Make Your Nominations for 2017 LVJBS Officer's

  • November 25, 2016
  • ? - 5:00 PM
  • LVJBS Meeting in December


  • 2017 LVJBS Officer Nominations

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Make your Nominations for 2017
LVJBS Officer

It's that time of the year where all Paid LVJBS members get to participate in the upcoming  2017 LVJBS Officer's election process.

Below are the current officer's positions and the current officers.

President - Greg Serensits

Vice President - John Tolson

Treasurer - Paige Tolson

Secretary Jessica L Grant

Mayor - Justin Gorgun

Go to the 2017 LVJBS Officer Nomination event page and click on Register and enter through your information, then click on "Next".

Click on the "Add Guest" field and in the "First Name" field enter "First Name" of your nomination.

In the Last Name Field enter The Officer's Position - (dash) then the Last Name of your nomination.


Guest Fields: First Name: John
Last Name: Vice President - Tolson

Then click on "Done".

Go to "Add Guest" click and repeat the process for each Officer's Position

If you would prefer you can also send an e-mail to our 2016 Secretary, Jessica Grant, at in the following format.

1. President - First Name Last Name .

2. Vice President - First Name Last Name

3. Secretary - First Name Last Name

4. Treasurer - First Name Last Name

5. Mayor - First Name Last Name

You have until 5:00 pm on November 25th, 2016 to submit your nominations.

At the December meeting, 12/6/2016) the nominated persons for each Officer's positions will be asked if they want to accept the nominations. A e-mail of the list of nominations will be sent to all paid LVJBS members so they can make their selections.

An Officer's Election Event will be created and paid LVJBS members can cast their vote there. Or if you prefer you can send an e-mail with you vote using the same format as in the nomination e-mail above to our Secretary.

The winning 2017 LVJBS Officer's names will be announced at the annual LVJBS Christmas Party on December 17th at the Hideaway.

We appreciate all the LVJBS Members and our Friends of LVJBS for their support over the past year and we look forward to new adventures together in 2017.

John Tolson

2016 LVJBS Vice President

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