Pres Greg, Treasurer Paige
and Fundraising Committee Head  Kathy donating instruments to the Music Instructor at Mack Middle School.

Middle School Donations

Part of the LVJBS fundraising goes towards the purchase of musical equipment and supplies for the Schools of Las Vegas as shown in the picture above.

We also receive donated instruments from musicians around the country who want to share in our quest to keep live music available in our school systems. Our charitable donations are also used to make some minor repairs of instruments before they find their way to some deserving music student where they are played with love and devotion.


Las Vegas Jam Band Society

We are asking for your help!

One of the LVJBS goals is to raise $500,000.00 in donations from individuals, businesses and associations around the country to afford our organization the opportunity to create a clubhouse where music and entertainment minded young people can come to learn the entertainment industry first hand. And to offer sizable contributions of music and art scholarships to deserving youths in Las Vegas, Nevada. In return for your donation you will receive acknowledgements based on your contribution amounts:

To make a donation go to the following link: or or call Johnnie Tolson, LVJBS Vice President at 773-447-7892.





Help our children reach their potential in music and the theatrical arts.
Donation Categories:
    Fan:        $    5 to $400      
(includes 2 individual memberships when above $300)

 Groupie: $401 to $1,000    (includes 4 individual memberships)
Roadie:    $1,001 to $2,500  (includes 8 individual memberships)  

 Ultimate Fan:  $2,501 to $5,000  
(includes 12 individual memberships)

 Promoter:  $5,001 to $10,000
(includes 24 individual memberships)

 Miracles:   $10,001 and up    
(includes 30 VIP individual memberships)

The memberships entitles the card holder to receive free entry to various shows and events throughout the year as well as a chance to win complimentary tickets provided by our various music venues around the Las Vegas valley.

       Las Vegas Jam Band Society Clubhouse Project     

Our LVJBS Clubhouse will be created by securing a depressed property which will be renovated using the donated funds. The concept is to create a learning facility for individuals or groups of young people who want to enter into a career in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas. They will learn the behind the scene functions that help make a music shows a success.

 There will be individual and group classrooms   , a sound classroom  ,

 lighting and rigging classroom  , stage and band set up classroom   , music venue , LVJBS conference room and Officer Offices.

This facility will become the focal point for all future entrepreneurial endeavors by the Las Vegas Jam Band Society.

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