March 2021 LVJBS Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2021 11:11 PM | Tiffany Belcher

March 2021 LVJBS Meeting Minutes

Date: March 2, 2021 

Meeting Start: 7:03PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom 

Attendees: Johnnie T., Adam P., Paige T., Tiffany B., Jay M., Jessica G., Daniel R., Ian Z., Basia Y., Megan B.    


Item 1: President’s Report (Johnnie)

 A.    Thank you for making the first even at The Space a success! Great feedback from people who attended in-person and from people who watched the stream.  The event was sold out with all 48 tickets sold and 31 streams sold. Feedback from the streamers included: fantastic sound and camera quality, enjoyed multiple angles of band members, would like to see shots from the crowd in the future, if possible. Feedback from Ian Z., who also watched the stream: steam felt similar to platforms such as Twitch with being able to use reactions during the chat feature, nice to have the band respond to the streamers’ comments during show, the stream link was easy to access once purchased and very user-friendly. 

B.    Screenshots of the crowd for the next show at The Space can be possible if we get authorization from ticket buyers at time of purchase. Possible statement/clause included in purchase information.

Item 2: Vice President’s Report (Adam)

A.  Feedback from Adam P. and The Space crew was that they really enjoyed our fans! We were respectful, had great energy, and showed them how we enjoyed our time at their place. 

B.  Possible dates to lock-in for future shows at The Space were discussed. Adam will double check with the team at The Space. (April 3rd, 16th, 17th) possible dates in March, as well.


Item 3: Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

A.  The Space was paid for tickets bought by LVJBS members for the Catfish John event.  Catfish John was paid, as well. 

Item 4: Secretary’s Report (Tiffany)

A.  Safety truly was a priority at the Catfish John event.  Temperature checks allowed people to feel safe and come out, including people who ventured out for their first indoor event since Covid started.  This was the first music event for a number of people and it had a real “concert” feel to it that people were commenting about throughout the night.  The lights, sound, and set-up of the venue made the night truly feel special! The added gift of the LVJBS guitar pick necklace that was welcoming each guest at their tables really stepped it up an extra notch. Props to Jessica and everyone who got those together! We came together and shared in the groove, shared laughs, goosebumps, and even tears together… This is just the beginning of many more to come! 

Item 5: Mayor’s Report (Jay)

A.  Color:  Turquoise

Item 6: Open Floor

 A.  (Johnnie T.)  Wild Apricot App is now available for members if we choose to stay with them. It features include using a QR code to show for paid concert tickets, members can pay dues, and access their account with ease. Decision will be made about keeping Wild Apricot as our platform by April.    

 B. (Johnnie T.)  By Law Committee Meeting needs to be scheduled and assembled. Goal is to define roles, review by laws, term limits, new technology, etc. Those interested in discussing and/or joining the committee include: Daniel, Tiffany, Greg, Paige, Jessica, Johnnie.  *Follow up: Tiffany will create a Google Form and post so those interested can let us know. 

 C. (Johnnie T.)  Discussed bands to start thinking about for the next shows at The Space. (Thee Mess Arounds, Moanin Blacksnakes, The Mega Scopes, etc.)  Discussed ticket price increasing from $20 to $25.   

D. (Megan)  Mega Scopes is interested in playing at The Space. She will follow up with the band and discuss our offer and a possible date of March 27th.  

E. (Johnnie T.)  He will follow up with Thee Mess Around and discuss our offer with them and a possible date in April. 

F. (Basia)  Chris Thompson of Coral Creek and Todd Scheaffer of Railroad Earth are interested in performing a private show. The date will be either April 18th or April 19th. She is thinking Sunday afternoon or Monday evening after everyone would be off work (6-8pm).  Approximately 30-40 people to keep the gathering private and intimate. The performers want $2000 so we are thinking $30 per ticket to attend or more. 

G. (Jay)  Going forward let’s try to minimize how many events are created for our events to ensure social media cohesiveness.  Too many events confuse fans and if one event created gets a lot of people marking interested/going and others don’t, it may sway people away from the event by thinking it doesn’t look interesting. 

Meeting adjourned:  8:13 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 6th via Zoom or In-person, TBD


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