MAY 2021 LVJBS Members' Meeting

May 04, 2021 7:00 PM | Jessica Grant

MAY 2021 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: May 4, 2021 

Meeting Start: 7:12 PM

Location: Crown & Anchor Patio 

Attendees: Johnnie T., Adam P., Paige T., Jessica G., Jenny M., Greg S., Basia Y., Steven Y., Jimmy C. 


Item 1: President’s Introduction (Johnnie)

  • A.    (Johnnie) “Thank you for showing up!  Appreciate that.”
  • We’ve had four shows at The Space.  (3 were financially successful.)  Hoping for one more show there, within the next 2-3 months.  Open dates: 6/25, 7/30, 7/31, or early August weekends. (Max. capacity @ The Space is 410 with “the sweet spot” being 205.)  Will speak with Mark @ The Space for more info.
  • After that, we will continue looking into the old E-String Bar & Grill which is now remodeled to The Gambit.  (Opening soon—date TBD)  Thoughts for the first booked band there: Moksha, The Moanin’ Blacksnakes, Pitchfork, Terrapin Flyer (Chicago)

Item 2: President’s Report (Johnnie)

  • A.   Been working on refreshing the website.  Will be able to draft/clone the site to play around & make edits.  More updates to follow.
  • B.   Bi-Law Committee discussed. An email was sent to LVJBS members to see who wants to join & 5 had volunteered.  Another request will go out, asking for others & a future Zoom meeting to be held.  Date TBD.

Item 3: Vice President’s Report (Adam)

  • A. No new news.  Side note:  Punk Rock Bowling (Sept. 24-26) has changed the headliner from NoFX to the Descendants. 
  • B.  Follow-up on the “grants/money” that The Space has which will help us to book shows that are guaranteed to bring in revenue.  More details after JT speaks to Mark @ The Space.

Item 4: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

  • A.    We had 4 shows at The Space.  For FLUX, we sold 51 tickets & 1 Live Stream.  It was a small loss. The total losses of all 4 shows were approx. $800, so for a “safe, socially distanced, fun time of live music”, we averaged a loss of $200/ea.
  • B.    Scholarship fund money distribution to be further looked into.  We can look into CCSD, if the former recipient names don’t work out.  More info to follow.

Item 5: Secretary’s Report (Tiffany:  absent via Jessica)

  • A.    Contact with Terrapin Flyer (from Chicago) was had.  Doug is interested in a Vegas date.

Item 6: Mayor’s Report (Jay:  absent via Jessica)

  • A.   Color:  Blue
  • B.   “Nothing new to report.  Feels like music is creeping out slowly, but we’re still on the way to the promised land.”

Item 7: Open Floor

     A. (Jenny M.)  The vacant house that was mentioned at the last meeting has approximately 3 weeks before it is listed and unavailable. Possibly a Catfish John local show. Greg to contact Scott T. More details TBA.

     B. (Greg S.)   Followed up with Steely Dead, a Steely Dan/Grateful Dead band for a future show.  Negotiations still in progress. More details TBD.  

    C.  (Jessica G.)  Adopt-A-Highway Thanks to those who volunteered for the Spring Clean-up.  It was a success.  The group ended up on a Field Trip across the road to the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ site.

    D. (Basia & Steve) Looking into a future June weekend event at their home again.  Possibly with Pitchfork.  More info TBD.

     E.  (Jessica G.)  Be sure to check out JOE MARCINEK at JamminOn this Friday, May 7th

Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, June 1st @ 7 PM.  Location:  Tenaya Creek Brewery

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