April 2021 LVJBS Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2021 3:51 PM | Tiffany Belcher

April 2021 LVJBS Meeting Minutes 

Date: April 6, 2021 

Meeting Start: 7:00PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom 

Attendees: Johnnie T., Adam P., Paige T., Tiffany B., Jay M., Jessica G., Jenny M., Patrick H., Greg S.   


Item 1: President’s Introduction (Johnnie) and Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

 A.    (Johnnie)  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our live shows! We appreciate being able to share live music experiences with all of you! 

B.    (Paige) 

Thee Messarounds show: had 31 tickets sold, 14 were pre-sale for LVJBS members; no livestream for this show. 

The Mega-Scopes show:  Sold out event!  72 tickets were sold total including pre-sale tickets to LVJBS members; 25 livestreams were sold. 


Item 2: President’s Report (Johnnie)

A.  Upcoming shows in April, so get your tickets!

On Friday, April 16th Basia’s pool event with Todd Shaeffer, from Rail Road Earth, and Chris Thompson is @ 6:00 pm.

FLUX is playing Saturday, April 17th at The Space @ 8:00 pm.  

B.  By-Law Committee discussed. JT will send an email to LVJBS members to see who wants to join.

C.  LA Jambands, Blues Society & Bluegrass Society are all amazing groups we can join forces with.  We’d like to have Pitchfork and Moanin Blacksnakes play live with these societies. Jenny M. was approached by Blues Society about doing a show in the future. 

D.  The facility named Genesis may be opening its doors soon.  This may be a good venue to host live music! 

E.  Scholarship fund money distribution discussed.  Jessica G. can send it out to all of CCSD’s music departments to get the ball rolling. 

Item 3: Vice President’s Report (Adam)

A.  Keeping an eye on FLUX’s ticket sales. We discussed the livestream and bringing options up to the band.

B.  California will be opening up more soon.  This may impact the reopening in Vegas soon.  Especially for the possibility of booking bands from out of state (Ex: Delta Nove, Shaky Feeling).

C.  Certain venues are starting to get “grants/money” to book shows that they know are guaranteed to bring in revenue, especially from other states, this may be to our advantage with continued reopening. 

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Tiffany)

A.  Discussed the virtual tip jar/donation jar for LVJBS on the webcasts to help continue bringing live music events to Las Vegas.  Possibility of bringing an in-person donation jar at our live events.

B.  Going forward after feedback from Thee Mess Arounds, let’s involve the bands with more options with the webcast/live video/payment options.  Some bands may prefer the live video over cash if ticket sales are low due to circumstances, especially if they tour a lot and want it for promotional purposes. This is a learning process for all of us and we are learning that different bands may have different needs.  

C.  Everyone who played at The Space in The Mess Arounds was impressed with the quality of sound and the venue! 

D.  Discussed possibility of an event such as a Water Gun/Water Balloon War held at Garage Majal or somewhere similar with a $5.00 donation to benefit LVJBS. People can bring kids and food, have fun in the sun, and raise money for live music events. Jessica G. said she spoke with owners of Garage Majal about this and they are looking forward to hosting events once Covid is more under control. 

Item 5: Mayor’s Report (Jay)

A.  Color:  Purple

Item 6: Open Floor

 A.  (Jenny M.)    She knows a great house for possible events to be held in the future!  It has a pool and about 1 acre of land. She shared the address for us to check it out. 

 B. (Jenny M.)  Let’s follow up and find out if we know any grand writers for the Google Grant.  Johnnie will send out a request on Facebook to see if we know any Grantwriters on our LVJBS Facebook page.  Oftentimes, writing grants is deductible on your taxes! 

 C. (Greg S.)    Steely Dead, a Steely Dan/Grateful Dead band, reached out to him about playing a show in August. It sounds like an interesting gig and he will follow up! 

D. (Johnnie T.)  E-Strings Bar and Grill is a possible site for live music in the future. 

E. (Jessica G.)  Adopt-A-Highway:  April 25th at 8:00am will be our next event!  Come on out! She will make her event on our LVJBS Facebook page. 

Meeting adjourned:  8:25 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, May 4th via In-person @ Crown and Anchor Bar on the patio 


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