LVJBS Presents Catfish John in a Live Stream from The Space

  • February 27, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • The Space 3460 Cavaretta Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89103 - 702-903-1070


  • One Ticket for Catfish John Live Concert

 Las Vegas Jam Band Society Presents

In dedication and devotion to the musical adventure of the Grateful Dead: Dusty Alander, Wyatt Rakich, Keith Alcantara and John Matteson bring their own interpretation of music that has inspired for over 50 years. Born out of the love and inspiration of the dead, Catfish John is a collective of serious players looking to express their affection and respect for the music of the Grateful Dead. Catfish John performs a raucous unique take, with intuitive and wide-open jams. Playing the music of the Dead possesses a phenomenon of creative freedom.

The Las Vegas Jam Band Society is proud to sponsor Catfish John, a Grateful Dead Tribute, in a Live Stream fundraising event from The Space in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

There are 5 cameras so you will see the concert just like you are there but from the safe confines of your home.

The Live stream price is $6.50 plus the $3.50 surcharge for a total of $10.00. (for live stream access click on the link below)

Since LVJBS is a non-profit, all tickets are a charitable tax donation. And all proceeds go to supporting young musicians in middle school, high school and our Peter J Porter Scholarship program for future musicians and entertainers.

Share this event link with your family and friends around the country so they can help support a worthy cause and hear some Grateful Dead music.

See you at the Shows!

Johnnie Tolson
2021 LVJBS President

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