners-up’ to get on the will-call list.)

*A concern was had from one of our longtime members in why a ticket was not offered for her proper ‘tagging of 5 non-members’ & we identified the problem was the lack of ‘registering’ the ticket request on the WildApricot email. We are adding her name to an upcoming raffle, due to the miscommunication to compensate this mistake. **Please be sure to follow ALL steps of the ticket process.

*Also, BBLV has offered ‘unlimited’ comps for LVJBS ‘Members, Friends & Family’ for the upcoming ‘Rock & Roll Playhouse”, matinee--all-ages event, for Saturday, February 12th, featuring CATFISH JOHN.  Be on the look out to sign-up & register your ticket requests on WildApricot.  Also, a Facebook, “LVJBS February Friends & Family” event invite will soon go out. 

*The WildApricot’s webpage for registration has been modified and updated.  Check it out!

Also, there’s now a ‘Virtual Tip Jar’ link for events, so donations to specific bands/events can be made.

*When LVJBS posted and asked, “what jambands should be contacted for future Las Vegas BBLV shows” & over 256 comments were made.  We have narrowed it down to the top 10 and will be providing BBLV with the list.

*Spoke with ART DURAN, a BBLV Employee who also plays in a local, reggae band.  We will be sharing his contact info with SaddleN’Spurs for a possible future event.

Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam):   -absent-

Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

  • A.    Review of balances. Monies in both checking and savings (Scholarship fund money)
  • B.     Payment ($250) to Chuck Garvey (moe.)--"The check is in the mail"…..Sent to moe.’s financial account.
  • C.     Smith’s grocery-card gave us $31.31 this quarter—8 households participating.
  • D.    PAY YOUR DUES!  J

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Jessica)

  • A.    The APRIL ‘Friends & Family Event” will be to the LION HABITAT in West Henderson. We had asked for a non-profit group discount & have been offered a $5 savings per ticket, if 30 tickets are purchased (They will be $20/ea. if 30 tickets (for ages 15 and up) aren’t sold.)  Each adult ticket allows a child, under the age of 14 free admission. This event will be on Saturday, April 2nd, from 11am-3pm. Be on the lookout for a Facebook Event with the information and a WildApricot sign-up/RSVP.  Tell your friends & bring your family!
Item 5:  Mayor’s Report (Greg via text at VGK vs. Buffalo Sabers game)
  • A.    Color:  Buffalo Wing Sauce Red

Item 6: Production Report (Greg via text at VGK game)

  • A.    TERRAPIN FLYER is looking for a Tuesday, 4/26 venue.  We sent their info to the SandDollar. More info TBD.
  • B.     We are still working on booking a band for the 2nd Sunday in March at SaddleNSpurs (possible Reggae band in the event it can’t get booked in time), yet, we will ask to give us until 2/6 to get something locked in.


  • A.    BY-LAW Committee:  The updated 2022 LVJBS By-laws have been created.  The final document will be discussed at the March LVJBS meeting & posted on WildApricot, under the ‘NEWS’ tab, where the ‘Minutes’ are posted.
  • B.     FUNDRAISING Committee:  JT is getting a letter to Jessica/Paige to proofread and add to letterhead, which will be a LVJBS/Band agreement contract for bands to read and sign-off on, to ensure all rules for the hired bands are followed.  More details TBA.
Open Floor:
  • A.    JT & Paige (&/or Jessica) to check ROSIE’S SALOON & CAFÉ (formerly Rosie’s Den) to see what it has to offer the LVJBS....*off the US93, in White Hills, AZ, recently being remodeled by Terribles’ Casino group.  They have a stage area and are welcoming to have us work with them.  (More details TBA)


*TheeMessArounds @ SandDollar LV (Feb. 3)

*Dinosaur Jr. & Built to Spill @ BBLV (Feb. 4)

*THE GREEN @ BBLV (Feb. 5)

*Billy Ray Charles & Moanin’ Blacksnakes @ SandDollarLV (Feb. 5)

*Jimmy Carpenter @ SandDollarLV (Feb. 6)

*Unique Massive @ SandDollarLV (Feb. 9)

*The Black Crowes @ HOB (Feb. 11 & Feb. 12)

*Catfish John (Grateful Dead for Kids daytime event) @ BBLV (Feb. 12)

*The Unwieldies @ Gold Mine Tavern (Feb. 12)

*GALACTIC w/ Too Many Zoos @ BBLV (Feb. 16)

*The Funk Jam @ SandDollarLV (Feb. 16)

*Coheed & Cambria w/ Sheer Mag (Feb. 17)

*The Soul Juice Band @ SandDollar LV (Feb. 18)

*Allman Family Revival @ Virgin Theater (Feb. 24)

*TheeMessArounds @ SandDollar LV (Feb. 24)

*Metallica w/ Greta VanFleet @ Allegiant Stadium (Feb. 25)

*Billy Joel @ Allegiant Stadium (Feb. 26)

Meeting adjourned:   8:00 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 1st @ 7 PM. 

Location:  Rocky’s Bar & Grill

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